32, Mom of Two, and Wanting to Look As Great on the Outside As I Feel on the Inside :) - Toronto, ON

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I've always thought that I would go the route of...

I've always thought that I would go the route of tummy tuck after kids, but after thinking about it for literally years, I changed my avenue of thought and zeroed in on liposuction. After seeing such amazing results on here for Brazilian buttlifts I have finally decided on transferring that fat to my butt and hips instead of wasting it!!! :). I've seen before and after photos and am perfectly happy with having a slightly wrinkly tummy (after all, what thin woman doesn't have loose tummy skin after two kids). If for some reason it bothers me I will consider a tummy tuck possibly in the future, but for now I would like to avoid it. I understand that BBL recovery is difficult too, but my kids are at an age (3 and 6) where they still want me to hug and pick them up - I don't want to miss out on any of that :). This is also my first surgery ever, so I feel more comfortable with doing something that is slightly less invasive.
I have my consultation coming up this month with Dr Jugenburg (aka Dr. 6ix) in Toronto and I'm so excited! His work looks beautiful, his staff has been great so far with answering my questions, and I have friends that have seen him for other procedures, so I have seen his work firsthand and am very confident :)
Wish me luck!

Had my BBL consult ????

I met with Dr Jugenburg yesterday and it went great! He's going to do the BBL and chin lipo at the same time :) He was very professional and knowledgeable, and although some others said that he seemed cold I did not find that to be the case at all! He was actually very friendly and had a good sense of humour :)
He recommended that I eventually get a tummy tuck, because I will be left with loose skin, and I am definitely open to that. I would like to start with the BBL, and then give myself a year or so to see how my body changes and settles in, and how much the skin contracts in that time. Maybe I can get away with a mini tuck??? (Lol, probably wishful thinking!)
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