5 1/2 months po ett and bbl

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Ok so i have been on RS for over a year now. thank...

Ok so i have been on RS for over a year now. thank you to all the ladies that continue to update it is always nice to see the progress wether it's good or bad. I am not new to plastic surgery i had BBL and lipo( abdomen, flanks, upper and lower back and outter thighs) in May 2014. I do have a review on that but i put some personal info on that review and for that reason im keeping it completely seperate from this review. At the time of my my bbl last year my ps told me that i needed a tt but i was completely against having a tt scar just because i was so insecure of my barely there c-section scar. That ps also told me that if he was too agressive with lipo i would have loose skin. At that time I decided to just have lipo and bbl. I love my butt even Dr. Campos commented on it and said my previous ps did a great job on my butt but not so much in removing all my fat. Since the beginning of my bbl and lipo last year i knew that i was not happy with the lipo but i loved my butt it has a natural shape bubble but. Fyi i have only been asked at the clubs by 4 people if my butt is fake lol i always say its mine :) and yes people will stare non stop women and men alike.
Anyways fast forward to now a year later i am getting my ett and hey why not add more booty even though i think it might be too big afterwards but i dont mind im already use to people talking about me. More than anything im beyond excited for my tt im not worried about the scar any more. I will be staying at Casa De Lilas for 5 days i already paid my deposit with them so far Martin and Antonio have been very prompt and nice. I am a little bummed that my quote is by far the highest i have seen for ett and bbl By Dr. Campos :( and my price of $7785 is after i asked for a discount. For the recovery house my quote is $650. I didnt qualify for a tax refund this year but my bf is paying for the sx so i didnt have to postpone it :) that was really nice of him. Oh and i forgot to mention that he thinks im only getting a tt he told me if i got a bigger butt that he would break up with me because we already have issues with people looking at my butt as it is. My family only thinks im getting a tt as well. i will post pics on my next up date. Till next time take care

Supplies and lab work are done

OMG 3 days and 20 hours till my sx. i am nervous, scared but more than anything im excited. I am so scared about only getting local anesthesia. i have had several surgeries in the past both medical and cosmetic and all those have been under general anesthesia except when i had my c-section and let me tell u i felt pulling, tugging and pressure( almost as if my stomach was a washing machine) it was not pain but the discomfort was totally there. i went to Dr. Campos office this past weekend and i asked Angie if i can request getting general anesthesia and she said it would be up to Dr.Campos and the anesthesiologist discretion and that it would be $200 extra. but i also read that patients recover faster from local anesthesia. i am already paying $7,795 for the surgery, $650 for the recovery house plus my supplies and my massages are not included in my price. Each massage will be $40 i will be getting 3 or 4. Im not sure if i want to spend any extra but it will all depend on how scared im feeling that morning lol any ways im listing my supplies if it helps any one i will definetly post pre op pics but i always forget and i dont have any pics saved here on my desk top.
-Supplies im taking with me to TJ
-4 long xlarge sleep shirts(1 is button down for after surgery)
-5 pairs of socks (1 supper soft and warm, 2 regular, 2 warm socks) it might be chilli
-4 loose outfits tops and pants (for when i go to the recovery house and when i go out for massages, i will be wearing one of these outfits when i go to tj just so i dont overpack)
-5 big cotton underwear
-memory foam roller for sitting /neck pillow
- arnica oil
-all travel size(shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, q-tips, body spray, lotion, body wash, small loofa, electric tooth brush, tooth paste, chap stick, sleeping pills, pain pills, nausea pills, mirilax for constipation)
- sun glasses( to hide my face since ill be looking like crap)
- hair brush & hair ties
- towel
- phone charger and laptop
- 1 case of protein water( my body will thank me by healing faster)

thats all i already have packed i am taking nothing more or nothing less, all i have to do is clean the house and do laundry and pay all my bills for the month of may, make sure i have enough toiletries for the house so i dont have to worry about leaving the house when i come back. I am a CONTROL FREAK so i know it will be tough physically and emotionally for the first couple of weeks after surgery, especially for my bf lol. ill post pics later today. take care ladies

Pre op pics

I forgot to mention im also packing cottonell wipes i am 5'5 and 184 pounds on all these pics except the red dress i had lost 10-15 pounds after first bbl comparison and i was probably 180 in the black dress. As u can see the booty flactuates

Before first bbl pic more weight loss pics

This one didn't upload. I hope my pics help the lady that r concerned about loosing weight after sx take care ladies have a wonderful day and remember God loves you no matter what size women are the most beautiful creatures. i just want to throw positive vibes to u all and remind u ladies always find good in something bad because there is:). :). :)

