Breast Augmentation - 365cc Full Profile, Cohesive Gel, Under the Muscle, Transaxillary (Armpit) Incision

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I have my upcoming breast augmentation on December...

I have my upcoming breast augmentation on December 12 (in 16 days). I am getting Allergan 365cc high profile, cohesive gel, under the muscle placement, armpit incision. I am a 11.9 BWD. I was choosing between 335, 365 and 385cc. I found that 385 was too large and 335 looked good but I felt it may be too small after having the implant inside my body and under the muscle. I tried on a 350cc implant and my patient coordinator told me that if I get a 365cc implant, it will look very similar to the 350cc implant once it's actually under my muscle. I have uploaded photos of me before (with no bra), as well as the 350cc. I also have uploaded photos of a 325cc implant (they didn't have 335 to try on so 325 is the closest to that size). Let me know what you think of the size I chose - i.e. the 350cc photo, since this will be close to how the 365 will look once it's been placed inside my breast pocket. Any opinions are appreciated!! :)

Day 1 post op

So I had my breast augmentation surgery today - 365cc high profile, cohesive gel, Transaxillary (armpit) incision, under the muscle, Allergan implants I believe. My measurement are as follows: 11.9 BWD, 116 lbs (although I quite frequently range from 108-118), and 5'3.5 (5 feet, 3.5 inches).I woke up from surgery in EXCRUCIATING pain. I was crying hysterically and needed pain meds in my IV instantly. It was honestly so bad, and this was with me having a pain pump in delivering local anesthesia to the area. Anyways after I got numerous fentanyl IVs I felt better. Came home and slept a lot. Now it feels like a stinging inside my chest wall - weirdly enough, my armpits where the incision were are not painful at all. I think because I didn't have much breast tissue, and pulling up my chest muscle in order to put the implant underneath it, that's what caused me the great deal of pain. I am going in tomorrow to get the drains and pain pump removed and to just have a general 1 day post op appointment. I have attached photos of how they look approximately 11 hours post surgery. Very swollen, high up, hard as ROCKS, but I've done enough research that I know this will only get better with time. Plus they look better than what I thought they would right out of surgery so I'm very VERY happy.

Day 2 post op

For starters, just to clarify an error; my "day 1 post op" review was actually Day 0 - it was the day I got the surgery done (Monday December 12, 2016). Today is my day 2 post op (Wednesday December 14). Yesterday the pain was pretty bad, even though I'm on a very strong pain killer (dilaudid), but Just as a note, I have a high tolerance to opiates since I was taking them prior to surgery so this may contribute to my pain levels being so high. I'm also taking Arnica (for swelling and pain I believe), antibiotics & stool softeners. I do not need the meds for nausea so I don't take those.

Also, regarding my high pain levels, I had very little natural breast tissue and they had to go behind the muscle - and I did the second highest size I was allowed to do (that is, 365cc high profile - 385 was the highest I could go). My BWD is 11.9, height is 5 foot 3.5 inches, weight ranges from 112-118 pounds but due to bloating, I am at 121 pounds right now which I haven't been in years.

Just a reminder - I got Allergan Inspira cohesive gel, round implants through a Transaxillary (armpit) incision.

Yesterday the pain was worse since I got my pain pump removed in the morning. I took my pain meds and slept all day - from around 3pm-10pm. I slept sitting upright on my couch with 2 pillows behind me and a U-shaped travel pillow around my neck. That's how I have been sleeping everyday since I got the surgery. The two big pillows support my back and give me comfort, and the travel pillow supports my neck.
When I woke up from the day-long nap, I was SO sore and very stiff - at this point is when I noticed my dominant (right) side has more pain than the non-dominant (left) side. also, I pushed down on my skin above my implants and this is also when I noticed fluid retention around my implants - specifically, above the implants. I spoke to my post-op nurse and this is normal in my case. The pain is coming severely from above my implant, and under my armpits (the muscle that is there) - these spots are more prone to having sharp, extreme spasms/pain, whereas there is an overall dull pain all over my breast themselves (and below my boobs).

- Pain rating when I was just waking up out of surgery = 11/10
- After heading home following surgery & the rest of Monday (Day 0) = 4 or 5 /10
- Tuesday (Day 1) before pain pump removal = 4 or 5 / 10
- Tuesday (Day 1) after pain pump is removed & after my day-long nap = 9/10
- Took pain meds after I woke up (more than my prescribed dose of my pain meds... I don't wanna hear any lectures about this being dangerous .. I have a very high tolerance so the "proper" dose would have not helped at all) and following this, I was at a 6 or 7/10
- Today (Wednesday - Day 2) prior to pain meds = 10/10
- I then took pills again & I am now down to a 6 or 7/10

This morning was the first time I could take a shower. Taking the compression band off was NOT fun, I had to do it so slow since it was compressing me for two days/nights and it was very sore & stiff. I was advised by Lori, my post op nurse, to take a hand towel and lather it up with a delicate soap (I used Ivory) & I had to get my mom to gently dab my incisions in order to clean them. Showers must occur twice a day, so perhaps for my night shower tonight, I will have my mom do more of a circular motion rather than just dabbing the area with the sudsed-up towel. Prior to washing the incisions, I very slowly and carefully washed my own hair and conditioned it (as per my post op instructions provided by Lori). I washed the incisions last to ensure no other products got onto/into them.

