New year, new body!- Gongora Girl (Post-Op)

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Hello everyone! So I've been on here for a couple...

Hello everyone! So I've been on here for a couple months now trying to get as much info on butt implants as possible. I've been looking to do this for a while now but finally decided to go all in! I'm looking to get butt implants with liposculpture and fat grafting to my hips and around the implants to get maximal results. I'm going to be going to Tijuana, Mexico to do this since I live right across the border in San Diego and the doctors there are so much more experienced and skilled with this procedure.
So a little about myself: I'm 21 years old and have one child (4 years old). I've always been very petite and for that reason I decided to go with implants instead of BBL. I'm 5'1 and 115 lbs. It's very hard for me to gain weight and when I do I always end up losing it in a matter of days so BBL is just not for me. I've always been a fan of the hourglass/video vixen shape and have wanted to get this done for ages and now that I have the funds I'm sooo ready to get it. Eventually I'm going to get a BA and TT but decided that I wanted a booty first lol.
I'm looking to get this done asap due to the extended recovery time and since I'm a full time student I need to have enough time to do so.
So I've sent out pics and info to 5 Drs already and am anxiously awaiting responses. So far I've gotten a quote from Dr. Eduardo Gongora. 8000 USD for butt implants, lipo of back and flanks, fat grafting and a 5 day stay at the facility. Other Docs I'm awaiting responses from are Dr. Campos, Dr. Figeroa Cerpa, Dr. Gutierrez, & Dr. Fuentes. Hopefully I'll get responses by this weekend because I'm trying to book the first date in Jan! Going into the New Year with a new body and I couldn't be more ready :)
I'll be posting frequently since these reviews have helped me so much, I'm hoping to return the favor! Any feedback will be greatly appreciated as well! :) Happy New Years!

Some more quotes

So I've gotten a few more virtual consults from docs and here are their opinions & quotes:
Fuentes-$6000 total for butt implants, lipo of back & waist and fat grafting.
Gutierrez-$8,000 for butt implants, 3 areas lipo & fat grafting. Both Fuentes and Gutierrez have dates available in the third week of January.
Campos is out due to the fact that I still have not received a response and the first dates available are in March.
Still no word from Dr. Figueroa.

This is all becoming so real! All Docs are recommending a tummy tuck to get the best results and now I'm seriously contemplating it. I'm not planning on any more kids for the next 5-6+. I'll keep you guys updated! Hoping to make a decision & start booking by this weekend :)

Dr. Gongora!!

Hey guys so Jessica at Genesis Clinic (Dr. Gongora) just got back to me and let me know that since I don't want the 5 night stay my quote will be going down to 7000! Plus he'll add the lipo in the additional areas I want when I see him in person for no extra charge. She also gave me a date! January 20th is the big day. I decided to go with Gongora forsure because I've been the most impressed with his transformations and he was my first choice all along but I thought he would be the priciest. But as I got quotes from other docs, he's actually the cheapest and I'm completely in love with all of his work! If he gets any cancellations I'm going to be first on the list for them to call so it might even be happening sooner since my schedule is completely open and I live so close! So excited! 10% deposit will be made asap & just awaiting any more instructions. Couldn't be more happy right now!!

Some more before pics

So I decided to post some more before pics(with clothes on) to give y'all an idea of my before body.
About 15 days from the big day so I've started on a weight gainer to make the most of the fat grafting (I want as much fat around the implants and in my hips as possible). Also started on some iron supps just to make sure that my levels will be good for the big day. The countdown is exciting! I really appreciate your guys' feedback and support!

Deposit made

So after a bit of confusion at the bank last week, I finally made my deposit. I actually ended up taking it to the clinic in person today. I'm so glad I did because now I'm a lot more comfortable with everything. I was able to find the clinic with no issues, it's only about 20-25 mins south of the border so about 35 mins from where I live so I'm really happy about that. The clinic itself is very nice and the staff seemed friendly as well. I received some more pre-op instructions and the remaining balance of the surgery will be paid on surgery day. I'm trying to drink as much ensure and weight gainer as my body lets me but it's so hard because it makes my appetite for real food disappear. About 12 days out from the big day so my nerves are starting to kick in!!

New date!!!

