25 Years Old, No Kids, Dreaming of a Big Booty!

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I don't have much to say since I haven't had the...

I don't have much to say since I haven't had the procedure yet but I'm looking forward to having my figure enhanced. I've been working over time for the past 4 months saving up for the BBL. I've been reading others stories for a couple months and it's really helped me prepare what to expect and I thought it is time to contribute my experience. I currently weigh 145 and I am 5'3. My current measurements are 37-30-40 and I hope to achieve a tiny waist and the biggest booty that would suit my frame!

I had my consult in the Royal York hotel and don't have too much to say yet. Everyone has been really nice and Dr. Js practice is absolutely beautiful. Kim was great, and all the girls I've interacted with over the phone the past week have been really nice as well.

I will be getting my procedure done in 4 days and I'm looking forward to my night which is provided in the Royal York hotel. I've bought compression socks, Gatorade, vitamin water and snacks. I'm waiting for my boppy pillow to arrive in the mail it should be here before my procedure.

I'm really wanting at least 1300ccs each side. I'm very concerned that if I don't get a high number I will be disappointed when my booty goes down! I've read reviews from dolls being upset that they love their results post-op but over the next few months or year they say they don't look like they've had any work done.

I'm paying $10,000 for this surgery before tax and I want to make sure this I will be happy with this procedure in the long run and I won't have to go for a round 2.

I'm meeting with Dr. J for the first time tomorrow and I am going to try to be very specific about what I wish to look like and how realistic my goals are. vets please let me know if anyone has any reviews about Dr. Js BBLs or if anyone has tips about things to buy before having the BBL.
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