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I'm 4 days post op & having such a difficult...

I'm 4 days post op & having such a difficult recovery. It seems like everyone else is doing so much better then me. I'm constantly in discomfort, usually in pain and I have the worst bloating like I look 6 months pregnant. I have the implants in the crease and my doc has me wearing a compression bra

5 days post op

Morning boob struggle is real... seriously how are women already off pain killers?!?! I HATE that they make me look 7 months prego, I'm all about fitness & eating right so it's driving me insane however I need at least one in the morning and before bed to feel decent...

5 days feels like 20

Just a bit of an update, woke up feeling really rough and stiff so needed one oxy and I've felt decent so far today compared to the previous days. Some muscles cramps even in my abs, Incision pains, boob pain but when those things aren't taking place it feels like my boobs are REALLY engorged so it's not unbearable just uncomfortable. I will admit though I haven't worn my compression bra today and instead just a tight crop top with layers. I know the compression bra helps with recovery and will keep them perky as they drop and settle (according the my surgeon and others I know they all have different opinions.) I will try to wear it most of the time for a full month but the girls needed to breathe! The bloat is still insane so really need to try to get off oxy... Advil triggers my ibs and Tylenol does Nothing for me so open to suggestions! :)

Btw pretty sure implants are 550cc

6 days post op and things are getting better finally!

Yassss no longer need pain killers so buh bye life draining bloat you up like a blimp oxy! Today I've mostly felt uncomfortable and sore. Sleeping is still rough and pretty much non existent... but hey I have boobs so whatever, worth it! A day post op my measurements were bust 37 band 30 (with compression bra on for bust) and now it's bust 36 (also with compression bra) and band 28 which is normal for me so I'm interested to see if my bust size will increase or decrease. I believe those meausurements put me at a 32 D from a 32 b however as I mentioned I was wearing my compression bra. I will do an update on my measurements without it once I get a bikini bra hopefully this week :)

Freaky weight & how to find your real bra size!

First of all feeling super sore today but I haven't been taking it as easy as I should but mom life. My bloat has gotten slightly better however still not looking so hot however what's strange is I was about 123lbs pre boob job which is my winter weight because booty gains every cold season ;p I literally look like I gained 15lbs however the scale is showing me at 125lbs... my boobs weigh 2.3 lbs so my weight is the same. How weird! I miss working out soooooo much though. It helps me stay sane and so much good music is out (living for Lana and the weekend!) It makes me want to train again so bad but ya I don't think my body will be ready for a couple more weeks. Anyways no boob pics today but I thought I would share a helpful chart to find your bra size :)

8 days post up & Questions

Feeling so much better just sore still but slept pretty decent for the first time in awhile. Right now I love how my boobs are looking and I love that since they haven't dropped too much or fluffed at all I don't need to wear a bra however still wearing my compression bra (99% of the time for the benefits). I've also regaining more movement with my arms. Oh and I have some questions so please answer if you can. I've already looked up answers from plastic surgeons but it's nice to have answers from women that actually experience these things to give their opinion. 1st When did you start drinking? I miss having a couple drinks... 2nd When did you have sex again? 3rd Was is it difficult? I'm worried I'll still be sore and I won't be that into it. Possible tmi but I like being on top so I'm nervous about boob bouncing and being able to use my arms. 4th When did you find it comfortable to sleep on your side? Sleeping on my back is giving me back pain from not being use to it. Anyways if you can answer any of those questions then that would be super helpful :)

5 days vs 8 days

One side has defiantly dropped more and become a bit softer. Will do an update like this in a week. Can't wait to look back a year or so from now

So much progress

1 swelling down a lot and boobs dropping mostly left side. 2 feeling a little squishy and no pain. 3 bloating troubles still but less sore and more arm movement. Thoughts- so fucking glad I did this I feel like the 2.0 version of myself. I feel like my body is finally proportionate. I can't wait to start working out to help deflate this bloat and get back some booty gains I've lost and feel like a Barbie ;). Advice- I did go with a bigger implant and ya I could of gone smaller I'm sure I would of been happy with a 400cc so I'm trusting my doctor and hoping that these babes settle in right so if you're thinking of a breast augmentation trust your doctors opinion. Don't push for too big. I've seen some ladies post recently and they're body wasn't able to handle a larger implant and the implant dropped waaaaay too much so be careful when making you're decision on size!

