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I had a tummy tuck at the LIMARP facility in...

I had a tummy tuck at the LIMARP facility in Tijuana Mexico 9/2 by Dr. Marco Rodas Nava. He did an amazing job and removed 10 lbs of skin from my stomach. I had to have an anchor cut and had an extended tummy tuck. This tummy tuck is the first of several skin removal surgeries I will have to have post gastric sleeve two years ago with a total weight loss of 175 lbs. I am very happy with results thus far. The first few days are a challenge, but I was up within a few hours of the surgery walking around. I found sleeping difficult, but 10 days out and I feel like I am truly getting back to my old self.

3 weeks out

I'm just starting to feel back to myself. Week 2 I ended up with an incision infection. Luckily we caught it in time, so antibx galore for 10 days. Looks much better, but set me back a bit physically and mentally. I am cautiously optimistic. With an infection rate if 40% with this type of surgery, my chances were high. All my incisions are closed and healing nicely accept the area of infection. I am still very swollen.

4 weeks out

I did have muscle plication done during my procedure and they started coming back to life this weekend. So I was getting some very bizarre zapping feelings. My scars are healing very nicely - I will do some photo updates soon. The area of incision infection, still does not look good to me. I have some scabbing and it is red and continues to "ooze". It is just very unnerving. I think I would feel much better if it was all nice and closed up like the other incisions. I am sleeping better and can sleep on my sides again. I have been easing into doing some chores and doing well - vacuuming, mopping, dusting. I have been doing lots of walking and doing well with that - can do a couple miles no problem. I still worry about incisions opening up, so I am being so cautious still. I miss the pool! But soon enough. I have been working from home and go back to the office a week from today. I still have trouble sitting up straight for more than an hour or so.

5 weeks out and Seroma

Well, I am at 5 weeks out, and while all the scars are healing nicely, very think silvery lines already (and I just started to use bio oil on them)... BUT... i went from infection that is leaving a 3x3 inch area very slow to heal, and now I believe I have a seroma. I am leaking a clear blood tinged fluid, and the area around the top of my mons pubis where the incision is is very hard and sore. I am very swollen. I see my primary care doc tomorrow and will be requesting a referal to plastics as well. I just want this to be done! I was supposed to go back to the office today, but I have postponed til Wednesday to see what the doctor says. After care is definitely a down side to surgery abroad! Unfortunately, I can't afford it here in the states, and I just don't want to lug around 40 lbs of skin from a 175lb weight loss. I'd rather be fat! So not having a happy day, actually I am pretty damn mad! though I would rather be mad than depressed and defeated. At least when I am mad, I feel like nothing will be me and I will beat it!! I also underestimated my surgical procedure, which is not a typical tummy tuck. I had an extended around my back hip and the anchor cut up to my sternum and the muscle plication. The infection really knocked me down and is still very slow to heal, and now this! which I believe is a seroma, but will know more after my appointment tomorrow!

6 weeks out

The seroma is subsiding on its own. I have very little fluid remaining. I tend to feel more swollen late afternoons and evenings and then feel pretty good in the mornings. My doctor said a diuretic may help with the fluid. I will take one as last resort, but for now it is manageable. My wound is healing again, after debridement. I have an open hole that I have to pack daily. This is not a pleasant experience at all, but I am very relieved that I do not have to undergo any surgical correction at this time. Maybe down the road I may need a scar revision, but can take care of that when I am on the table for other skin removal procedures I will need. The PS I saw today told me that this was common in they anchor cut. 30-40-% of anchor cuts get infected at the juncture of the horizontal and vertical cut. The surgeon is happy how it looks...me not so much. I almost passed out just watching the packing process so I could do it. I will really have to bite the bullet and just do it. Hopefully after a few times of doing it, I will lighten up. But right now, I am very anxious. Docs said, I have no physical limitations and can do what I want. I on the other hand, still feel very fragile and am careful. If I move around too much, I get tired, sore and swollen. So my body is telling me something a little different. However, I feel much improved week to week. I can sleep on my sides again. I can't wait to lie on my stomach again - I want to go to the spa and get a massage!!! I need to post some new photos.
LIMARP, Dr. Marco Rodas Nava

the Limarp facility is beautiful. It is located on the grounds of a golf resort, so the room views are lovely. All private rooms. It feels and looks like a spa. The medical staff was amazing! they had nurses and doctors around the clock tending to my needs and monitoring my progress. They all speak excellent English. Dr. Rodas is just an artist. His stitching technique is sure to leave as small a scar as possible. I was awake throughout the entire procedure, as he gave me a spinal and of course some twilight drugs to keep me very relaxed. It was a great experience, and Dr. Marco Rodas Nava comes from a long line of plastic surgeons. His dad is also a very successful PS in Mexico. I thank God for brilliant talented docs such as this, where I can actually afford to have the body work I now need after my weight loss. I highly recommend this physician! as a matter of fact, I am going back in March for my arms and breasts

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