Hey dolls!
So I just received an email from the clinic and I have some news! My date just got moved up from Jan 20th to Jan 17th! This Friday! I guess they had some cancellations and I was first on the list in case they had any openings. So now I'm about 3 days out. Do any of the vets have any suggestions on anything else I'll need for post op care? I have been running around and haven't had anytime to read through any more reviews and look at lists. Besides a boppy, scar treatment, antibacterial stuff, loose clothing, and extra compression garments which I already bought, what else will I need? I feel so silly for doing all of this last minute but your help will be greatly appreciated!

I'm hours away!!!

Hello dolls! So I'm hours away from sx and I'm nervous/excited! I'll be leaving in the morning at 7am so this will be my last pre-op post since I don't have service in Mexico(unless there's wifi at the clinic). I'm usually the person that's super prepared and overly prepared but for some reason I completely slacked on getting supplies together for this procedure. I went on a late night walmart run last night and here's the list of stuff I have gathered so far:
Gauze pads
Antibacterial wipes
Alcohol wipes
Antibacterial soap
Alcohol spray
Hand sanitizer
Band aids(large and small)
Stool softener
Benadryl anti itch cream
Feminine wipes

Not pictured:
A robe
Pillows pillows and more pillows
A neck pillow
Compression garment(stage 2) and other extra fajas that I kept from after my pregnancies lol
Waist training corset for later
Vitamins (which I always keep on stock anyways)
Cotton balls & q-tips
Old sheets/linen

I don't know if I forgot anything.
I had trouble finding a urinal so in gonna keep looking. And I don't know if I'll need a foam board because I'm not sure if he's lipoing my abdomen. Plus if I do end up getting it my friend that just got a boobjob there says there is a little store right next to the clinic and they have all supplies needed in case I forgot anything.
I didn't bother getting anything clothing wise because I don't know what I'll look like post op and I really don't want to waste any money.
So as of tonight at 10pm I'm not allowed to consume anything so I'm trying to eat now but my nerves won't let me! Like I said before I'll be leaving my house at 7am ish. Must bathe tonight and tomorrow morning and no make up, deodorant, lotion, perfume or anything. I'll be doing all pre op testing at the facility and then the procedure will follow. I'm taking wish pics(I have a huge album on my iphone of butt/body inspiration pics) but I'm also printing some out to take. I'll be spending the night for them to monitor me and I should be discharged no later than noon on Saturday. The post op garment and meds are included in the quote.y only concern is the meds not being strong enough so I'll most likely end up getting something from here like Vicodin or percs. I was told I needed to bring the boppy with me for the car ride home or bring a medium/large blanket so that they can make one. But it's most advisable to travel on my tummy. I'm just throwing a bunch of pillows, the boppy and blankets in the trunk and we'll see how it goes haha. As for clothing post op I'm just gonna take some sweats, a maxi dress and a robe because idk what I'll be able to get into. And also some house slippers and socks. I don't know if I left anything out but anyways I'll see you dolls on the other side, god willing. Wish me luck! :)

My time has arrived!

Hello ladies, it's all about to happen! I've been trying to connect to wifi all day and as I'm right about to enter the OR I finally connected. Anywho, I arrived here at the clinic at 8:00am and have spent all day doing pre-ops and connected to an IV. I arrived and they immediately put me in a private room. They gave me a bunch of paperwork and then a nurse came in and took bloodwork. The method they use is a lot more painful than I remembered it, I was cringing the whole time(made me rethink the surgery for a sec lol). After that I had to take a shower with some kind of green soap and put on a gown. Then a nutritionist came in and went over my eating habits with me and made me some meal plans. A psychologist analyzed me as well as a radiologist(I think) later on. After that a nurse came in and hooked me up to an IV and gave me a shot for blood clots. And then the anesthesiologist came and introduced himself and asked me a few more questions and explained that he'll be responsible for me and that he would wake me up as soon as surgery was over so they could bring me back to my room as put me on my stomach but he'll give me some good stuff so I would feel anything. Sorry for being so short and all over the place, I'm trying to go over all of my experiences so far in a nutshell and my nerves are getting the best of me because I'm going to be going into surgery at any minute. I finally met Dr. Gongora not too long ago and he took pictures of me and marked me up so everything is so real! He assured me that I was going to love him for the results and I would love my new body.


