Breast Lift Anchor Method with 415 Mid High Profile Silicone Gumy Bear Implants, Under the Muscle! Ssf

Hi i am writing a review im on my third day post...

hi i am writing a review im on my third day post op surgery with dr lawrence tong for breast lift with under the muscle implants, 415 cc mid high profile gummy bear silicone implants.

everything is healing up pretty fast the second day was extremly painful but im going through with it with more medication.

i have lost about 60 pounds before over 8 years going up and down, my highest was 180 when i was 14 and now im 140 i am 22 years old with sagging breast tissue, one breast bigger than the other and uneven areola size. i always had large breasts i was a c 36 when i decided to do the surgery but with a lift i would of been a b 36 maybe a c 34 in some bras.
they look great the aerola are small and even everything looks symetrical

instead of putting different size implants he took a bit of fat from my right breast

i came to dr tong after seeing another girls breast implants done perfectly. so i was confident in seeing him. the consultation he was very nice and answered all of my 1000 of questions i have asked about other procedures lipo of abdomen he told me i have sagging skin and to wait until i lose a bit more weight. he gave me the right information and wanted to make sure i dont end up with sagging skin after. he really care about how his patients will look and wont just do any sugery to make money.

about the breast implants i wanted to go 550 ccs but he told me that it might look to big and high profile wont look good on my chest wall and i decided to really take his advice and go smaller he wants patients to have a natural look which i am really happy why i chose him!!!

all the staff in his clinic are nice and answered all of my questions and put up with me, the customer service is amazing!!

what i like about his place is there is alot of staff when he does the surgery, you really do get what you pay for and with dr tong i think he pays alot of attention to detail and does a great job!!

here are my photos for the third day

its the 4th day today and i already went for walk to the grocery store i can walk normally and lift light things and close doors too

fifth day

sorry i havent put pictures up but on the fifth day i noticed my left breast dropped more than my right

seventh day

hi so its been seven days!!! my right breast is soo tender still swollen and the left one has dropped

for pain im still taking medications, but i can finally wear a bra that i put over my head
i feel back to normal except getting sharp pains in my nipple/ areola

yesterday he took out my stitches and put on new tape, he said to keep it on for one more week
the scars aren't that bad im sure with creams and treatments they will fade to be very unnoticeable , but they are thin

9h day

hi its the 9th day, im still really tired i feel back to normal just fatigued

day 11

now im starting to wish i went bigger... im losing weight and my breasts are becoming smaller... i have about 300cc of fat in my breasts n i wish i went bigger... going to call tomorrow and see if i can change my implant when i do the lipo

day 11

so its almost been 2 weeks my breasts are smaller than what they were on the first day, i called my surgeon and asked if i could go bigger and he told me with a lift going any bigger than what i have would have been complications with the stitches opening or the scars stretching.
i asked him about doing them later on and he said with large implants 500cc + there can be many complications and to just wait and see my results, but if i really wanted to, to know all the complications that would come with them.

regardless im happy with the shape and the look of them, just wish they were a bit bigger but ill wait
i may be over thinking to much and going through boob greed, just feel like my arms are too big in proportion( with the loose skin from weight loss)


i found some before pics of my breasts

Day 16

Hi I took of my tape and am now using silicone sheets and gel. My scars are big around the areola hopefully they go down going to do lipo on my abdomen, flanks, upper back, inner thighs for a contoured look still want to lose 10 pounds before that

Pics of silicone sheets and gel

Here's pics of the post op scar treatment

Day 18 uneve areola

Hi so my right areola is way bigger than the left, the right breast is not healing that well I have a HUGE scar and my arroeloa is significantly bigger than the other.... I thought cs I'm paying so much I'd get symmetry as the way the doctor put it. I look demented n gross so upset going to have to make ANOTHER appointment to get them evened out :,( my right one is still swollen n getting bigger I feel hideous with uneven breast don't want to show anyone my arroeloa is so uneven I'm wearing nipple covers until I get this fixed ;,( ;,(

Swollen from lipo

Ugh I wish someone told me I have to wear a bra!! My scars got bigger I'm so upset :((((((((

Day 26!!

The swelling went down I've been wearing two bras all the time with silicone tape my scars are fading a bit too, the right breast is still a bit swollen and tight but hopefully will drop soon

day 29

feeling good no pain at all my breasts are looking more normal now so happy !!

it does take time to see the results guys!!!!
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

dr tong is one of the top surgeons in Toronto because he takes his time and care to do all his surgeries he doesnt rush and does everything slowly and safely. id say he is a perfectionist on his work thats why he takes so long and his prices are on the high end but theres a guarantee that you will have the result that you want !! he wont just do any surgery to make $$$$ he wants to make sure his patients look good aswell and natural. he takes his time to explain everything with you and make you feel comfortable, Out of all the times i talk to him he never rushed and really seem to put all his attention to me this is top service !!!!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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