**4months post op**Its Mamas Turn to Get Spoiled! -5'1, 118LBS, 450CC Saline - Toronto, ON

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*Treatment results may vary

Hello beautiful ladies! I'd like to first start...

Hello beautiful ladies!
I'd like to first start of by thanking all the ladies on here who have posted their stories. You have helped me immensely! Thanks to you wonderful ladies i feel prepared and ready!
Hoping to help somebody in the same position as me with young children or to help choose the right doctor in the same surrounding area as me :)

Never written a "blog" so i'm hoping im not so terrible at it!

I'm a 27yr old mother of two. My son is 4 and my daughter is 6 months. Since i'm on maternity leave i thought i might as well do it now!

My stats are 5'1, 115 pounds
Going with 450CC ,High Profile,Saline.
(Hopefully not to big!)
Hoping to have a nice natural look.
Before kids i was a 34B. Wasnt exactly happy with my size but my boobs with round, perky and not so bad looking.
Fast forward to the aftermath of two kids and now a deflated 34A (ugh!)
So mama said "its my turn to get spoiled and fix these babies up"
Hoping to be a big C small D.

I live in Toronto and have decided to go with Dr. Jugenburg at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute.
I fell in love with him and his staff. Everything is handled so professionally, quick and with the out most care. Everyone (and i mean everyone ) is super friendly! Office is clean, bright and welcoming.
He also offers the "royal treatment" package with his breast augmentation procedures and it's just so convenient and well, amazing.
His office is located inside the luxurious Royal York hotel and after your surgery you get to spend the night in one of the swank suites. (Sucks i'll be drugged up and sleeping but hey its still awesome!)
So far i'd recommend any lovely lady looking for a breast augmentation to call and book a consultation with Dr. Jugenburg.
Of course after my surgery i'll continue review his work and my overall experience at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute for you ladies in Toronto!

Good night world....talk to you very soon!
I'm a week and a day away so my mind is in overdrive!!
(Doesnt help that i dream about boobs too!)

One week away!!

7 day countdown as begun!

My PS' office emailed me today notifying me that my prescriptions have been faxed in and should be ready for pick up in two days.
Heart raced a little to be honest.

So excited, so nervous. I'm a ball of emotions.
I'm dreaming about my new additions! I dream of having the most perfect boobs and then some nights i dream about having two different sized boobs.
24/7 boobie brain!

I worry about my kiddos too.
Our daily routines will be totally out of wack and non-existent.
My little girl is so attached and the thought of not being able to cradle her breaks my heart.
Any other mamas go through this? How did you cope?


Feeling like i'm soooo under prepared!
I haven't got any post-op bras. My PS indicated to me that they are going to provide me with a bra so there's no need to worry.
Kinda wondering if I should still buy at least one or two. I read the one given along with the bang is pretty uncomfortable but maybe their telling me to hold off on buying any cause the one they give is what i should only be wearing for best results.
Ugghhh the confusion and decisions.
I haven't started my household extreme cleaning.
Havent packed for my surgery (staying overnight at the hotel)
And the list goes on and on...
To be honest I think i'm delaying so it doesnt feel like it's soooo close. Dont get me wrong i'm excited beyond words but i'm extremely nervous as well. About what...not sure.
Going under anethesia? The results? Or maybe its all the boobie dreams screwing me up lol
Who knows but I just gotta get on it.

Goodnight lovelys!

Surgery Time

PS office just called me....surgery is at 6pm.
All i'm thinking about is how i'm going to survive the day without food or water!!!

Pre Surgery Pics

Adding some pics of myself pre surgery in a bra.
Wearing a padded 34B La Senza bra.
As you can see....fits slightly big. No cleavage. No volume. No sexiness. No nothing.

