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Hi everyone! I am having a Brazilian butt lift in...

Hi everyone! I am having a Brazilian butt lift in two weeks and looking to share my journey with you all. I'm super nervous, mostly for the pain since I'm really bad with tolerating pain. I've heard a lot of positive feedback about my doctor so I'm sure it will be fine. I'm also worried about my incisions leaving a scar. Please let me know if any of you know how to treat the incisions after surgery to prevent from scarring.

Doctor cancelled surgery the day before

The doctor cancelled surgery the day before! They said that he won't make it back to Canada for another week. I won't be able to schedule for another year due to my school schedule. Hopefully he's okay however I am frustrated because I spent a lot of time and money preparing for this. Overall I give the clinic LA FONTAINE SOURCE DU JEUNESSE a 1 star out of 5. They are not professional whatsoever. They moved the date on me twice. They also never let me meet the surgeon beforehand, instead they made an appointment for me with another surgeon which is pointless because you want to see your surgeon and not another random doctor! They lost my first receipt for consultation and kept pushing me to pay another amount, they ended up finding the receipt however it is frustrating and unfortunate that they give such low patient service.

More details about the clinic

Also I am not sure how to edit the price of the procedure. It was actually $9680 which is pretty cheap. Not sure about the doctors job but I would assume the post op follow up with the doctor would be a bitch since no one is responsible for anything at this clinic. They actually only let you see him 3 weeks after the surgery which I think should not be.
You get what you pay for I guess! I am not surprised at all since from day 1 this clinic had red flags all over
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