I arrived at casa de lilas

I arrived at casa de lilas at 1am no joke lol my surgery us in a couple of hours and i have insomnia its is 1:52 right now. Martin and antonio are very nice and welcoming i am in a shared room but by Sunday all 3 beds will be filled, he suggested to get the comfy bed and i did. Ill see if i am able to post a vid of the room. So its 3 electrical beds one small couch a shared bathroom with essential toiletries included safe box for each person a tv, dresser, a walker and shower chair are also available for use. I ended up buying a memory foam neck pillow and a cooling stomach/ back pillow. Just my luck i forgot to bring my id, passport, and my debit card. So much for everything else I didn't forget lol but ooh well im not going to stress over that im trying to stay positive when its time for me to leave ill worry about my passport/ID. Take care ladies ill try to update no later than sat .

Imade it tk the flat side !!!

This is a wuick update thank u for the well wishes surgery went great i will post revjew later today or tomorrow allong with pics. This is just to say our dear Lord was watching over me, he even listend to muy anesthesia praye????

Surgery went

Ill post a detailed later dodsy or tomorrow woth pic. Right now all is that the Lord answered all my questins/ concerns

I day po pics

Still not a detailed revie

First massage today and pics

Hi ladies all is better here in recovery land lol. Let me just say when i said recovery was not that bad i was obviously high on the anesthesia as u can tell by my post I could barely spell one word right lol any ways here is my list of complaints
- back feels as if it is being lit on fire everytime i use my back muscles
-im going to be po 4 days tomorrow and I still haven't popped
-still haven't slept a full night
-abdomen is stiff/tight
-im about standing at a 70- 80 degree angel which causes terrible back pain
- i get very full fast do to wearing the faja
- there is no way in avoiding sitting on my butt do to bbl and tt good thing its my round 2 if not I would be trippin lol
-im tired of sleeping in sitting position( of course with a cushin under my butt but it's still putting pressure on the booty)
Other than that im doing good :) i couldn't of handle this at home. As u can tell by my pics i had a lot of fluid build up on my back and i was told thats why my back felt on fire. I drained a whole lot during my massage now i feel a lot better and my waist and back look more defined ;) i also forgot to mention that i do get supper exhausted after my showers and changing fajas i even needed oxygen twice. Thats all for now have a good night:)

The ugly drain and swelling

Hi ladies:) i am starting to feel better. Im have my 1 week follow up tomorrow with dr. Campos and i am also going home tomorrow. I am definitely going to miss the food and care here at casa de lilas. I will write a review on the house when i get back home. Ok i will get straight to the point but feel free to ask any questions lol
- i pooped on my 4th and 5th day but i think it was because i was throwing away the iron pills that were prescribed to me. Once i started talking them again I stopped popping. Now i feel constipated
- the drain is not as uncomfortable as I thought. I did cry once due to a stinging sharp pain in my abdomen cause by the drain. Since i am still draining most likely i will be taking the drain home :( Dr. Campos will decide tomorrow.
- my pcp gave me a prescription for oxycodone and that has been helping me alot. My last pain pill was last night 5 days po
- i suffer from migraines and since this sx i have been taking my migraine pills every six hours, I usually only take them 3-6 times a month
- i get super nauseous when riding in the car Dr. Campos office is 15 away. I have to carry a puck bag and lemon every time i go fir my massages
- massages r once a day and i love them, i have not felt any pain from them and they have helped me a lot due to my collection of fluid on my back
- i was able to take a shower on my own today
- im in love with my scar and that was one of my biggest concerns in getting the tt
- i was also worried about my vagina getting pulled to high lol but Dr. Campos is the man, i have no complaints about the location of my vagina :)
-there is no way of avoiding sitting on ur but when getting tt and bbl and yes it's uncomfortable but the tt incision and breathing has priority over ur butt
-of course i am still swollen i will show u guys the bad pics too lol I would love just to update weeks later and show u my wonderful results but the reason we read ppls post is to hopefully get doughts or questions answered at least thats why i read so many revuews and thank u ladies for sharing ur experiences
- i didnt ask for hips thats why I don't look too hour glass but that was a personal choice of mine but we all know Campos does a great job a giving hips
-make sure u get goods sleep in the days leading to ur surgery because u wont sleep through the night for several days
- for my last bbl i looked flat right after surgery I didn't get that big swollen booty i started noticing my booty around 4-6 weeks after my first bbl. I thinks its the same thing for this surgery but only time will tell . Dr. Campos said he inhected 950 cc per cheeck and i already had 450cc previously so my butt should be a whole lot bigger right? Its not a big deal but i was just wondering lol i can almost bet money that my butt is going to be a lot bigger in a couple weeks than what it is now lol
Thats all for now take care