The day is almost hereeee

One more sleep and i'll have my boobs :):)!
So excited!! No nerves as the day gets closer and closer (i'm sure that will change come Wednesday!)
Tomorrow i'm dedicating the day to packing and preparing.
I've always been a "last minute worry free person" so absolutely nothing as been packed as of yet. I did clean and did all my laundry though lol
My kiddos are staying at their grandparents house for 3 days after my surgery (i'm going to miss them sooo much) so thats quite a bit of packing. Moms you know what i'm talking about!
And i need to pack a small luggage for me and my husband for our night at the hotel.
I also want to step out and purchase some cold packs and stool softners.
I'm a busy bee tomorrow but i'm hoping it'll make the day fly!

So my surgery time is at 6pm. Like really!?!! How am i going to survive without food or water till that time?
Ughhh! I might just pass out. A headache is a guarantee for the day which is a downer.
However no food or drink 12hrs prior to surgery so i'm waking up at 5am and having one hell of a breakfast. My PS office gave me the ok for a early early breakfast. Just hoping it'll actually help me out and not make me hungrier throughout the day.

Only thing is i love my sleep. Once i'm dreaming and enjoying my beauty sleep , i'm hoping i dont press the snooze button and choose sleep over food and regret it after....

Today is the day!

The day has finally come!
I've checked into the hotel and going down to the clinic in an hour. Dr. J is ahead of schedule today...woohoo!!
No nerves yet what so ever. Kinda just wanna get this over and done with.
Just praying i love the results at the end.
I've been doing okay hunger wise.
I got up early and had a early breakfast. At around 11 i got pretty hungry but it has passed thankfully.
Im chewing on gum to help me out!

Wish me luck ladies!
Talk to you all soon!!

I did it!!

Size stayed the same at 450CC
Very drowsy and tired
Feeling tight and sore.

Off to nap! Talk to you soon ladies.

One day post op and my overall experience

Im one day post op and not a happy camper.
I'm so swollen, tight and uncomfortable. It hurts when i take deep breaths even. I think i might start taking 2 perk pills oppose to 1. T3's are not helpful at this point.
I hate this experience.
I cant do anything on my own. Thank god for my husband.
Doea anyone have any advice so i can start feeling more comfortable?

Yesterday at the TCSI went alright.
My husband was told to leave and return in 3 hrs. I was hoping to be with him up to the point i went in so that made the nerves kick in.
I was first with Glenda the nurse. She was sweet and conversed with me for a bit. After i waited for Dr. J to come in and go over last minute details and to get beautifully marked up in permament marker. His mood was neutral. Straight to the point. No other conversations other than boobs. Kinda boring and more nerve wrecking to be honest. I've read other reviews and they say how he cracked jokes with them....yeah didnt happen with me.
Once in the operating room the nurse there was a total sweetheart (if only i could remember her name!!) she rubbed my arms and assured me they'd take good care of me. She was so smoothing. Kinda mother like.
The anethesologist Jack was really nice as well. Very mellow and calm.
There was another doctor in there who was sitting on a chair. Didnt say a word nor got up. Freaked me out. Weird.
Before i knew it i was awake in recovery. Groggy and out of it. In pain! Nurse was super sweet too. Cant remember her name either. Blame it on the drugs lol.
Kim wheeled me back to my room and she was nice. Talked to me about the medications and gave us her number to call her on regards to anything or everything.

That night was uncomfortable. The sleeping pill i was given is what saved me i think.

Next day at my pre op was interesting. Glenda took off the two straps and the bra and taught me to do the massages. Once done with that all of a sudden i got extremely dizzy. Glenda sat me down, gave me some water....which wasn't helping. I felt worse. I was sweating and was at the verge of fainting. She brought me to the recovery area to lie down and got the nurse to check my vital signs which were good and i felt a lot better within a couple minutes. Just more scared.
They said its normal? Who knows.
Has this happened to any of you ladies?