Major changes in a few days

More dropping, shape evolving and less swelling. Measurements with compression bra have increased slightly with bust measuring at 37 (compression bra on) honestly don't think wearing it effects the number so much since my boobs are still pretty firm so when I take it off I don't know if they even expand. Bloating still in effect but better however it gets worse throughout the day. It's like my stomach is so sensitive to food and my muscles forgot how to work. I still get weird uncomfortable ab 'cramp feelings' no idea how to describe it. Overall I'm excited to see more progress. I bought a Bikini top in a extra large recently which was a wtf moment however it was at a young trendy store. I'm hoping when I get measured I'll be a 32d. As for how my boobs have felt I would say decent, I did have a lot of twinge pains last night, they've been itchy even though I've using a high end cream to combat skin stretching and the lower half is pretty numb still. Anyways that's all for today :)

2 weeks post op!

Feeling pretty good, still dealing with morning boob. Started boob massages today and ugh so uncomfortable and not much movement but I'm sure that will change soon. Two weeks and the pocket will be healed and I can start wearing a bra (insert hand raising emoji) :)

Before and After Pictures

It's weird because I already can't imagine myself with small boobs I just feel like my new boobs are perfect for my shape. I'm not as slim as I was before but the scale is about the same so maybe still bloated, I feel like it but I could of lost muscle and gained fat. Anyways massages going decent. Hope all you ladies are feeling great by now too! I'm still a little moody but it's so worth it to feel more confident.

They're REALly mine

Starting to feel natural

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So happy the girls are starting to feel more natural and apart of me and it's only been a couple weeks. Still dealing with morning boob whenever I lean back but the texture of my boobs have approved so much. I've been using Josie Maran products while massaging and it makes massages so much more comfortable and I think it makes the massages a lot better and effective. Plus I smell like yummy vanilla cupcakes after so huge bonus ;)

3 weeks post op

Things are progressing slower now. Feeling pretty decent just need to regain strength and still can't quite lift my arms all the way up or sleep on my side yet. Still dealing with morning boob. Boobs are gaining a bit of movement and becoming softer but the progression is slow. Still feeling moody but still no regrets. This has definitely been a challenging experience but so worth it :)

Feeling On Again

Bloating is finally fully gone, starting to wear a bralette now instead of surgery bra however I might buy a zip up sports bra too. Boobs still not feeling 'normal' still a bit of soreness while massaging and random pains but nothing severe. 1 month post op apt on Monday will update more then or on Tuesday on my actual one month post op date :)

1 month most Op Apt & Bra Size!

My apt went well my surgeon thinks I'm recovering well and gave me a silicone strip to wear over the scars for 3 months. Overall I feel pretty good but I still cannot sleep on my side however morning boob is getting way better. I got measured at VS today and I went from a 32 b to a 32 ddd. Seems so crazy but the bras fit rather snug some styles even feel too small so I'm glad I didn't go any bigger! I feel like they fit my body type perfectly and I'm glad I took my surgeons advice and went for what was best for my frame. Hope all you other ladies are getting the results you wanted. I will admit I have had boob envy but then I think man their backs must kill and that must be the only thing people ever look at lol I have a nice natural ass so I don't want my boobs to be the only thing I'm known for ;)

Boob life and the Hourglass shape struggle

Finally able to sleep flat and on my side. Pretty fantastic. Boobs still look and feel the same and move about the same. Loving the high cleavage but also intrigued in how they will look when they drop. One thing I will note is clothes shopping is kind of difficult. I'm 5'7 usually around 115-123lbs so I tend to wear a xs or xxs in tops or dresses so getting my boobs into some stuff can be difficult/uncomfortable and baggy tops just aren't flattering. Baggy dresses are super unflattering because of my booty. I'm so grateful to be able to of afford boobs and be blessed with a nice natural butt but when you love fashion it's rough. No regrets but a thing to keep in mind if you're into flowy oversized trends :)

6 weeks Post Op

Everything is still about the same, able to sleep on my side every night however it does feel a little weird the first few seconds. No major changes and still very happy with the outcome and progress, I was even contacted through a social media site to do nude modelling for a popular adult magazine! Lol So funny, definitely said no but do you know how much money people would pay to see this body? A LOT lol... As usual though I would post kind of nude boob pics to help you girls out and for me to look back on :)

7 weeks post op, one breast feels sore on and off?