sleeping and sitting tips for bbl & tt

Sorry ladies i took so long. Theres so much to update im going to squeeze every thing lol So i have had a round 2 bbl and here r my tips
- yoga rollers are hard!!! They will hurt ur thighs.
-boppy pillows that are designed for nursery purposes are exactly that not for bbl because the boppy pillows are soft and squishy.
-for bbl u need a boppy pillow design but with the firmness to hold the weight of an adult not a baby
-the bbl pillow that is sold on line is for sitting and sitting only ( at least anything else u do with it won't be so comfortable)
- with that said if u want to be comfortable and sit during recovery buy the pillow ( remember only sit)
- as for sleeping on ur back guess what It is possible!!!!
-all u need is a firm boppy pillow( unlike the bbl pillow, a firm boppy pillow can be used for sitting and sleeping on ur back)
-dr. Campos sells this firm boppy pillow that i am talking about in his office for $40 and maybe other tj plastic surgeons sell them in their office too because a lady makes them for Dr. Campos office and i sure she sells them to other surgeons too.
- I didn't want to spend the money on this pillow at first but i used my room mates and i regret not buying it in the first place.
- now that im home i have been sleeping on my bed and on my back and i have slept the whole night since po day 6
- i do wake up stiff very stiff and my lower back hurts till this day and my upper bach do to my hunching over. My phone is going to die but here r some pics and i will continue this review along with pics of the "firm boppy pillow" and sleeping positions

Continued update

Ok so here are the pics and videos I promised:)
- i still have my drain in :( but its not that bad. I can easily hid it under my clothes thanks to the weather lol
- hopefully the drain gets removed on Friday when i go see dr. Campos
-im still slightly hunched
- I forgot to mention that I couldn't wipe my butt from behind until po day 8.
- I took my first unsupervised shower at po day 10 and I couldn't wash my feet :(
- at po day 10 i was also able to clean the house and do laundry
- till now i dont reach for anything on the floor i can squat down but i rather not
-my abdomen became very itchy as of today
- my lower back is a little numb and it does feel like leather
- it is normal for ur period to be irregular right after surgery but i have been spotting for the past 3 days, im not worried about it i just hope i dont get cramps while still having the drain. I got my period 2 weeks before my surgery
- i get stinging pains here and there on my abdomen( i was told this is due to the drain)
-today i was laughing alot and it didn't hurt it was just very uncomfortable


This is from today 11 days po

Explicit - Click to view

They dont want to upload. I try shortening the sleeping video

Sleeping video

Hope this uploads and boy do they have a certain amount of characters to put under video details. I also forgot to mention that I purchased arnica oil from target the Welda brand it has helped a lot fir my back pain and also i ended up buying a second faja so that i can wear one while the other one is being washed and even though the fajas have a pee hole I personally still managed ti het pee on the faja so as soon as i was able too i just take my faja off to pee or a pee cup works really good too. I recommend a pee cup. If there is any thing u ladies feel i missed to mention pls let me know :) have a good night

12 day po pics

Hi ladies here are some pics of this morning. Im still hunched, i cant wait to stand straight, im still swollen but that's normal so im not worried about it. And I noticed that the more i have been standing my feet get swollen. My feet are super swollen right now and its only 9:30 am :( im just elevateing my legs. I could of only posted the front and back pics but i did say i will post the ugly ones too lol I believe the swelling should subside in 4 weeks. Thats all for now have a wonderful day :)