Hello darlings so I officially have a new booty! I ended up going into surgery at like 6pm last night and finished somewhere around 10pm. Not exactly sure of the times because I was completely out of it lol. Anyways so somewhere around 6 a male nurse came and got me and escorted me to the operating room where the anesthesiologist was waiting for me. He immediately hooked my IV up and I was out seconds later lol. Then I woke up at around 10:30 pm when my sister and boyfriend came into my suite to sleep. Last night in bed wasn't too painful because I kept on asking for meds. The only thing I feel right now is pain in my butt like I've done 5000 squats. My sister said my new ass looks amazing and I don't want my boyfriend to see it yet because he's squeamish lol. Anyways here are some pics! I'll be leaving soon so I'll keep you all updated!

350cc oval cohesive gel implants (silimed)

Totally forgot to put that I got 350cc oval implants. Dr G lets feel them and they feel amazing. Love the texture and feel. Anyways you can see how they are placed of you look at the photo of me all marked up and they are placed under the muscle. And as for fat I think he did 4-500ccs. My butt looks huge and my muscles haven't even accommodated the implants and the fat hasn't fluffed so it's only gonna get bigger ;) so happy with the results. Dr. G is definitely talented and an artist. Loved the way he sculpted my back, waist and arms as well. Can't wait for the swelling to go down :)


Sorry guys Dr. Gongora just came in and corrected me. So they were placed intramuscularly not submuscularly.

Me and Dr. G

Sister took this pic of me and Dr. Gongora just as he was about to take a pic of me lol. Butt looks huge!


This is the fat that the doc lipoed. Not included what he grafted back into my butt and hips. Lipo of entire back, flanks, upper arms, bra area & inner thighs. I managed to gain about 10-15 lbs in the 2 weeks prior to sx. I couldn't believe it lol. Anyways the weight I gained went straight to my upper body. My weight right before sx was 127(the day before it was 130). And my normal weight is about 115-120.


Lipo pic


So besides the pain of constantly laying on my tummy, the swelling is killing me. Well the swelling in my face. It's so bad that it's hard for me to open my eyes when I wake up. I started taking arnica so hopefully it helps. I also have pineapple juice. I don't have much pain except for my butt muscles getting used to the implants. I don't think my body would have taken the 400ccs so I'm glad I went with the 350ccs. I try to get up every hour and walk for a few mins and do minimal stretching cause I don't want to tear anything lol. But that's all I have to update for now ladies. Talk to you soon :)

(2 days post op pics

So I finally saw myself standing up and with no bandages a few mins ago. What a change! My waist is so small and my back arch is amazing! He also gave me hips! Sorry for all the bruising and stretch marks. I'm still very swollen.

Side pic

4 days post op

Hey lovelies, so I'm now 4 days post op. Swelling has gone down significantly but not completely thanks to arnica. Make sure you ladies get some! Anyways, I went to back to the clinic for a check up earlier this morning. Everything seems to be okay. I still have a lot of stiffness but that only normal when dealing with implants. Everyday it's getting better though. I try to walk around for 10-15 mins every few hours. I snapped a few pics in the check up room lol.

