Finially Explanting! 29 Years, 4.5 Yr Old Cohesive Gel 265 and 314 Under Muscle - Toronto, ON

In March 2012 at 24 years old I made the decision...

In March 2012 at 24 years old I made the decision to get breast implants. I had always had very small breasts, I couldn't even fill a bra. So I wasn't even an a-cup. Though, I liked my breasts this always bothered me. When the idea occurred to me that I could get implants there was no stopping me! The recovery was much harder than I had anticipated. I assumed 4 months or so... but I feel it took 2 years. Still at 4 years I find it hard to use my upper both strength. With in a week I had a sinking feeling, what had I done? I was *extremely* depressed over the surgery. I immediately discussed getting them removed but was encouraged to give it time. I was still wavering over whether it was the right decision or not to explant. I decided to try to give it a year. Over time I grew to accept them more and eventually didn't think of it much. I do feel self conscience about the size many times but definitely have enjoyed the look many times as well. Something I am extremely saddened by is the lose of nipple sensation and have numbness on the lower part of my breasts. Another sadness is the incision scar will likely show once they are removed, about an inch down from the crease. I have decided to be positive and do my best to take care of myself! I realized its been 4 years and I never intended to keep them that long after I was so upset I had done this. Its time to take them out and heal. I am tired of how they feel, only being able to lay certain ways. And worry about potential health issues from them. I have a consultation January 29th... I will post updates :) Hoping to remove them in February! Thank you for your support!

2 more months.. :)

Surgery date scheduled for August 23rd with Dr. Petra Schiller in Toronto :) Feel really good about her doing the surgery aa she seems very experienced. Chose to wait until the end of the summer so I won't be out of commission and can enjoy it. I will be wrapped up tight for a couple of months afterwards so definitely a good idea to wait for cooler weather! Nervous but really looking forward to getting back to being myself and free of foreign objects in my body. Trying to get as healthy and prepared as I can before then. Looking at everyone's stories is really helpful, inspiring and motivating. Thanks everyone!

2 more weeks

I am so excited.. 2 more weeks until the implants are removed!! I would have liked them removed sooner but I think the wait allowed me to really prepare mentally for this change and become very confident in my decision. I am so happy to have small boobs again! Sick of this. I wanted to get healthy for my surgery and decided to try a whole foods vegan diet, this was the best decision ever, so glad I did it. I easily lost weight I had tried to loose for years and feel I will be much happier with myself after the surgery and have a new passion to focus on. With loosing the weight the implants look so much worse which made me even happier I am removing them. My boyfriend told me he was glad I was removing them which also made me really happy :) It's really nice to have the support.

1 more week!!

This time a week from now I will be implant free! I CAN'T WAIT!!

All done <3

Wow.. what an experience! Will post another update soon.. feeling pretty good and so glad its done <3

Day 2

So going on day 2 after the surgery day.. I don't feel great.. definitely a lot better than the first time. I am pretty impressed I am able to do a lot of things such as; raise my arms, do dishes, carry things etc. But I am very sore. And I can only sleep on my back right now which I felt really sore when I woke up this morning because I am usually switching positions a lot at night and sleep on my side a lot. I was told I could shower tomorrow but I don't know if I will be ready to unwrap then! I have lifted the wrapping slightly to take a peek here and there and from what I saw it doesn't look bad, not as flat on the upper pole as I would have thought but I don't know how much of that is swelling. I don't think I am ready to see yet lol. Looking in the mirror its such a change... well especially with the wrap on but just used to seeing boobs and now flat looking. Not saying that's bad its just such a drastic change in such a short time! I was trying to take just Ibuprofen but last night I needed to take T3's. I am feeling frustrated today feeling this way and can't wait to feel more normal. I think tomorrow, day 3, I will start to feel better... I hope! I took 2 weeks off from work and I really hope that's enough. I have a very physical job working with animals so I do use my upper body strength a lot. I own my own business so if I need to take more time off I will, I will just have to reschedule things. Trying to look at this as a bit of a vacation. My mom dropped off a collection of supplements for my for recovering so I will post a picture of everything I am going to be taking if anyone is interested. I won't bother posting a picture yet bc its just wrapping at the moment! I also really miss my dogs!!! They are staying with my mom because they are medium-large dogs and will probably jump up on me when they see me again and go crazy so I really don't want to get hurt but wish they were here with me. I plan to write about the surgery day so maybe I will do that later :)

4th day

So this has been... Alot harder than I was expecting. I have been in a lot of pain and generally feeling terrible especially that I have had to take T3's consistently. I took a shower yesterday which definitely help restart me. Finally have my dogs back with me. And I just took photos. I am really happy with the result so far. The incisions is in a decent place in the crease, not far below which is great.






I am now feeling really concerned about where the crease sits... it's very low in comparison to the natural crease before implants. I feel worried I should have had the fold repaired during explant :( worried it won't react back up.

1 week

Wearing a sports bra and ace wrap almost 24/7. Starting to feel less tender. Trying to keep upper body pretty minimal. Haven't driven yet.. when do most people start driving? I have my follow-up next Tuesday. Liking the look of having small boobs again! Very slimming :)

New bra :)

So I went out today to Lululemon and found the perfect bra to wear in my recovery. I love it. Its very comfortable and enough compression and also has the little cup inserts so I feel like they give more shape. I think its called 'Both Ways Bra'. It also comes up higher which is nice so lots of support with thick straps and lower band. Anyway, its great and I will continue to use it after for hot yoga classes.

1 week & 2 days

3 weeks

Some photos with different angles

Feels AMAZING to have implant out!

Now that I am feeling better I so appreciate the feeling of having those implants out of my body!!! When I touch my chest it doesn't feel like there is a foreign water balloon inside of me, when I hug my boyfriend there isn't something between us, when I take the sports bras off I get the most relaxing amazing feeling that I never got with implants. They are elegant and natural. I have zero insecurities about having small boobs now. Small boobs are gorgeous & I was lucky to be born small!

7.5 weeks!

Feeling really good. Really happy with how things are looking. They have retracted a lot! I have two scar creams that I apply twice a day and then rub coconut oil all over the breast and incisions twice a day as well. I put silicone scar sheets on during the day and then the maderma sheets on at night. Also massaging often the incisions to soften he scar tissue which I have noticed a big difference in. My goal is to have a barely noticeable thin line for the scars. Thinking about starting yoga again, will see how I feel but I think I may be ready!

Comparison photo

For fun I recreated my before photo.. I am really excited to see how I am returning to my original breast shape!

(The before photo my boobs are bigger than they were when I had the surgery bc I have more weight on me so not really acurate for right now since I weigh less but I like the photo so I wanted to use it anyway).

Second photo is a underwire bra I ordered from Eberjey that I really like. (34A and just barely fits!)

My surgeon recommended wearing underwire to help define the crease. I don't like underwire so I just wear it here and there but I do notice it helps with the crease and probably soften up the scar tissue a bit.

3 months!

Here I am at three months, so happy I explanted. Couldn't imagine if I still had those things in me when my real boobs are so amazing. I am so happy with how they have retracted up from the crease created from implants. The scars are really dark still so I will be happy when they start to fade. I went for my last follow up and she thought everything was great. I have been doing yoga every day for a month now and I feel there really isn't anything I can't do.

5 Months

Just a quick update to say everything is good! Still some numbness etc but we will see how that improves in time. Scars are looking a lot better and have faded more. I have started weight training which I was worried about working the pecs but it is absolutely fine, no problems! I am looking forward to growing my pecs and maybe that will help tighten & firm everything up. Looking forward to bikini weather and wearing little triangle bikini tops!!!
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