25 days post op

hi ladies sorry if im all over the place on this review
-i got my drains removed a week and three days ago. i took two oxycodones 15 before i had my apt of course i didnt feel a thing lol i just felt high as a kite the rest of the day. After the drains where removed i felt so much better and good thing because the tube was starting to hurt me.
- i forgot to mention that on my one week post op Dr. Campos told me that i had fat on my upper abdomen and because that part does not get lipo i will have a little bit of fat on my abdomen but working out should take care of it.
- my butt did grow my girls friends say it looks huge and now i look like i had work done for sure. my bf says i look like a bell from behind, my friends mom and sister said i look like a barbie lol, and in my own opinion yes my but looks fake but i looks good, i told dr.Campos to putt all the fat in because i didnt think i had that much to put in because i had previous lipo. boy was i wrong so if you are looking for conservative make sure to let ur ps know
- like i said before there is no way of avoiding sitting on ur butt when you have tt and bbl i have been sitting on my butt since my first day post op. for my first bbl i didnt sit at all for 2 weeks and then i did "modified sitting" for 2 weeks so i did sit on my butt for a whole 4 weeks and my butt was nice and bubbly. i didnt mind sitting so early this time around because i already had a butt and my priority is my tt i dont use the donut any more i just use pillows and sleep on my sides.
- i finally felt better at my post op day 21 and since then i can bend down and i wake up and get out of bed faster i still cant reach for things because i feel burning/stinging on my flanks and lower back
- i am still not standing up straight :( but i started standing up against the wall and it has helped alot
- started having sexual activity at 14 days po. at 14 days post op my abdomen felt very weird when i was almost having a climax so i had to stop (it was a hand job) then at 15 days i was able to but i didnt have intercourse until 18 days post op and i was able to climax with no problems let me just say your man has to known what hes doing because he will have to do all the work. it was missionary and i had a pillow under my back and head. we tried doing it with him behind me but we couldnt because my butt felt too heavy till this day my butt is still hard asnd tender so i will not try that again untill my butt softens up. i do not wear a faja when i have sexual activity i only wore a binder the first couple of time when my bf used only his hands
- i stopped wearing my faja at 3 weeks because my butt is too big for a sixe small faja so i have been wearing a binder and i just bought a tummy compression tank and tummy compression short slip from Jockey brand and it feels tight in all the right places (my whole mid section) with out squishing my butt like the fajas did
- i started driving at 2 weeks and i was only stiff when getting in and out of the car and of course i still cant make any sudden movements do tue the burning on my flanks and lower back from the lipo i
- i get pinches of pain here and there from the lipo areas but its not too bad
- the scar above my tt scar is from my old belly button piercing that was done bad, dr.Campos said he didnt have enough skin to pull down but i tried my bikini and it covers it just fine
- my scar is healing nicely and its very low i have tried all kinds of under wear and u cant not see my car at all even with 4 different bikinis that i tried on
_ i am still swollen
_ i stopped spotting 4 days ago and of course now my period is lat so remember that it is normal to have period irregularities right after surgery but than you should go back to your usual
- i plan on hiking at my 6 weeks mark for know i only drink water and i watch what i eat, im not a salad person so i just split asll my meals in half and i eat slowly so i get full with less food.
- i was able to shave my legs at 3 eeks po
if there is anything i forgot to mention please let me know i forgot to make an update of the day of surgery and because its in Tj i will definetly do it just not know my fingers got tired lol have a nice day and enjoy the weather

3 weeks post op pics

I forgot to upload the pics i look skinnier all aound except my butt and boobs lol i just weighed myself im 180 pounds with closthes and shoes im 5'5 and one day before surgery i weighed 187 using the same scale.

4 weeks post op

Thank God everyday is way better. I still have same issues as before but not as often and now i can reach for things more and i dont wake up as stiff. Im walking 90% straiIm still swollen and skin on lower back is still feeling funny, i have read on many other reviews that the abdomen is numb a while after tt but thats not the case with me :) I sleep on my sides and i have only continued to use my tummy control shorts underwear and tank. I still get pain but not so much i still only wear dresses and leggings ill start wearing my jeans at my 5 weeks and i got cellulite on the sides of my thighs so now im eager to work out in 2 more weeks :) thats all for now :) take care and best of luck to all the ladies that are going to have surgery.

7 weeks po pics

Hi ladies its been a while after my 5 weeks po i have been feeling a lot better
- I stopped sleeping with a pillow on my waist
- i got in the pool but I couldn't swim because i still couldn't use my abdominal muscles
- i could shave my legs a little better thanks to my bath benches
- I stopped wearing my cg since my last review or maybe even before that lol
- i had pinches of pain in my lipoed areas
- my swelling is not bad at all even though i still have some
- still had back pain

At my 6 weeks
- i started itching badley so i have my bf massage me with arnica oil
- my back stopped hurting
- i can bend over and reach for things
- still can't swim
- i started using silicone scar cream i got from a compounding pharmacy
- i still struggle to put my socks on :(
- i still haven't started working out
- I maintain my body by my food intake
- my but is still very firm and it's not sensitive any more
- i still have some swelling but very little
- i thinks all the swelling goes away within 3-12 months
On a side note remember I didn't tell my bf that i was getting a round 2 bbl and I noticed he stares at my butt a lot as if he wanted to ask me if i got it done again but he didn't ask untill 2 weeks ago lol i told him that dr. Campos only filled in the holes that i started to get from my previous bbl lol he didn't buy it but thats what im sticking with. I'll upload a video later tonight or tomorrow

