Gastric Bypass Surgery -- the Best Decision in my Life Thus Far!!

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I chose to have gastric bypass surgery for many...

I chose to have gastric bypass surgery for many reasons. I found out that I had Type II Diabetes, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, and I was having issues with my thyroid. To me, the pros outweighed the cons by a great deal. I chose to have the surgery to help me become the healthy, young woman I deserved to be and was unable to accomplish through simply dieting.

On my day of surgery, I was quite nervous. I felt at peace about my decision to have gastric bypass, but the time I had to wait before surgery made me feel uneasy. The patient before me had complications that were beyond my Dr's control, which caused my surgery time to be pushed back. As soon as I saw my Dr, I once again felt at peace, and I instantly knew this was all meant to be. That should say something about his demeanor. He makes you feel completely comfortable.

The aftercare program that my Dr. follows is very structured. The program requires blood work to be drawn and appointments after one week, four weeks, eight weeks, then three, six, nine, and twelve months. These appointments are crucial and critical to the health and weight loss process of the individual. Also, the support meetings are helpful to the emotional well being of anyone who has had gastric bypass or is dealing with someone who has had the surgery.

Dr. Patrick White

My first impression of my Dr. was that he was a serious yet caring doctor. Every meeting I had with Dr. W before, during, and after surgery just cemented my initial impression of him. Dr. W's staff is very friendly and willing to help. Cathie, Dr. W's assistant, is extremely helpful. She made me feel like she was a "friend" who I could call about any issues or complications I was having. She basically is there to hold your hand through every step of the process. With any surgery, there are risks. Dr. W addressed the possible risks with a completely caring demeanor. I felt like he was honest with me, and he even gave a chuckle about a good "side effect" of surgery -- the fact that I would be "very fertile" according to him. Overall, I would recommend my Dr. 100% to any individual in the Toledo area looking to have gastric bypass. I cannot express into words how amazing this entire process has been, and I could have never had such a pleasant experience with any other doctor than my Dr.!

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