My boobs and nipples are SOO swollen and shiny (as expected), they have a great deal of upper pole roundness (again, as expected so early on in recovery). Also, my dominant side (the side that hurts more) is physically higher up on my chest. Boobs also have the "torpedo" shape that is common after surgery but they will eventually droop and fluff, will become a normal shape, skin won't look so stretched etc. My boobs cannot be squeezed at ALL right now by the way - they are way too firm to squeeze. Photos are posted so you can see how they look 2 days post surgery.

Also, my skin is extremely dry and itchy (partially due to it being winter, & partially due to my opiate pain meds that make you itchy) so I just put some Aveeno cream on my body FAR away from my incisions. I am waiting for my dad to get home from work, as he is getting me bio-oil for me to being applying this on my boobs (again, staying far far away from the incision. This is just to help prevent stretch marks & to ensure that the minor & tiny ones I have now do not worsen.

I will continue to update you guys. There clearly is a lot of info so I may have forgotten something - in that case I will add it in my next review update.

Please feel free to ask questions or comment on my progress. Any suggestions/experiences are gladly welcomed :)

Happy recovery to all of you still in this same process as me, and congratulations to all of you who suffered through this stage lol but it'll be worth it soon enough!

P. S. My apologies for some of the photos being rotated. I will make sure they are properly labelled for the next update so that they are not sideways :)

Another before & after photo (day 2 post op)

Couldn't add more photos to my day 2 post op update so here's 2 pictures - before & after - for comparison purposes.

Before - 11 hours prior to survey.
After - approx 50 hours (2 days) post surgery.

Right (dominant) boob is on the LEFT side of the photos. Asymmetry is very noticeable in the post-op picture but will get better over time (not sure how long it will take but we will have to wait end see!)

Day 3 post op

So over the past couple days, I've been experiencing some pain in my neck and I think it's from how I've been sleeping (that is, upright and with a hard travel pillow behind my neck). It hurt but was manageable. I woke up this morning, however, with extreme pain in my neck. Could barely turn my head. I felt the back of my neck and there was a bump and it was swollen. I think I had a pinched nerve or something which only got worse when I was sleeping with the hard travel pillow, which was pushing against my already sore neck. I took my pain meds, went back to bed WITHOUT the travel pillow (just a couple regular pillows) for 4-5 hours and when I woke up, it felt better. Still hurt but wasn't very painful. It could have been a mix of no longer using the travel pillow and having had the meds in my system.

Note: I have been sleeping on my couch since I am usually a side / stomach sleeper and when I'm on the couch, it's easier for me to remain laying on my back. However, I think tonight I will try my actual bed because it's more comfortable. I just hope I don't wake up on my side or stomach....

I have posted some photos of my neck. Has anyone ever had neck pain after a breast augmentation? My dad said last night my neck was slightly crooked so he knew something was up but it only got worse by today.

In terms of my boobs, the left (non-dominant side) = low pain. I can also feel that it is still sitting in a much lower position than the right. I don't feel the upper pole fullness as much on my left side.
On my dominant (right) side = pain is moderate high. Better than yesterday, but still hurts quite a bit. It's mainly the outter side of my boob that hurts - the inside doesn't hurt really at all. It's like the more outwards I touch (moving closer to the side of my body), the more it hurts. I have also attached a diagram showing where my pain is the worst.

Other than that, obviously the looks are basically the same from yesterday. Will post some photos tomorrow to show you how they're looking .. I just don't think it's necessary to post photos everyday, as there isn't barely a change at all.

Note - I started using bio-oil on my boobs yesterday to prevent stretch marks (I am just making sure I stay far away from my incision when applying).

Any comments, suggestions, whatever are welcomed and appreciated!! :)

Photos for last review

Don't know why my photos didn't post for my last review. I will attach them here.

Photos are of my neck pain/swelling, diagram of boob pain, & a picture of where I've been lounging and sleeping during recovery.

Day 4 post op

Pain is much better today! Right side is still much worse but I'm not suffering thank god!!! Also, it was super hard to get out of bed because I slept by myself last night and I had to like wiggle slowly onto my side and then wiggle myself up.. It took about 5 mins to actually get to sitting at the edge of my bed so I could stand up but all is well since I'm not in as much pain today!

Posted 2 photos here that show the squeezing ability of both. Right you can't at all, left you can a little bit. Right is still MUCH higher up and it's much more swollen around my armpit.