8 weeks po pics

Yay i made it to 2 months po and im feeling 75% back to normal. Since my last review these r the things that I still have a little trouble with
- reaching & bending is a lot better but still uncomfortable
- strapping on sandles and heels
- putting on socks and shoes
- i still struggle to put my underwear on due to bending over to put in each foot
- I haven't tried swimming again
- still get random pinches of pain and itching spells
- sometimes i have to use a pillow when having sexual activities
- i still have swelling
- I haven't done any abdominal exercises
- i only do squats for now and hiking
I can honestly say i am so happy I choose to do my tt. I know alot of females r concerned about the scar but in reality the only people that will see ur scar is the people that u r intimate with and when it comes to bathing suits there r so many styles to choose from( its not even something to worry about) i do feel bad that I personally think im taking a little longer to heal but when i see my results all i can do is be thankful that i had no complications and i have decent results.

I forgot the booty pics

In regards to my butt it feels normal again except it hurt when I tried to run. I have a pear shaped body my measurments r
Waist 32 1/2
Butt is 45
I am 5'5 and weigh 178 ( my bones r heavy lol )
Hopefully once i start doing abdominal i hope my waist goes down to 30 inches. 30 inches is realistic for my body frame so hopefully for my 3 month up date i am clser to my 30 inch waist goal.

3 month po

Hi ladies i am 3 months po and i can't believe im still not 100% back to normal. I already figured my recovery isn't as speedy as I thought it would of been but its ok it has definitely been worth it and I would do it again in a heart beat. at 2 months i tried working out at home and I couldn't do anything involving my andomen so i was just doing exercises for butt and thighs. At 12 weeks po i was able to do crunches and more abdominal exercises and just when i was really getting into working out i fell and hurt my knee :( then i had a miscarriage( and no i was not planning or nor do i plan on having another baby) ladies it is possible to get pregnant even with an iud I learned that first hand. And now that im recovering from that now im having my nerve pain :( im not sure when i can start working out again. And i dont want more lipo even though Dr. Campos said i will still have some abdominal fat because i had upper abdominal fat and when the skin was pulled down for my tt it can not be lipoed during tt. Dr. Campos said i would have to burn the fat out myself or get lipo after i have healed. Well maybe ill change my mind later lol
My current problems are
- itching spells
-still swollen on my lower abdomen
- little random pinches of pain close to my tt scar and flanks which I thought went away weeks ago
- sometimes when I sneeze or cough my abdominal muscle still hurt a little
Other than that 1 week ago i started bending and reaching more :) scar is healing nice once I feel better i will post pics of my scar and as well as my overall results and the booty is still there my friends and family say its too big but i got use to seeing it and I don't thinks is that big lol but no complaints:) so the little exercise that i did along with my diet my waist is now 32 inches i weight 178 my butt is 45 inches. I hope I feel better soon and ill update at 4 months again take care

13 week post op pics

Ok so here r some pics i get shy to take sexy pics lol but ill try for my 4 month review. I never thought in a million years that during my recovery i would worry about pregnancy so the misscarge i thought i had Could of been else :( according to my blood test im still pregnant!!! My levels show 5-7 weeks but i had an ultrasound and its not in my uterus so im going to the hospital today because the doc says it might be in my tubes and i still have my iud inside :( i know tmi but i havent told my bf or family about this and its pointless to tell my friends. Im worried because if the baby is in my tubes most likely they will operate onme by cutting my pelvis or abdomen and im still not healed from the tt i still have swelling. Ok have a good weekend

3 1/2 ett and bbl booty pics

Thank you for ur well wishes!! It is very much appreciated and thank God all is well now :) my pregnancy is terminated. Here r some quick booty pics before i forget lol and i will give a more detailed review for my 4 months post op. Im not sure why some pics got automatically rotated when i up load them. I hope my butt doesn't fluff i do not want it bigger this is the perfect size for my body type

4 month po ett and bbl

Hi ladies not much has changed i feel 95 percent bavk to normal my wait is 31 inches yay it's been steady for 3 weeks and my butt is 46 inches i lost weight but non on my butt i am now 173 pounds. Here r some quick pics
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I have met with Dr. Campos many times for my tattoo removal sessions and he is always very nice and knowledgeable.

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