Lifestyle Lift Too Good to Be True

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During the procedure the DR stopped  working...

During the procedure the DR stopped  working for some reason not known to me. He walked away and came back, the assistant having said "That was unexpected".


Now nine months after there is something small and sharp stuck beneath my skin. It is painfull to touch . I have not been able to squeeze it out and am too afraid to seek medical advise. I think a needle or some instrument broke during th operation and remains. I am no longer living in the US and couldnt get back to Chicago to have the stitches removed although swelling most likely hid this small lump. I now have to wear longer earings to hide it.


The do say it takes up to a year to heal completely and I believe it . The area around my ears is still very tender, particularly behind the ear.


The results are noticable on my face , but my neck , which was my biggest concern is returning to what it was before. I see little effect there.


Had I found this site and read more I may not have been so hasty and gulible.


They also didnt tell me I would have to go home in a bandage, this was difficult for me as I had to fly back to LA looking like the "walking wounded"

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