Tight/squeexzing Feeling in Implant

Doctor was great, after surgery he told me that...

doctor was great, after surgery he told me that they looked great so far surgery went amazing, and he was excited to see results the next week.

i had breast implants this past monday the 14th of december and it is now saturday the 19th. i never really noticed much swelling, but on the fourth day i started feeling almost a tight feeling in the right breast it was an unconfortable tight/ squeezing feeling, and it caused me discomofort, i am still feeling it now and it is worrying me. the breasts feel pretty much the same when i touch them other then this feeling i feel inside of them. this breast also looks different, to me it looks like it is a little higher positioned then the other. my docotor said that it is normal for breasts to heal differently and this difference is common. but the discomfort i am feeling is bothering me and i cannot get a hold of my doctor today. does any one know if this tight/sqeezing feeling is normal after breast implants. I got tear drop shaped textured over the muscle.
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