9 days post op

Hello again dolls. So I'm now 9 days post op and I'm feeling like myself again. I did a review a few days ago but as I was looking through photos to attach, the review deleted before I was able to post it. Anyways, I've been feeling almost like nothing happened since day 5 post op. All of the pain that I have comes from my neck from sleeping on my tummy. I can't sleep on my side because of the fat transfer to my hips. Swelling has gone down a lot but my arms feel a bit puffy still. I'm thinking it's the fluid. I've been getting out of the house somewhat often that's why I haven't been on here as often. I just make sure to lay down in the backseat of the car with a neck roll or pillow for my head. I hate being stuck in the house so I try to get out as often as possible on short little trips just to walk around. The recovery hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be. The pain is minimal to nonexistent. I only take the pain meds for my neck so that I'm able to sleep. My body is still getting used to the implants but they don't bother me much or at all really. I've been able to walk normally since day 5 post op(a lot quicker than I thought). And I live up 2 flights of stairs and they haven't been an issue. The first 3 days after sx I wasn't able to sleep in my bed because it was too high do I slept on the sofa with a bunch of pillows. After the 4th day I was able to get in and out of bed with no problem. I'm able to bend and squat but I try not to. When I use the restroom I squat over the toilet, as if I'm using a public restroom(using the vanity/towel bars to hold me up). I can sit down on the seat but I don't want to because I have small incision sites on the back of my thighs from lipo and I don't want to get bacteria in them from the seat. When I wipe I use antibacterial wipes and alcohol wipes or just shower with antibacterial soap. I still have my drain in, it's hardly draining now. So hopefully I can get it removed when I go in on Tuesday. It's a bit hard getting dressed and looking for a place to hide the drain lol. I mostly just clip it on my back and wear a loose shirt over it. I'm still wrapped in bandages because it's more comfortable for my back. Dr. G lipoed the crap out of it and it still feels numb. When I touch my back I can't even feel it. It's the strangest feeling ever, almost like an epidural. I'm hoping I can get into my garment when I go in on Tuesday. I completely blanked on what else I was going to write so I'll post again when I remember lol

Some pics & 10 days post op

So I forgot to post yesterday that I wasn't completely happy with the shape of my butt right now. I feel like it's kinda square in a way. Idk how to describe it. Like it's flat right in the middle. But it's still very early and isn't even soft yet so I'm just waiting it out. Can't wait to see what it looks like in a few months. Anyways I finally took off my bandages for good(although I changed and dressed incisions daily) and snapped some pics. I'm very happy so far! Can't wait till it rounds out a bit more :) I loveeee my waist and hips. I wasn't so happy at first because my hips and butt didn't stand out so much with the bulky bandages on but now that there off my ass looks massive! Dr. G did an amazing job with the body contouring!

Before after pics

So I didn't want to do this until after recovery but I'm so shocked by the difference! I'll do some other before and after pics later on too.

12 days post op & drain removed

Hello my fellow booty seekers :) so I went for a check up today and got my drain removed!! I'm so happy lol. That thing was a pain trying to hide and it freaked out my boyfriend haha. FYI for my Gongora girls, the clinic doesn't really make appts when you're getting your check ups. You kinda just go whenever and they take you in. Idk if it works like that for the out of town patients but for me they just tell me to show up. Anyways, Dr. Gongora checked me out today and says that I look amazing. Last week when I went he wasn't there but they took pics of me to show to him, but today when he saw me in person he says that it's gonna get even better :) He also told me that he has been getting a lot of girls emailing and calling about butt implants lately. At least 10 inquiries a day. And I told him about realself and how I have a few friends that want to get it done now haha. But now he's basically some kind of butt god lol. Well anyways, I'm finally in my garment and this thing is tighttttt. My garment was included in the original quote by the way. So it's a 2 piece. The first piece is one for my arms and upper body-it looks like a crop top. And the other one is a normal faja with openings for the butt cheeks. Both in size XS. My bf hated it from the moment I walked out of the check up room lol. It makes my ass look more massive than it already is. Plus my waist is tinyyyyyy. So happy to finally be in it though, I feel more durable if that makes sense. With the drain in I felt fragile. Speaking i
of the drain, it didn't hurt when the nurse took it out. She told me to inhale and there would be some pain and I inhaled and couldn't even feel when she took it out. Lucky me :) she was also going to take out my stitches but she said she would wait until next week when I go in. I have to start my massages next week. Not looking forward to it :/ I'm just going to get the first one done professionally and do the rest myself/have someone else do them. Because at $70 per session, no thanks lol.


