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Hi everyone! I really didn't think I would be...

Hi everyone!

I really didn't think I would be making ANOTHER review this soon after surgery but here I am! I had 390-430 saline implants, under the muscle, through the armpit put in last October 2015. I took 4 weeks off work and then went back to work for another 2 weeks on modified duties. I took EVERY precaution and even kinda went overboard on the recovery I think.

The symmastia started around 7 months post and I noticed, so did everyone else, that my supposed to be "perfect" boobs looked like they were becoming a UNIBOOB. I started wearing a "thong bra" that Dr Jugenburg suggested. The online site charges $200 USD so I went to La Vie en Rose and got a extra small sports bra and I wear it backwards and it works the exact same! I wore that special bra for three months every night and whenever I was home just relaxing. No improvement. So I went back and Dr J decided that he needed to revise the surgery. Obviously at no cost because it is known symmastia to occur this early in the recovery due to surgeon error. They dissect the implants pockets too much causing them to shift together. I am so torn now. I only get three weeks vacation at my new job and I'll have to save it up for this recovery.

I'm not happy with how they are now because they look awful in bathing suits and overall not what I paid for. I just don't want to have to go through the recovery ALL over again! Anyways ladies - I will update all along the way for anyone out there interested in SYMMASTIA surgery/recovery process.
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