To lift or not to lift before baby #2! My story of BA without lift! Toronto, ON

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After having my baby 11 months ago, and breastfed...

After having my baby 11 months ago, and breastfed him for 7, my breasts are deflated. My main concern at this point is volume. I want it back. Even before I had him, I wanted to have my breasts done. Now being 29, I believe these next years coming up will be the best of my life and nice, big, yet natural looking breasts are a must for me. I DON'T want super high, fake looking breasts. I am not totally happy with the size of my areola's but considering I MAY have another child in 3-4 years, I don't believe now is the right time to mess with them and am concerned by the photos I have seen where women have had them reduced and they end up looking the same as before or worse. I do realize that if I do not have a lift I will have to wear a bra. I have olive skin and scar badly. I am concerned with silicone and would rather have saline and know right away if there is an issue. I am very interested in the new Ideal implant with the double silicone wall but filled with saline. I am pretty convinced on under the muscle is the way to go as I don't like that super obvious circular look. I want nice big voluptuous breasts that keep people guessing.. Are they real?? I'll post some wish photos.
What is your best recommendation considering all of this?
Can I have a lift after implants if I so choose in the future?
I was told by one surgeon that the 3D machines do not work well for people who might need a lift.. Is this true??
Thank you!!

3 Consults in TO and picked my Surgeon!

After seeing dr jugenburg had the most and best reviews here, it was no doubt in my mind I was going to go with him however with my short timeline of needing to get in and have a decision made (we are only visiting the area) I saw Kim for my consult. She was absolutely fabulous but it was very cold in the office and I completely forgot to address my areola concerns. I was just so excited that she didn't push a lift on me as she said I was right on the line of one being that my nipples still pointed straight and were at my crease level. She also didn't push silicone either. She told me the pros and cons of both and let me decide. We went back and fourth over about 5 emails and I still don't know the difference between a areola reduction (500$) and a Benelli lift (2000$). She suggested I come in again or speak with dr jugenburg himself. I emailed him a few times and patiently waited about 2-3 days each time for a response only to find out he didn't want to answer my questions via email. So after about another week we finally skyped. By that time I had done a lot more research and had a lot more time to talk things over with my hubby and basically it came down to.. Since we are unsure if we are going to have another baby.. Having any type of lift of areola work at this point was useless. I've seen so many bad areola reduction/Benelli lift photos where the areola's just stretch back anyway, I'll be going for a lift after baby number 2 thanks. My skype chat with dr jugenburg was okay but it wasn't very hopeful feeling, he just kinda told me breast implants are not anti gravity devices.. Which he said before.. And I realize.., and said whatever shape I have now that's what I'll have with implants.. Again not very exciting. I think he probably does amazing work he's just not the surgeon for me.

2nd consult

Had a second consult while waiting to hear back from dr Jugenburg with dr Lista. It felt like a honest waist of time for me. I was very excited about trying his 3d imaging but he said since I needed a lift I wouldn't like how it looked. Without really asking me what I wanted, he took my measurements and plunked them into his computer which came up with a range of 200-345cc's I think.. Not at all what I would be happy with. His price was good but he also wanted to do over the muscle so I'm just not a fan.

3rd time is a charm!

I had my 3rd consult with Dr. Mulholland and I am so happy. I honestly had a gut feeling when I first was looking up surgeons in the Toronto area but it was hard to get through to his phone lines so I gave up. So glad I tried again and was able to book last minute. The ladies were and continue to be so accommodating. With everything from me needing to bring in my 11 month old to the consult, to booking me in on an already booked up day, to getting me the surgery dates while we are still here. I met with Lori first and told her right off the bat I feel more comfortable with saline. Then enters Dr. Mulholland, so confident yet so "zen". It was like he could read my mind. He took everything into account including my scoliosis which neither of the other two mentioned. Considering I may have another child, dr mulholland said I could probably get away with the augment only at this point to give me back my fullness to the upper pole and because I already have the tear drop shape a nice round implant would bring everything in and not leave me looking amazon! Haha he asked me what cup size I wanted to be but really I don't know I just want to be bigger yet not exotic dancer big. He took the words right out of my head somehow! He suggested silicone as he feels I'd see the rippling if I went with saline. I liked how it really felt like Lori had my back when she came in and asked if we discussed saline yet. But at this point I trust his judgement. Oh and i got to try the 3d vectra to pick my sizes!! It was fine!! I liked anything over 450 but picked 520 as I've heard a lot of women say they're only wish is they would of gone bigger. So that's that I am getting 520/540ccs smooth round cohesive gel (gummy bear) implants!!! I can't wait to see the results.

