Time to Switch Up my 17 Year Old Saline Implants for Some New Silicone Ones! - Toronto, ON

I had a BA done 17 years ago when silicone wasn't...

I had a BA done 17 years ago when silicone wasn't available in Canada yet. I was pretty happy but over the years as my breasts have changed I've found my implants aren't looking so great. I had 325cc mod profile saline implants overfilled to 375cc.

I would like to go up a size as I find my current breasts a little small for my frame. I HATE when people assume I'm a B or C (which happens often) and I'm a d!!! But it's because I have a medium to larger build so my breasts look smaller than they are. I've always loved large breasts and I basically want mine to look as big as they do with a padded bra.

So I'm planing to get 475cc silicone tear drop high profile implants and my PS will also make my current "pockets" smaller as they are large and my boobs are far apart and they sink into my underarms when I lie down. Which I always thought was normal but it's not.

He's also going to do a small amount of lipo on the back of my arms (this is a trouble spot for me no matter how thin I get) and a tiny amount of lipo on my outer thighs.

Current pic

More current pics

Preop appointment, going with 535cc!!

Had my preop today, and after showing Dr A my wish pics and explaining what I would like to see size wise, we chose 535CC silicone naturelle 410 (tear drop) high profile. I'm so excited! He also will be doing some conservative lipo on my thighs and arms and injecting a tiny bit in my cheeks. I

I'm super excited to not need padded bras! And to have boobs that don't slide into my underarms.

Surgery is coming up fast!

I hope I'm not going too large with 535cc! Im excited but nervous. I feel a bit crazy having a second surgery only 9 months after my lbl but this will be it for a long time! Trying to make sure I'm great shape beforehand since I won't be allowed to work out for 4-6 weeks! Which sucks!!

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