Only thing that i wasnt to happy with is after i indicated to the nurse that i was better and if i could see Glenda again she told me she'd go tell her. She simply came back and said if i felt better i could go home. The pre op appt was done. Meanwhile the only thing that was done was the massages, one picture taken and then i became faint. Some kind of pre op appt. I wasnt happy. I then told the nurse i still had questions for Glenda she asked me what they were and then was answering them herself. Im sorry but are you Glenda i felt like asking her. Anywho to make a long story short Glenda came in and answered my 3 questions quickly. Whatever.

Anywho will post pics!
Ttyl ladies!

Next day photos

Photos for ya
450 CC, Saline, high profile, trans ax

Pics continued...

Pressed post to quickly..

3 day post op!

Hello all :)
I'm 3 days post op.
During the day i was feeling good...once it hit 730 i started feel uncomfortable.
I started to feel so "full". Boobs were rock solid and they killed. Once i popped the pain killers they started to feel more like someone is pulling them down. Like weights hanging off my chest.
Is this all normal??

Oh and i have no feeling around my nipple.

My left boob is the complicated boob. Its the higher one and i feel majority of the pain in that one.

Not liking the after experience.
Not loving the look of them yet either.
It looks like i have men pecs and they seem small in my opinion.

Day Four

Today was a better day :)
Pain has gone down a bit. I've just been taking the T3's for pain today.
Left boob still is the more painful boob. Going to bring it up to my PS on Wednesday at my one week post op appointment.

On another note...i havent gone #2 since the night before surgery.
Really uncomfortable and bloated.
Tomorrow im taking laxatives to release my severe backup. Sorry for the TMI!

My PS also indicted no shower for a week!!!! Sponge baths only.
I've gone into the shower and cleaned myself off the best i could but i just feel dirty. I want to take a proper shower already. Wash my hair thats oily and knotty and just actually shower!!
Ugh wonder why it has to be a week.

Day 6 post op!!

Boobs have become softer and bigger! So far i likey :)
Day four i felt like they "were small".....yeah not the case anymore!
Man i feel like a women!
They're starting to look bigger than expected but regardless i'm happy!
Oh and i'm off the pain killers :) no more pain really. I'm still having quite a bit discomfort in the left boob however. Its a sharp, pulling, tightening pain that starts around the top of my boob (close to the armpit where i had my incision) and shoots down to the rest of my boob and down my entire arm. Its not a all day pain. It happens here and there throughout the day.
On a scale of 1-10 its probably a 7 pain wise.
Not sure if this is normal?
My post op appt is tomorrow so i'm just waiting it out to ask my PS.
I hate to bug or annoy people.

Oh and I'm happy i get to take a actual shower after tomorrow :):)

Anywho thats my update!

Ps- i finally went poop HA!

Day 9

Secod attempt writing this lovely post. Annoyed.

Anywhoooo i passed the one week mark and today is a good day!
Little to no discomfort! (Other than morning boob)
Sleeping is better as well. I've become a pro at making the perfect mini pillow mountain for the best sleep that i can get at a slightly elevated position.

I had my one week post op appt two days ago. I got the bandages removed. Insicions are looking good. Wont post a pic of them yet as i cant shave for three weeks and i just cant share that with the world lol
Boobs are healing well on track they said but to continue with the straps relgiously till at least my two week mark.
They also said my pain is "nerve pain"
For the ladies who are getting their BA and dont know what to expect or to the ladies who are experiencing some pain and dont know what it could be....the best way i describe it is as a reallly bad charlie horse in your boob that shoots down to your arm. Awesome. HA.
I got a prescription for it for when i have a "bad day" and yesterday was one of them. I couldnt even move without me being in so much pain. Hate it. It kills.
Heat also works for the pain.

Best part of day 7 was....I GOT TO SHOWER!! :D it was glorious, epic and amazing all in one!
I stood under the shower head and just let it pour and even opened my mouth. It was that awesome lol.

Thats reallly just it ladies.

I have my good days, i have my bad days.
Healing on track still high and round.
I have another while till i'm fully healed.

