Getting Sleeved December 13 - Tijuana, MX

Hello RS! I've booked my flight and made a deposit...

Hello RS! I've booked my flight and made a deposit to get sleeved on December 13. Anyone else going around that time? It would be nice to have a surgery buddy.

About me... low BMI of 36
5.0' 175-180 pounds haven't weighed my self lately.
Goal Weight 125-130

I'm trying to start the year off on the right food and ahead of my weight. I'm PCOS and technically pre-diabetic. Hoping to clear some of that mess up.

SX Day!!!!

I'm so nervous!!!! I'm waiting to have my surgery as I'm the last patient of the day. My flight landed around 10:30 and I was picked up by the driver Annette. She was a very nice woman. I arrived at the SX center, paid the balance, met the cardiologist, another doctor, the anesthesiologist, and Dr. M. The nurses are very nice and accommodating, and the center is clean. Five patients are here today and all are from America. That's all for now, I will keep you posted once I reach the other side.
Mexico General Surgeon

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