Here's some better pics of my waist


& pics of my butt

15 days post op

I totally meant to post yesterday as a 2 week update but totally forgot lol. Nothing much has changed from my last post. This garment is a pain in the ass, literally. I had to cut bigger holes because it was too tight and I felt like it was ruining my fat grafts to my hips & cutting off circulation at the crease right under my butt cheeks. I'm ordering a new garment in the thong style because id can't wear clothes with this garment, it makes me look deformed. My body is an XXXXSmall and my ass is an XL so with the garment i look super fake (Like Blac Chyna status)Plus my thighs are tiny already, I don't want them this compressed. So when my thong garment comes in I'll rotate between the 2. Getting in and out of this garment is a bi#%h. It's so tight. It's a 2 person job. I can't wait till my new one comes in. It's a thong style with a zipper. I have other ones in this style but with my new ass it's impossible to try to get in to because they don't have zippers. I also ordered a squeem type thing and a waist training corset because I don't feel like I have enough compression in that area. Other than my garment, healing has been the same. I noticed that my bruising is disappearing. Arnica works miracles ladies. I got Hylands Arnica 30x. I'll take a pic of it later. I'm still numb so there is no pain. I didn't think that it was possible for him to lipo my back so aggressively because I'm so tiny but he got the job done. My back rolls are completely gone. I feel like the whole back side of me looks so good but the front doesn't. Boobs and tummy are next. Lol


I take selfies so often it's out of control. I just can't believe how different my body is lol

3 weeks PO :)

Hey girls so today I'm 3 weeks post op :) I keep on freaking out because I feel like my butt is shrinking but I think it's just the swelling that completely went away. I think I lost a little bit of volume and I'm already contemplating round 2 lol. The booty greed is so real ladies! Anyways, recovery is the same. Going very well and I am so grateful :) my booty is getting rounder everyday. I was worried because during the 1st and 2nd weeks it had a boxy look to it. Like flat in the middle. But it's rounding out nicely. I can't wait until my muscle relaxes to accommodate the implant. I feel like I'll have my ideal shape once that happens. Round 2 to add a bit more volume won't hurt though ;) once I hit my 3 month mark I'll know for sure though.

On another note, tomorrow is my 22nd birthday!! I'll be having a night out on the town but no twerking for me :( lol. Butt isn't soft or jiggly yet haha.

Here are some more pics! I really need to cover up my mirrors it's becoming a problem lol


I'll be 3 weeks tomorrow lol. It's late anyways, so by the time most of you read this I'll be 3 weeks PO. I also forgot to write that the reason why I wear my undies like I'm in the 80s is because that's the only way they fit me :( if I wear them straight across or low rise like I used to my butt crack is completely out and it looks so weird lol. Just thought I should let that be known haha.

Birthday night 1

I didn't get to go shopping for a cute birthday dress like I do every year. But I have so many dresses that I have with tags on them that I've never worn because I was just not comfortable with my body. So last night I went out unexpectedly and I put on one of the dresses and I loved how it fit!! Ladies if your second guessing yourself about this procedure my advice is to go for it! I felt sexy and confident and my boyfriend loved it. Not to mention all the attention from guys (which I never really cared for/unwanted). I used to be OBSESSED with shopping and buying all these clothes and shoes that I thought would make me look good/feel good but I ended up just throwing them in the closet and never wore anything. Even wearing fajas didn't help. Anyways I'm rambling lol. The point is I LOVEEEE MY NEW ASS. Best birthday present to myself ever. :p
I'm sorry I only have one pic girls :/ I only had planned on going out tonight, not last night so I was in a rush. Btw my arms are still kind of swollen that's why they look so fat lol


So I don't have pics from last night but these are from yesterday morning. I have so many mini dresses(daytime) that I throw on with boots and a cardigan. That's what I love about San Diego weather, especially winter. Sorry I post so many pics girls. Everytime I look in the mirror I always have my phone on me and I end up snapping some selfies. Lol

Waist & a$$

So I tried taking pics of my tiny waist but it's so hard. My boyfriend refuses to take any more pics of me because he thinks I'm obsessed lol. Anyways here you go! I'm wearing my garments btw. I hate that even my extra small tops fit loose :/


So I cancelled my massage last week and rescheduled for today. All I can say is OUCH!!!!! That was more painful than sx/recovery. Like unbearable pain. The session was 45 mins but I was talking to the masseuse for like 30 mins to distract her lol. So the massage is done by some kind of machine that just suctions. It's supposed to help with cellulite and fibrosis and all that. There's 2 kinds of machines. The cheaper one ($70) which I got. And a more expensive one ($100-$150) that is supposedly painless. I only brought $80 with me and I had no idea that there was more than one kind so I was stuck with the painful one. I thought I would be okay being that I have a high pain tolerance but I couldn't handle it. I'm supposed to get 10 sessions but for $100 a session I'll pass. I might get another 2 or so here and there but I'm not spending a grand on massages. Anyways, the masseuse told me that my waist is gonna get even smaller and I told her that that's like possible lol. I feel like someone can break me in half already. But she swore I wod get even smaller and that I would remember her for telling me that. So we'll see.
Here are pics from a few mins ago.