I have a function this Sunday so i'm going to go out and tryasnd find a cute LONG sleeve shirt (gotta keep the cave women look on the downlow) and i'll possibly go and try on some bras :)

Enjoy the weekend beauties!

Moms will little ones...

I need some input from the mamas out there....
How long post op did you girls wait to carry your little one??
My little one is 6 months old and i'm dying not being able to carry her like i use too.
To be honest i've already picked her up a couple times and have carried her but i'm just afraid so i end up putti g her down.
My mother in law has been a great help and as been caring for her but i just feel bad. Especially since i'm feeling better. I dont want her im taking advantage or being lazy.

Any help or input would be great :)

Above post should have read..."Moms WITH little ones"

I have to learn to proof read before posting..

Oh just some pics

11 day post up progress pictures :)
The sisters are slowly dropping and getting its shape. At least i think so lol
I still find them kinda small to be honest for them being 450CC.

On a other note...contacted the managing director at my PS office today. Emailed her some pics of the incision on my left armpit.
Its a lot different then the one on the right. Its wider in diameter and just looks meaty like. I was told to keep it clean with soap and water, pat dry and apply polysporin for a couple days, if it doesnt get better they would try a different route.
So hopefully that situation gets better and incision heals properly and not so noticeable cause the way it looks now...it looks like it wont heal to pretty.
I'd post a pic but i went thru the armpit and cant shave for three weeks. I'm 11 days in...its nasty lol.
And when i can shave since its thick and wide i can so picture myself cutting it! Ouch!

Ugh. Frustrated. Yet happy?

Such a bitter sweet process in the beginning.

Pics continued

Ugh, my bad. Its late. Im tired.

I always press 'save changes'
Day 11 continued.

2 week post op mark

I've reached the two week post op mark :)
Have minimal pain and soreness.
EXCEPT for my nipples. They are so sensitive it actually hurts. Ouch.
I can sleep on my side without feeling any pain as well.
I'm just patiently waiting for the girls to drop and fluff. My left is riding higher and slightly bigger.

I really wanna work out. Tone out the tummy and really work a bikini this summer. I got the boobs just gotta tone the tummy after having my little girl.
All this waiting is killing me lol

Anywho I'll post pics tonight of the two week mark progress :)

Day 20 post op!

Im a day away at being 3 weeks post op!
My mother in law left me 4 days ago so i've taking care of my 6month old all by myself. And to be honest, it gets rough. When she leans against my boobs it does feel a lil uncomfortable.
And i cant carry her for long. My chest either feels tight or my arms tense up and hurt.
And dropping off and picking up my son with her is a challenge with the stroller and closing the trunck of my suv. Pushing the stroller.
Its not extremey painful dont get me wrong its just uncomfortable.
I still dont feel like their my own and that their fully healed yet.
Their looking good so far thou :)
They've gotten softer and have dropped more.
Doc said i have to wear the post surgerical bra and two straps 24/7 till at least a month so i'm still living in my baggy sweaters and you cant even tell i got my boobs done lol

My stiches still dont seem to have dissolved yet either.
And tomorrow marks my three week mark where i can shave! I wonder if i can still do so?
Im also scared to shave the left armpit since that incision is lumpy looking. What if i cut it?
Guess im emailing the RN again with questions! Lol

Tried on my first bra post op!

My younger sister was the one who got me my first "big boobie" bra for my birthday which was a week before my BA.
Today i decided to try it on and see if it fit cause i was convinced it wouldnt fit. Even till this day.
I put it on and was a little overwhelmed with how they looked. Firstly cause they look so different in a bra compared to the grandma post surgical bra i've been wearing and secondly cause they looked so big to me.
Put it on, took two pics and off it came.
Its not that i didnt like how they looked...it was just a shock lol
The size is a 34D from La Senza
It didnt fit the greatest i felt though.
The straps felt kinda loose and i just didnt feel them supported.
I have to get sized.