Feeling unsure about sizes and having trouble finding a post op bra in 32e

Again the ladies at Dr. M's office are amazing. I was going back and forth with my hubby wondering if we should get a lift or not. Trish reassured me that she thinks I'll be happy with the outcome with just the BA and told me about her experience of having a lift before having more children and that her experience was she wasn't able to breastfeed. Although I'm not sure I will, having read the risks with silicone and breast feeding.. It's mainly with an older implant women have reported health concerns in their baby's. So depending on when and if we decide to have baby 2. Oh so much to consider! Any way! They also just got in some post op bras in my size. Oh and my hubby is done work sooner and someone just called to cancel for the 22nd, so we've moved up the date! Everything is working out so well! As for my size concerns, I was just worried 520/540 might be too heavy after trying on my rice sizers. Trish said not to worry as Dr. M will look at my wish photos again before the procedure, and she's ordered me a few different sizes, so they'll make sure I'm getting the look I want. So excited!

A better frontal before pic!

One week count down!

Found my favourite wish boobs!!!

Thanks to czechchick I found my perfect wishboobs I'll be showing Dr. Mulholland next Thursday!

On the other side!!!

My procedure was yesterday. Everything went very well! Everyone at Spamedica took great care of me. Dr. Mulholland is amazing. He makes me feel so comfortable and always seems to know the perfect things to say. He prefers to do drains to release any blood and fluid after. He says that this way I will see my final result within 5% actual size by the 3rd day once I have my drains removed. I am excited for this. Although it is not fun at all having these drains come from my armpits, it will be worth it. And he says less risk of any complications this way. He said he is very happy with the way the procedure went. He says I have nice cleavage and my implants have given me a nice lifted effect. I took a few photos here to see. My left breast seems a little more swollen than my right. I am sure everything will be great. We went with 520 in my left and 540 in my right. He says it was successful in correcting the asymmetry issue I had. I am so excited to have these drains out and get an actual peak! They said I can sponge bath but no shower until the drains are removed. I put a call in to the nurse to find out if I am supposed to wash the incisions. She is supposed to call me back any minutes. I am taking percocet and a form of tylenol as well as antibiotics. Everything is fine. I was only slighty dizzy from moving around too much initially. But feeling fine today. Just pretty sore and uncomfortable with the drains under my armpits but like I said it should be worth it to see my results quicker! Thank you Czechchick for checking up on me!!

Week 1, bra size and pants issues!!

Week 1 for me was a bit tough. I had my 3 day visit with the nurse. She said the bra they put me in was too small around and cup wise. I was wondering when I got the pkg why it said 32b. I was in a 32d before but falling out of it so could of been a 32b before. I thought I talked to the nurse about getting a 32E for after. Oh well not going to call and complain. Just want to stay positive about my results. My left breast was quite a more swollen right off the bat and still is a bit. One thing I would definitely advise ladies is to not only get a size or two bigger in the cup (depending on how big you are going) but also in the band. My stumach is also extremely swollen for me! I don't fit any of my pants/jeans and the 32 band bra is a bit tight too. I'd definitely advise others to get some comfortable pants that are stretchy or bigger in the waist for the first few weeks following surgery. I've been reading on here it might last for 1-3weeks :( which sucks for me because we are not home and all I have are casual tight jeans/pants or sweats that I do not want to be seen in. I felt horrible going to my day 3 appointment in dt Toronto in them! Get yourself some cute comfy outfits you are ok being seen out in! Oh and I didn't take others advice on the stool softener and am paying for it! I had trouble going and may have caused myself a hemmeroid :S sorry TMI but had I known the meds made things that hard I would of gotten some for sure! I can't wait for my swelling to go down so I can see what my results actually are. Right now I like my right boob at least. (Will show on pics as the left side) but left boob (right side on pics) is still looking "snoopy" shaped and swollen!

