Round 2 Bbl - Tijuana, MX

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After having my first lipo and bbl done last yr...

after having my first lipo and bbl done last yr and having gone through recovery and knowing what to expect I am going back to dr Pantoja and getting a round 2.

My goal is a bigger behind and more aggressive lipo done to my arms, back & thighs. My tummy is good as is and don't find it to be a problem area.

I was quoted $1800 from Nadia with the exception of the charge for the garment. So it covers one night stay in the clinic, the procedure itself, EKG and lab fees. I'm very happy with the price so I'm definitely going back to Dr.P

I will be buying a waist clincher from whatsawaist a separate arm upper body compression garment & a lower body/high waisted, butt covered compression garment that is knee length. & then also pay the $120 garment from dr. Ps office . I learned it's better to have 2 separate garments or garment outfits opposed to one so that one is always being worn. I will also be for sure buying the reclining lawn chair and cutting an opening into it for sitting/sleeping

Haven't figured out a date yet but will soon once confirmed with Nadia and scheduling the necessary time at work


Looking into items for my round 2. I accidentally put $1800 as the quoted price damn typo!! I'm paying $2800 $3000 almost if separate garment is included

Bringing my hubby along this time since it's a short stay and I won't be able to drive.

Anyone going in September? Beginning of October?
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