Posted the two pics :)

Bra photos

Ladies i need bra advice!!

So ladies i need your help and advice...
I have two weddings coming up in the next two weeks and have NO CLUE what bra to purchase! (I feel like a pre-teen again not knowing what first bra to buy!)
I'll be a little past one month post op.
I'm wearing a strapless dress to one wedding and and haltered dress to the other.
Can I wear underwire at this point or no?
Or do any of you recommended one that you find as good support?

Help! Please!

29 days in

Girls have dropped a little more. I really wish they'd stay as is. I love the shape of them now and the projection.
Though, their not as big as i was hoping... i feel like they suit my frame well & that they dont look to "fake" looking.
I have to admit i'm loving them!! (This is the only place i feel like i say that without sounding cocky hehe)
Seriously speaking though i havent said that to anyone. Not the hubby, not my sister whos my best friend, none of my girls...no one. Maybe i'm weird but i just didnt wanna come off as this cocky shit.
But you girls understand my joy so i'm happy to at least share it with u and let it out!

I make a month in 2 sleeps and i'm taking the girls to a wedding. I'll post pics of how they look in a strapless :) gonna go sans bra and wear nip covers.

Goodnite beauties! Xo

Incision Scars

So i posted pics of my incision scars (pleeaseee dont mind the hairs...i was told to shave around the incision till they are fully healed to avoid cutting them and infecting it- so embarrassing. I walk around with nude bandages over them lol)
Anywho back to my post....As i mentioned in one of my above posts my left incision was quite "meaty" It was wider in diameter and lumpy and the right was healing great and flat...except for just the end of it.
After emailing the RN at the clinic i got a scar cream mailed to me.
Its called "Kelo-cote"
So praying and hoping it works and im left with "barely there scars"
One of the lovely ladies on here told me this is quite normal and it should turn out great.
*fingers crossed*

My girls had their one month birthday!

We reached the 30 day mark yesterday :)
Boobs are getting softer. Left is still riding higher than the right.
Kinda think they look the same. Not much change appearance wise.
I cant wait till i reach that "i feel like their my own" stage.
I still get sore here and there.
Why oh why is this process so looonnngggg lol
Slowly but surely though i guess.

I attended a function yesterday. Went braless with nip covers. I wore the bottom strap under the dress as well.
First time i went braless. Went better than expected. Got some comments on the girls (didnt tell more than a handful of people) majority of people thought they were bigger cause i was breast feeding lol
But i just came clean. I'm proud! Lol

More 30 day pics

Should've used these wish pics lol

This girls boobs are off-the-hook!
Wish i found her on IG before my BA cause i'd die for those curves.
Maybe if i pray enough i'll drop and fluff to her size LOL
I like to dream!
I'm still happy with mine regardless just saying....

One month post op appointment

I had my one month appt with Dr. J today.
He said the girls are looking great. That I graduated :) lol.
He said i no longer have to wear my granny bra and the two straps. Just to continue massaging concentrating more on the left as it needs to drop more.
I'm able to do as i like. Slowly weaning into things. As for bras...he said whatever i like...sports bras or with underwire...whatever! Weird how all PS have their own timelines and guidelines huh?
I'm just happy i no longer have to wear that granny bra that makes my boobs so funny looking.
Its mine and the hubbys 5yr anniversary this weekend so i'll def be getting something flattering to say the least lol

I mentioned to him how my left feels quite sore around the bottom and was told it was probably inflammed nerves. By 3 months it should be gone. Ugghhh hate this healing period lol

Take care beauties. Stay beautiful!

Think i'll just live in a white tank top

Loveee how the girls look in a white tank. Even with just a sports bra under! With a bra it just might be gorgeous!
Think i'll just go out and buy a white tank for everyday of the week lol
Anyone else have the same love for the simple white tank?

