Too Short Tip After Rhinoplasty

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I had little bump on my nose because I wore...

I had little bump on my nose because I wore glasses. My nose was symmetrical in profile. I wanted to remove only the bump (which was practically invisible in profile) but my surgeon said that he will have to also define my tip. I agreed and now I think my tip is overshortened and my nose look operated.

I had primary Rhinoplasty 1 year ago and I regret it. Before the Rhinoplasty, I had stronger and symmetrical nose and I was very satisfied with my face. After operation, my nose is more feminine in profile, but tip is little bit upturned and I don't like it. The result is not bad and drastic. I think my old nose was better balanced and I would like to consider revision and rotate my tip down. Also, I am very sceptical about adding cartilage because I have heard cartilage can warp with time. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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I wouldn't recommend my doctor, because he didn't use computer simulation and he didn't communicate enough before the surgery. I find that communication is essential. He didn't ask me about my expectations and that's way I am not satisfied with the result. My tip is upturned and I don't think my nose fit my face.

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