10 days

Feeling better each day. Made breakfast for my hubby for the first time in over a week. My breasts were feeling pretty heavy yesterday and are still kinda hard and cone shaped. I've been doing my massages twice a day at least. I can't wait to see the final result!

Almost 4 weeks

Almost 4 weeks! I'm happy with the view from the front but my left side still looks droopier than my right on a side view. I'm hoping it will look better as a final result! I went to the bay today trying to find another bra but they have no 32d bras and we confirmed today thats what I need. It seems hard to find that size!

Wishing I would of gone 4 lift!

Am extremely happy with Dr. Mulholland's work. Just having issues with bras hurting my shoulders and back. Wishing I wouldn't need a bra. I am a difficult size to find. Because I need a 28" -30" band the cup size gets artificially larger. A 28f or g to me looks like 34c. I can also fit 32dd tightly and 32ddd slightly off. 30g and 32e are also sizes that seem to fit but are hard to find. A lot of my asymmetry was corrected but from the side profile one side is definitely more saggy. Also that side has more of a circular look whereas the other side looks very natural and a part of me. It is supposed to be the smaller implant but to me looks like the larger. We confirmed in the surgery notes that they are correct. In the end I would definitely get a lift as soon as possible and I might even upgrade implant sizes to around 700cc ish and go extra full since I really didn't get that side profile I wanted with the full. I'm 5"10 and 127lbs or so.

Wrinkles in my Cohesive Gel implants

I am thin so Dr M suggested the cohesive gel over the saline because we'd definitely see wrinkles. So we went with the silicone cohesive gel implants and unfortunately i do see some wrinkles when I bend over. I would like to have some fat transferred there possibly or have this corrected in my next procedure.

1 year

Here are some updated pics and my conclusion on to lift or not to.. I maintain that Dr. Mulholland is a amazing person and ps.. And that I had zero issues health wise. However to be honest I regret not getting a lift. I do not feel comfortable bending over naked. I do see wrinkles even though I have the best cohesive silicone implants. And because of the position of my breasts naturally being lower the added weight of the implant my back hurts as well as bras do not fit properly and my sides are uneven. I feel a lift would of prevented most of this. What really sucks is that Dr. M does not do lifts. Not sure why but I've asked twice and they just say he doesn't do them and they'd refer me to someone else in their practice. What also sucks is that for 3k more I could of done the lift and implants at another practice. Now even if I do return to Dr. M all travel cost, anestigeologist etc is my responsibility.

Pre pregnancy boobs

Some pre pregnancy photos of my boobs ranged from 38B to 34C
While breast feeding my breasts were up to 36E then down to a 32DD then as I stopped, started working out and wore a waist cincher I became a 32d (which is just a small band around with A cups but they call it D because of the small band width)
After 520/540 cohesive gel implants I have 30E/F or 32DDD but feel more like a 34C what I started out with when I was 15. I definitely want bigger with a lift now.

Post op in bikini

Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Dr M has amazing skill and I am generally happy with breast augmentation. My only thing is...He unfortunately does not do lifts and I was on the line for needing one. I now wish I would of gone for one and would like to have gone bigger. I am from another province so my after care and follow up was really left to me. I'd have to fly back for follow up. The only other small thing is I had a nurse before my surgery that was slightly cold and kind of institutional feeling.. I was very nervous and she was just like put these on very abruptly.

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