^^*the masseuse said that my waist would get smaller and I said it was impossible. Ugh I'm sorry for the typos on my other posts too. I have an iPad and iPhone and the spellcheck is horrible.

4 weeks PO

Hello dolls I'm sorry I've been m.i.a.! Life caught back up to me so I haven't had as much free time to be on RS. I try to at least answer questions on here at least every day or 2 but I'll try to be a little better at that. And I'm horrible at answering or even checking my inbox messages because I forget that that thing even exists. So bear with me, I will get your questions answered asap. Anyways, I'm now 4, almost 5 weeks post op! Time had flown right by! It's crazy how my body was able to recover so well in such a short amount of time. I'm feeling just about completely normal. I'm able to bend squat and sit. I drove for the first time yesterday(with the boppy). I'm in love with my new ass! Besides my jeans/ shorts not fitting I'm loving how everything else fits. La-la-loving it! Love how the doc was able to change my frame and make it so feminine. I was used to having a bigger upper body and smaller lower but now it's the opposite. I'm also using mr waist training corset to make my waist smaller. I sometimes throw it on over my garments during the day or I just wear it to sleep with no garments. Or both. This corset is legit and is no joke. I feel like I'm from another century with it on. I just want to preserve and shape my waist line as much as possible. It's 1 am and my insomnia is dying down a little so im gonna take advantage and try to get some rest. I'll post again maƱana and post some pics and answer those inbox messages in the morning. I have this post to remind me.

Waist training

So I meant to include waist training in my last post. I finally put on my waist training corset and I feel like I'm from a different century lol. That thing is tiny. Sometimes I wear it over my garment and sometimes I just wear a tank top to sleep(no garments) and just the corset. The pics make my ass look huge so don't be scared lol.

Hello babes!

Sorry I've been MIA again. My bf broke his phone so he's been taking mine for the meantime. Anyways, recovery is still going very well. I'm almost 6 weeks post op! Time had flew right on by. I'm loving my results. I feel like I've lost a bit of volume but I'm okay with it. I'm still contemplating round 2 so I'm not even worrying about it. I'm fully flexible again finally! The first 2-3 weeks were rough not even being able to shave my legs in the shower lol. I'm able to sit for longer periods. I just don't put any pressure on the implants themselves. It's so much more comfortable like that anyways- for my posture I mean. I guess the only downside to this is me not being able to fit my old jeans and shorts. Like any of them. My sisters are pretty lucky, they get to inherit a bunch of clothes, most of which are brand new smh. It's fine though I love my new body! I've been stuck wearing sweats and dresses and skirts for the past month because I don't want to go shopping. Yes I actually said "I don't want to go shopping" lol! It's crazy, I didn't think that the cure to my shopping addiction would be my new ass ;p yes I know that's terrible but it's soooo true! I've spent thousands on thousands on clothes trying to find things that I thought were making me look good when I should have been investing in this instead. Ugh it's the sad SAD truth! Anyway point is, I'm very happy with myself now and I'll go shopping eventually. Here are some pics!

6 weeks post !

My butt is starting to look like I was actually born with it finally. Idk if I like that though lol. I'm able to sit normally and even lay on it occasionally but I try not to. Sometimes I'll wake up in the middle of the night laying on my back even though I fall asleep on my tummy and flip over in a panic haha. I don't want to kill any fat cells! Anyways for those wondering where I got my corset I got it on eBay from the store shaper-corset I believe. It was about $50 when I got it but it's almost $60 now for some reason. Anyways I think it's definitely worth the price, that thing is durable.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate and ASK! I'm here to help as much as possible. Talk to you soon ladies! :)


