Restylane: Too Much $$$ for a Non-lasting Result

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Restylane only lasted me 2 months.  I have...

Restylane only lasted me 2 months.  I have had the injections done by 2 different doctors (one injected very deeply and one almost at the skin surface).  It made no difference because after about  2 months, the deep lines around my mouth started to show and by 3 months they were as if I had done nothing.  

I have had Restylane injected under my eyes by both of the doctors.  Make sure that if you are having it done because of the hollow areas next to the cheek area,  that the doctor injects very deeply,  because if not, you will be left with a white rim, which also took 2 months to disappear.  The only problem about having the injections done deeply is that bruising will occur, especially around the eyes,  This took them up to  one week to disappear, but at least I saw an improvement to the eyes. 

The doctor who injected close to the skin's surface,  made my eyes look worse. But again, as I started this posting,  the effects only lasted me 2-3 months at the most. 

I will not do Restylane again. It's expensive and it does not last anywhere near the 6 months, as promised by the ads.

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