Breast Augmentation - 365cc Full Profile, Cohesive Gel, Under the Muscle, Transaxillary (Armpit) Incision

I have my upcoming breast augmentation on December...

I have my upcoming breast augmentation on December 12 (in 16 days). I am getting Allergan 365cc high profile, cohesive gel, under the muscle placement, armpit incision. I am a 11.9 BWD. I was choosing between 335, 365 and 385cc. I found that 385 was too large and 335 looked good but I felt it may be too small after having the implant inside my body and under the muscle. I tried on a 350cc implant and my patient coordinator told me that if I get a 365cc implant, it will look very similar to the 350cc implant once it's actually under my muscle. I have uploaded photos of me before (with no bra), as well as the 350cc. I also have uploaded photos of a 325cc implant (they didn't have 335 to try on so 325 is the closest to that size). Let me know what you think of the size I chose - i.e. the 350cc photo, since this will be close to how the 365 will look once it's been placed inside my breast pocket. Any opinions are appreciated!! :)
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Frank Lista is known for natural looking implants so that's why I chose him. Looking forward to actually having the procedure done. My patient coordinator, Rosie, is incredible. She was very understanding and helpful throughout the whole implant size choosing appointments.

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