7 weeks post

Hello beauties! Tomorrow I'll be 7 weeks post op! Time couldn't be flying by any faster. I'm feeling great. If I knew recovery was this easy I wouldn't have taken so much time off of school. Anyways my bum is getting better. I'm starting to use it for laying down and sitting a lot more. That's really the only news I have Lol. I feel like it looks a little smaller and it probably is because I got sick and I lose weight really fast when I get sick :/. I plan on putting more weight on so I'm hoping it fluffs up again

7 weeks post & pics

Just wanted to post some pics I've taken over the last 2 days. I feel like I've lost some volume but it makes my butt look more natural. Round 2 is definitely happening in the future


I try to wear my corset as much as possible but I kinda of lost track this past week. I'm wearing it kind of loose in these pics because it's my first night back at it.

Before & afters

Here are some more before and afters. I don't have a lot of before pics because I ended up deleting them after taking them, I hated my old ass! Hahahaha


Idk if the other ones were showing up blurry

11 weeks post op

Hey girls so I know it's been forever but I am now 11 weeks post op! School is back in session so that's where all my time has been going. My butt has been doing great! I'm almost 3 months post so I think by now most of the fat is gonna be permanent. Some days I wake up and I feel like it looks smaller but I've come to the realization that I'm completely out of my mind LOL. My recovery has been treating me amazingly and it's hard to believe that I went under the knife. I am completely in love with my body even though it's still under construction haha. My boyfriend hates it. He hates the attention that I get and that we can't even go to the grocery store without ppl staring. It kind of has him on edge all the time. Anyways, my point is that if you are getting a new ass be prepared for the attention! I used to only get compliments or people staring at my face now I feel ugly because all I get is attention to my backside. Haha totally kidding.

Besides the donk, my lipod areas are finally getting back to normal. My whole back was numb for months but I'm gaining feeling back. If I pinch the skin on my back I feel a little bit of numbness but it's a huge improvement.

SOFTNESS UPDATE: I know that a lot of you ladies are curious about what they feel like and it's hard to describe unless you actually touch it yourselves. But the best way I can put it is like a semi-flexed muscle. It doesn't feel completely soft like a real butt(or yet at least) but it doesn't feel fake either. The implants blend very nicely with my muscle tissue and fat. I can't say that this is my final judgement though because it gets softer and looser(in the muscle pocket) every week. It does jiggle and I can twerk now btw so if that's a concern then have no fear girls. Lol.

I'm sorry I haven't posted a pic in jeans yet! I really never wear jeans, I just wear dresses, leggings, yoga pants and maxis. I hate shopping for jeans because it's so time consuming finding jeans that please my body type and I have no idea what size I am and am in no hurry to find out haha. I know I'm not a size 0 or 1 anymore because I had to give away all of my denim and shorts. So I'm gonna guess I'm a 3(or4). When I find out I'll let you guys know :)

Talk to you soon girls xoxo :)

3 months post op

Hello lovelies! ?? I'm now 3 months post op. I'm still in love with it! Still recovering wonderfully. No swelling at all anymore. I really love how everything came out, Dr G is a god. I love seeing people's reaction when I first show them haha. I don't think I've ever had so my hands on my ass before lol.
For my ladies that have a significant other I just want to give you a heads up. As much as they will love it there's kind of a price to pay as well. Or from my experience at least. Sometimes the attention from other people (men mainly lol) isn't helpful at all. Although we may be completely in love with our new asses, unfortunately (or fortunately), so is every guy that ends up checking us out. #thestruggle haha. Just be prepared because the attention that you will get is on a whole different level and it might not always be positive. I just thought I should let that be known. You must not only be prepared for sx physically, but mentally and emotionally as well because it's very draining. Just wanted to be completely real with you girls.

Here are some pics :)


So I was going through my old clothes and found a pair of shorts and jeans that actually fit me haha.


Hello Realself Fam,

It's been a while since I've last logged on, but all it well! Life after sx has been a whirlwind, so time on social media has been nonexistent.

I'm still happy with my results but lemme just say it's not for everyone. I'm a introvert so all the attention comes with its pros and cons. I love my butt, but booty greed has gotten the best of me! Lol. I'm hoping to get a round 2 sometime in the near future. I'd like a bit more fullness on my hips and just a tad more projection. Dr. G did an amazing job. Here are some photos!
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