21 Years Old, Much Needed Boost of Confidence! - TIjuana, MX

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It's always been a spiral rollercoaster dealing...

It's always been a spiral rollercoaster dealing with my weight. Since I was a child I was overweight. Kids made fun of me at school. I was always the fat ugly one nobody wanted to be around, despite the kindness I showed people. By age 14 I was depressed my cousins would always be like oh I have boobs, oh you have a nice round butt, it sucks for the people who have nothing and are just fat and they'd laugh. Around this time my parents were very protective of me so all I would do was stay home and eat and watch tv. Next thing you know I couldn't handle my weight and my parents were going to throw me a big "quinceanera". Everytime I went for a dress fitting id cry my family would always bully me and the pressure was really on to lose weight. That's when I started throwing up. By the time I had my party I was still chubby but when I was 17 and prom came I was super duper thin. I deprived myself of lots of food and whenever I had something unhealthy id throw it up. I thought I looked great but my mom soon found out what I was doing I had been throwing up for 2 years already and my teeth were really messed up, I lost my butt, my legs, and the little bit of boobs I had. My mom took me to a psychologist to try to get me to straighten up. I regret throwing up but in a way it was worth it because nobody called me fat anymore or laughed at me. My problem now that im 21 is that I cant go on like this anymore, I don't throw up anymore but I don't eat things I want. I used to eat once a day and I just want to be healthy. I had a consultation with a Dr. in Mexico and she offered to lipo my entire back, arms, and stomach for the procedure. I am happy because this is a way for me to start off fresh. After my recovery period I will start going to the gym again and eat healthy. Lucky for me I have a partner
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So far she gives me a lot of info and reassures me about questions and concerns. She treated my sister very well and even drove us to the border since we were lost. I will text her to get her full name.

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