Breast Augmentation Bwd 11 cm 375 cc mentor silicone mod+. 23 No children(yet) - Toronto, ON

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I officially booked and payed for my consultation...

I officially booked and payed for my consultation with dr.martin jugenburg. My consultation is booked for June 6. I have had a pervious consultation with this doctor years ago when I was only thinking about the procedure. I remember liking the way 325-375 cc looked on my frame , but I was about 8 pounds lighter at the time . I think I'm going to like 400cc mod or mod plus. At the time I thought silicone was the only option u never even considered saline . I'm some what interested in saline now only because the scar is small and it way be a little cheaper. I remember the doctor really wanted a nipple incision and was the only option he wanted for me . The nipple is my least favourite incision because it's so obvious . He said I won't scar well because of my skin colour . There aren't a lot of reviews with Latina girl scars after more then a couple months. The lipo really scares me and I may not even do it at all I'm a size 2 but have a little belly , I'm scared I'll be lumpy and have visible scars. If anyone's been to this doctor and had ether of these producers done I would love to know about your results !

Surgery day!!! Beast augmentation 23 no kids (yet) 375 cc silicone

I had surgery today with Doctor jugenburg. I arrived to do my pre-op with the nurse . She gave America a cup full of pill i was so thirst and a tiny bit of water to get them down . I'm still really out of it I can belatedly keep my eyes open to write this . I jus wanted to update some pics So you guys can see my results

Right our of surgery July 19

Day 2

So I'm post op 2 days and having been feeling pretty good. This has been a lot easier then I thought it would be. The hardest part is trying not to move my arms/lift things and sleeping on my back. They are sitting really high and I know I have a lot of healing to do. The doctor gave me 2 bands to wear and this stick to put in between which sucks to wear . The pressure has been making me nauseous, called my surgeon and the nurse said its normal. So I'm staying hopeful that I won't have any issues healing and dropping normally.

Breast Augmentation Bwd 11 Cm 375 Cc Mentor Silicone Mod+. 23 No Children(yet)

I am 23 years old and have been considering a breast aug since I was 18. I thought I was too young then, so I decided that if this was really something I wanted that I should wait and time would tell. People always tell you your body changes still and you should wait etc, and my body did change my breast did get fuller but it was not the desired look I always wanted. I went with Doctor Martin jugenburg for my surgery, he has a beautiful clinic located in the fairmont Royal York hotel in down town Toronto. Dr. Jugenburg was the doctor I wanted to go to when I was 18 and since then I had a couple of friends have surgeries by him in the last few years it only made my decision easier in choosing him(they look fantastic).

Toronto Plastic Surgeon

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