500 Ccs Liposuction Too Little to Notice Difference? - Toronto, ON

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I'm a 4'11", 107 pound 21 year old female, and...

I'm a 4'11", 107 pound 21 year old female, and want to lose around 3-4 inches from my waist, abdomen and flank area through liposuction. Although I had trained very hard to do this for 2 months at the gym and looked flat from the front, I still had a small lower abdominal bulge of around 2 inches when viewed from the side that I couldn't get rid of. Additionally, I lost weight from parts of my body I don't want to lose it in (my breasts).
I've had a consultation with a popular surgeon who has very good reviews on this site, but measuring the lower part of my waist (including the flanks), he said I cannot expect to see more than a 2 to a maximum of a 3 inch decrease INCLUDING the flanks, and that he expects to only take out around 500 ccs of fat.
I am worried that I won't see a noticeable difference after spending so much money, and I will still see the bulge after the procedure. Please let me know your thoughts, and I can email pictures if you are interested.
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