Journey to a New Me - Tijuana, MX

Hi ladies, I am 24 and a mother of two...two...

Hi ladies, I am 24 and a mother of two...two csection has given my body some major ware and tare...I have been researching for the past 4years of first different procedures as well as experts at each. I finally am motivated and financially ready for A NEW ME....LOL

Dr. Campos' office got back with me fairly quickly, so did Dr. Salamas office but I want my surgery beginning of next year. Jimerson had some great work but I couldnt even get a consultation til next Aug :-(

Ok ladies I need opinions. ..dr Campos quote was...

Ok ladies I need opinions. ..dr Campos quote was for A bbl ett and lipo ro the confused as to why every other consultation I have had only suggested a MINI TT so I emailed twice inquiring why would I need aett and never got a response. ... it wasn't until I accepted that Sarah sent my date... so now I'm rethinking the whole procedure with him did anyone have these issues....HELP

My close friend recently had surgery with him, I clearly have an obsession with his contouring. The hour glass is hott.

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