Since the very start of this journey my right breast has been the difficult one, not dropping as fast and on and off it gets this weird sore feeling it's hard to describe. My guess is it's the muscle slowly stretching. It's not painful, I would say uncomfortable feeling. It's pretty frequent but not constant. Any other ladies going through the same thing or have?

Victoria's Secret Sale

Girls if you already haven't shopped the sale you need too! I bought more then half of these bras for half off (sharing the ones I bought before to show my full collection because they're all amazing and you need them lol). I think I'm all set until the winter line launches. It's my favourite because it's so extra just like me, I live for the sparkle and sexy looks that launch around then. For size reference I'm a 32 ddd at VS and I find it fits perfect so all the bras are that size however the bralettes aren't made for skinny girls with larger boobs so they don't fit the way I would like but still love them. (Black lace bra size large, red lace bra size m with this bra my nips are at the edge and it's pretty snug but it looks amazing on and light pink bralette size m this one is super stretchy so it's not as bad but the black bralette fits the best)

2 month post op (how they feel, too big?)

So first of all I have to say I have mixed feelings about getting a boob job. I love having boobs now but I am in the honey moon phase but there's been hiccups. Everyday I feel my right breast muscle stretching and it's not painful but it's pretty uncomfortable. I do have a slight double bubble on one breast from having my natural crease lowered. Fat injections can fix this but doesn't really bother me to do so. I do love how clothes look with my boobs but sometimes I feel like they do look too big and I look like boobs on a stick. In person they look pretty natural but in pictures they look super high and fake, I don't mind it because obviously they are lol With everything said I plan on keeping them for awhile my doctor says they will last a life time because they are more advance then older implants so I would like to keep these for 15-20 years and then have them removed and get a fat transfer instead. Right now I'm a ddd and I wouldn't mind going down to a size d one day. So hope this was helpful to girls feeling boob greed, I've been a size a, b, c, d and now a triple d through my life and honestly as long as your boobs are a nice shape I think that's all that matters. I didn't mind being a small b before but I hated the shape so much! On this site everyone talks about upgrading eventually and if you're thinking that I would reconsider and spend that money on a nice bag, vaca, maybe another procedure you've been wanting. Anyways that's all for today. I might do random updates here and there but the main ones will be monthly from now on :)

They finally really dropped!

It's been almost 3 months and the boobs have finally decided to start to settle. Ugh yes! I'll do a full update once I hit 3 months post op but I thought this was worth an early update and they are starting to slowly feel more natural. In the pic they look kind of uneven but I think that's just the lighting and how I'm sitting on my bed.

3 months post op

So quick update. Boobs have really dropped. Not sure how visible in pics but very noticeable in person and they just feel lower and more settled in the crease. One of my boobs is taking a little longer and the muscle still needs to relax as it tends to feel uncomfortable as it adjusts I presume. Also on that Breast I do have a slight double bubble due to my crease needing to be lowered and my natural breast tissue positioning. It's pretty noticeable in pics but you can't really tell in person. Overall I feel like my progression is slow but it's better then regression so fingers crossed everything keeps up.

4/5 month b.a update and lip injections?

Initials thoughts, Happy with how they look now I don't think they need to drop anymore. For some reason my nips look far apart in pictures but not in person but overall the boobs are looking ideal. Still numbish in some parts. The muscle in my right breast is still fucked so still need to figure out what's going on with that but procrastination is life. Overall opinions remain the same. I am really missing out more intense workouts but I just can't use weights with my right arm (effects the breast muscle) but using them with my left arm because gains girl. Next update will probably be in Nov at my preop apt. Oh I am getting my lips done. Got them done last march (review up) 1ml and I did love them but not the clumping (got the flu right after so that could of caused it and I didn't do massages). So this time I'm doing .5 ml. Has anyone done that? If so did you notice a difference? I want 80% of it in my top lip.
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So far good

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