21 Year Old. 3yr Old Baby. Saggy Breast - Toronto, ON

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I've always been insecure to take my shirt off...

I've always been insecure to take my shirt off during sex, because I have saggy breast and big areolas. After having my son, my breast became even more saggy with zero firmness. I want a breast lift and an areola reduction. I hate my breast & I'm ready to feel sexy and confident with my body. I'm still doing some research, but my only fear, is developing a keloid type of scar and i'm not quite sure which kind of implants are better. saline or silicone?

Please give me some feedback

Breast implants vs Breast lift

I'm having a hard time deciding if Id be content with just a breast lift, or would I be more pleased with a lift + implants.

The real thing keeping me away from wanting implants, is all the health problems that some of these women
start to experience after.

Breast Lift and Having Another Kid

Has anyone gotten a breast lift and then had kids later on? I only have 1 child and I don't really know if it's worth it to get a breast lift now, if I want more kids.

If any of you have had kids after this procedure, how badly did your breasts drop again?

Made a decision!

So, I've finally made up my mind on two things.

1) the doctor i'd like to perform my procedure:

After sending a dozen emails to surgeons in the GTA and in America, the doctor who stood out, was Dr.William Andrade.

I've read my reviews on all my potential surgeons, but his reviews,pricing, location and BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES on his site for this procedure, won me over. I've contacted his office, and I'm waiting for an email, so I can go ahead and book a consultation! :)

2) A breast lift, with no implants:
After reading a bunch of reviews on people getting their implants explanted and the health issues they've experienced, I decided to just get a lift. My main insecurity was never really the size of my breast, but the size of my areolas and sagging. Once my areolas become smaller and I have a lift, I'll be content. Also, the idea of saving up another $8,000-$10,000 for emergency money, in case something goes wrong with your implants, doesn't make me happy LOL.
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