32 Years Old, 3 Kids and Scheduled my Gastric Sleeve!

I have scheduled my gastric sleeve with Dr....

I have scheduled my gastric sleeve with Dr. Marcelo Hernandez in Tijuana, MX. I have used Realself on and off for about a year to research the sleeve procedure reading about others awesome experiences and have been so inspired and motivated to get mine. I am super nervous and excited at the same time but I'm ready to put this part of my life behind me. I'm 5'9 and my CW is 324 lbs. My highest weight was 363 lbs. Feb 2016 and I did the HCG diet and lost about 50 lbs. Since then i've put on 20 lbs and I am so unhappy. I booked my flight today to San Diego and that is where a driver will pick me up at 10am on 12/08 to drive me across the border into Mexico. I am traveling with my Aunt so I'll be paying extra for a private room. I want to lose at least 24 lbs before surgery on my own and start getting in the gym at least 3X a week.
Dr. Marcelo Hernandez

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