6 week post op babbbyy

Hello my beautiful dolls :)
6 weeks today i made the best decision of going under the knife to get me some tatas :) and i'm oh so glad i did it!!!!
To the women out their contemplating weather or not getting it done....do it!
It might sound stupid or unbelieveable to some people how a set of boobs can change how you feel about yourself...but it can. Your confidence sky rockets and overall makes you a happy person. At least for me.
Before these implants came into my life i was so self conscious about how I looked. I didnt feel a ounce of sexy or even womenly.
I dreaded invites to the beach or pool, i wouldnt dare wear anything open back (cause then i couldnt wear my triple padding bra lol) lingerie was a no no. I couldnt fill them out nor felt sexy.
I hated how i looked.
Now...well i can wear whatever. And when you feel condifent...man do you ever smile. And like they say "a smile is the best accessory :)"

Time couldnt have passed by slower however these past 6 weeks lol
Posted some pics but will add more within a week of bathing suit!
In my previous post i indicated i was able to wear bras of any kind....yeah still havent gotten sized. Still wearing the sports bra. My left hasnt dropped as much as the right so im still doing whatever i was doing before.
They still dont feel like my own. But i'm sure they will soon :)
They're so squishy now, yay :)

Toodles beauties!

Gettig ready for bed...but first lemme take a selfie!

I know that song bloowwssss lol
Makes a good caption though!
Some pics before i hit the sack..n

Updating on your phone sucks

Posted to quick due to happy fingers

Wanting to workout but still scared...

Hi ladies,
So this week i'll be 7 weeks post op.
I'm dyinnngg to work out but for some reason i'm scared. I have this fear that i'm still this fragile bird. I'm scared of screwing anything up, that they'll pop (lol), that it'll feel weird or hurt.
To be honest even during sex (sorry for the TMI) as soon as they start bouncing a little to much i tell the hubby to ease it up.
A friend of mine gave me a bear hug over the weekend and i quickly escaped it out of fear of them popping.
Clearly i'm extremely paranoid lol.
Has anyone felt like this? Or for the ladies who have started working out post op how did it feel?

See ladies even us at 7 weeks post op still have fears and are crazy paranoid lol

Finally went & got sized

So ladies I finally went out and got sized....7 weeks later.
I was measured at a 34D at La Senza. I still have a lot of upper breast that pops out but the 34D is what fit best. Tried on a DD and i would have gaps on the upper sides near my armpits. So i just bought the 34D one in every basical color....black, white and nude. Not entirely happy with how they fit cause of the upper boobage (look like i have two set of boobs in certain tight tops) but i
Didnt buy too much cause im not sure if they're still going to change and then so will my size. Who knows, its quite frustrating.
So basically I went up two cup sizes since having my BA. I was a 34B pre BA. Like 97% of the women on here i was looking for a "big c small d look" so i got what i want. But of course i have the typical boob greed and want them bigger...like DD/DDD bigger, wah lol
Yes, im happy i just really wish i went in the 500CC range. They really need to invent a size adjustable breast implant...imagine? Lol

Anywho at 7 weeks boobs are a lot more squishy, i sleep on my sides and stomach and pretty much do whatever i use to do. Except work out (my previous post explains my fear) but im releasing that "fear and worry" and getting on that causeeee i need to lose this excessive weight i gained over the past 2 months.
I do feel as the girls look smaller now that the swelling is all gone but enjoy how they look. They have "natural" look to me. At least i think so lol. And till this day no one has really asked me if they are fake. Just made comments on how they look bigger and if im breast feeding my daughter still lol
Oh and they finally feel like they've always been a part of me :) YAY!

Muaahh xo

2Months post op update & pics :)

Heeyy my beautiful ladies!
I reached my 2 month post op a couple days ago so thought i'd write a update!

