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Top-notch surgeon, Orange County CA

Breast Implant Revision

hollymmm, Orange County CA

Doctor Review

11 Oct 2016

1 day ago

Top-notch surgeon - Orange County CA

I was referred to Dr. Doezie by my gynecologist after my recent mammogram showed that one of my breast implants (28 years old) had begun leaking and I needed to replace the implants. My entire experience with Dr. Doezie and his staff was outstanding. I had always been happy with my original breast augmentation surgery that I had many years ago after breast feeding, as the implants I got then were small (by today's standards) and looked quite natural. Dr. Doezie spent time answering all of my questions and really listening to what I wanted and explaining what he could do and the result I could expect. He did a beautiful job on my surgery; he gave me exactly what I wanted and I look better and more natural than I did before. The whole experience was seamless.