Also, neck pain has subsided as well :)

Photos for day 4 post op

I don't know why my photos keep not posting in the original update! Here are the pictures. Let's hope they work this time

Day 8 post op

Had my 1 week post op appointment yesterday. Now I'm instructed to begin massages, 10 TIMES A DAY!!! (so insane) for 5 mins each time. Like as if I don't have other things I need to worry about, now I have to remember to massage 10 times a day.. And my post op nurse was very serious about it not being any less than 10. So I've begun that, pain is pretty low now except for one lump in my right armpit which KILLS. I've been instructed to massage out any lumps but this one hurts so bad even just to touch, I'm trying to massage it as much as I can but its pretty unbearable. Has anyone had similar experiences? Apparently it's scar tissue but it's so painful.

Pictures are posted to show progress.

Why don't all my photos post at once!

Here are more photos that didn't post for day 8 post op update

Before & after - day 10 post op + bad pain on right side

Here's a comparative photo of a few weeks before surgery & 10 days post op.

Pain in my right armpit is still very bad and the pain shoots from my armpit, all along the outter right breast and towards the nipple. Has anyone else had this pain? Any suggestions would help. I may go back to my surgeon to see if there's something wrong, as my left side's pain is getting better while the right is not at all.

Day 11 Post Op

Pain on my right side was still pretty bad so I took my pain meds again today so that I could numb it enough in order to properly massage - I'm hoping massaging it will help with the pain once the meds wear off.

In regards to softening up and drooping, the right side is SLOWLY catching up with the left thankfully.

I haven't been able to massage as much as I should but I will try to do a lot today.

Will continue to update!

Incision update

Top photo is I think 2-3 days post op. Bottom photo is 13 days post op.

Day 17 post op

Here are some updated photos. The lumps in my armpit (scar tissue) are much smaller due to time passing and massaging.

Pain is barely nothing. Just my armpits are itchy sometimes and feel a bit sore but that's it.

The right armpit is a bit itchier but my right side has been taking longer to heal so this is normal.

Right side has also dropped a lot which is great. They are both able to be squeezed now but are still pretty hard, but definitely squeezable. Photos of this as well.

2 week post op appointment

I had my "2 week post op" appointment today, which is actually day 17 post op for me. My post op nurse said they look great but since I haven't been doing the massaging as much as I was advised (which is 10 times a day, 5 mins each time) due to getting tired of it pretty much, she said that they aren't as soft as she would have expected which was super disappointing to me. Obviously as soon as I left, I started massaging a lot.

She also said from this point on, I should sleep on my stomach and also every day, I should lay on my stomach on the hard ground for 10 mins. This is to further stretch the pocket in order for them to soften up.

I also am starting to use scar fade on my incisions starting today, as per my post op instructions.

In regards to the massaging, I also have difficulty doing it as much as I should because my skin is actually sore to the touch in some areas (the worst is on my right breast, outer edge, close to my armpit which is where my incision is). Has anyone else had this problem? Where your skin actually just hurts, even your clothing touching your boobs hurts? Any advice on how to deal with this pain?

Thanks in advance! I will be massaging a LOT now, regardless of the sore skin, and I hope at my next follow up (which is 1 month from now - February 2 to be exact), my results will be much softer and will be what they expect them to look/feel like at that point.

1 month post op

Haven't been massaging them or putting scar cream on as much as I should... Life has gotten in the way but I'm doing my best. Here are some photo updates! Any questions or comments are always welcome.

More photos from 1 month post op

Side views - more update photos.

6 week post op photos

More update photos. Need to be using the scar cream more often. Left side has healed faster than right throughout entire post op period.

In all honesty, what are your guys' opinions on my healing so far (looks wise and scar healing)?

1 month vs 6 weeks photos

Top is 1 month post op. Bottom is 6 weeks post op. Easier to see comparison. Please let me know what you guys think of my progress thus far and if my healing is normal / not as fast as it should be.

6 weeks post op vs 7 weeks 2 days post op

Photos. 6 weeks post op is the top. 7 weeks and 2 days is the bottom. Let me know what you think of my progress. I lost my scar fade serum so I've just been using vitamin e serum (rather than using nothing which I did from week 4-6)

10.5 weeks post op photos & questions?

I got a Transaxillary breast augmentation, under the muscle, 365cc high profile, cohesive gel approx. 10.5 weeks ago. I am wondering (I know there is variation, and there is no "normal" technically, but on average..) if you guys think my results are normal in terms of how much they've dropped & their shape (i.e. if they are natural looking for 10.5 weeks post op). I worry that they are too round and do not have a nice, natural soft slope downwards from the top of my breast to my nipple area. My surgeon said that a round implant and a teardrop shaped implant tend to look the same when placed inside the breast pocket so I should go with round because it has less complications, but the teardrop shape is what I wanted and I'm wondering if eventually I will get that even with round implants?

I worry that maybe I chose too large of an implant so this major upper pole fullness/roundness will never decrease.

They're also still quite firm & I'm wondering if anyone knows when they'll feel more like natural breasts, or will they always be firmer than natural breasts? Also are my scars healing slower than the norm? Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.

I have attached photos of myself & some desired look photos.
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