Girls still kinda look the same. They've softened more. Dont think they've dropped anymore though.
My left still is riding a little higher.
I'm still sleeping with my post surgerical bra just to be safe even though my PS said i didnt have too. I just feel the need that i have to care for these babies. The way i look at it is "im probably not doing any harm sleeping with it on" right?
I'm still always wearing a sports bra unless i wear something that obviously would look hideous with the sports bra on lol
Boobs feel like they've always been mine. EXCEPT with certain movements i'll feel the implant move and it feels sooooo weird!!! I wonder if i'll ever get use to that feeling!
I still also get ziggers here and there also.
I started working out. I've been power walking and running outdoors. Doing ab workouts, squats and all that fun stuff. So far so good. Did feel weird at first running. I never had boobs that would bounce before lol
My incisions look great so far :):) no more "meaty, lumpy" looking things. So i'm happy my body corrected itself and started healing properly.

I went bathing suit shopping :) i fit into a medium top oppose to a small now.
However my grandma brought me back a bikini from back home in Ecuador and it was a XL and it fit right on! They must have small sizing cause no way i'd fit into a XL here.
Which brings me onto my next subject.
I expressed to my lovely penpal JB22 here on realself how i was going thru a real "sad stage" due to my size.
I went thru this one week where i totally regreted the size i choose. I felt like i was waayy to small.
Though my results are quite similar to my wish pics and im the size i wanted to be...i felt so small :( and it didnt help when ppl would say "oh you got a boob job? Didnt even really notice. They're not that big" i wanted to scream lol
My hubby assured me they are big enough and look great and if i went any bigger id have that "fake" look.
I tried on one of my old VS swimsuit tops i had that was a 34B to see if it would fit and how it would fit and needless to say...it didnt fit and i looked like a pornstar with big fake boobs in it lol so it made me feel better.
I'm not sad anymore :) i appreciate how they look and how i look now. So to the ladies who feel down at times due to their size and wish you went bigger...look at old pics and/or try on a old bra or swimsuit and it'll cure the depression :)

Thanks again to you ladies on here for your comments, advice and encouragement. It means so much.
This website is truly. All because of you wonderful ladies on here!

Comparison Pic

Wish boobs & my current after BA at 12weeks

12 week post op

Im 12 weeks post op and loving that i have boobs!
Best. Investment. Ever!.. Seriously!
They feel like their own and i just feel amazing. Who knew a set of boobs could make a women so happy?! Call me crazy but i even feel like my face is prettier. LOL crazy no? Guess thats the confidence boost.
I have my 3 month post op appointment next week so i'll do my next review then.
Overall i feel good, no difficulties with anything or complaints.
Just back to my normal life.

Its been a while...4 months post op :)

Hey ya ladies!
Its been a while since my last update....sorry.
Things are going great :):)
Honestly dont even feel like i have breast implants. They feel like my very own. If only i was born with these bad boys lol
On my three month post op check up Doc said i was healing great. The left is still riding a little higher however so i was told to keep massaging it downwards. Other than that all is good. Incisions are looking good as well. Was told at my one year mark it will be barely noticable :)
Back to my usual daily routine and activites. No discomfort. No pain.

Will add updated pics very shortly. Havent taken any updated nudies recently lol

Hope you are all doing great as well :)

4 month post op pics

Here are my 4month post op nudies.
You can see in some of them that the left is still slightly higher. Slowly but surely.
Overall happy with my results :):)
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

If your looking for a surgeon that will provide good results...i'd recommend Dr. Jugenburg. Personality with me was business like. He answered all my questions during my consultation, listened to what i wanted and in the end gave me the look i was going for. However, not much time was spent with him. Majority, if not all questions and concerns (pre and post op) are directed to the RN Kim. She's a doll. Sweet and informative. Quick to respond and help. So if your looking for a doctor that will offer you amazing results hes your guy. If your looking for a PS that you will see and talk too at every appointment and/or phone call not the place. Front desk staff are pleasant and helpful. Wait times are quick. Overall i'm extremely happy with my results. I couldnt be happier with the work Dr. J performed and to me thats all that matters!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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