Keep Calm and Carry On with the TT in Tijuana, Mexico

Hello All. I had my TT with MR seven weeks ago, in...

Hello All. I had my TT with MR seven weeks ago, in Tijuana Mexico. I'm 38 y/o, 5'2 163 lbs. at time of TT. Mother of 2, via c-section. Healing has taken its sweet time. I'll summarize my journey with key points, do ask if I missed something.
Day of surgery:
Went into operating room at 1:20 pm and was out by 5:00 pm. Anxiety attack after waking up. Felt I couldnt breath. Dr. Had warned me that it would take some time to learn to breath again due to the MR. Was very thirsty throughout night (spent at the clinic under nurse's care). Sipping water was a mistake, I did it 3 times and vomited 3 times = Painful.
Day 1
Quick shower with assistance of 2 nurses. To my wonderful surprise it wasn't as painful as I thought it would be. For those of you who have had c-sections, to me it was 50% less painful than the c-section. Walking to shower was a task. Had to stop to catch my breath. Left clinic to go to hotel around noon. Soreness no pain. And the swelling begings! Flew back home 2 days PO. It was just 1.5 hour flight.
Week 1
Walking hunched. Serious swelling. Fatigued. By day 6 I almost had no pain (back) or soreness. Still draining dark red.
Week 2
I removed my drains at 11 days PO, per Dr's request. It was still draining dark red but only 20 cs per 24 hours. My right drain was clogged. I have a bad feeling about this. Began to develop bruises around my tummy, not liking this. Still swollen.

Here are some if my pics...couldnt download them initially

Weeks 3 through week 7

OMG...Thank God is getting better. So here are more pictures and short version of what has transpired from my third week until now. 1) Hematomas - clogged drain to be the culprit 2) Reopening of drain holes for hematoma to drain 3) drain holes closed and only to have leakage from two spots on incision 4) incision stopped drainage after about 1 and a half week of draining 5) Not liking center of incision - might need scar revision (not sure I'll bother; this has been stressful - ain't got time for that 6) Didn't wear CG until after 3 weeks PO due to incision issues 7) went back to work at 3 weeks - somewhat hunched and walking really slow 8) Swelling has been my mortal enemy since day 1 9) Still get stiff after seating for long periods of time - have an office job 10) Omg - yesterday gas and swelling was horrible, if it wasn't for my CG my tummy would have pop :)
Well, other than those little incidents everything looks great. Happy Healing Everyone!!!

8 Weeks 2 days PO

So, it has been 8 weeks since my surgery. Not much has change except that my tummy muscles have began to relax thus I no longer feel as much discomfort or still when I get out of bed and or after I've been sitting for a while. Still swollen, especially on the middle of my stomach from top to bottom, where MR took place. I started utilizing silicone strips 2 days ago - the c-section ones from CVS. Love them, in fact I think that it's helping the center of my incision to flatten and get lighter. And last but not least - I've lost 7 pounds :) I get fuller with smaller portions. Very happy!!!

9 Weeks 2 days PO

Hello All. Well, I'm finally feeling like I getting back to normal. My MR has continue to relax and dont feel much discomfort as last week. Im less swollen - there are even some days that I'm nicely flat at the end of the day. Silicone strips appear to be helping in lightening my scar.

5 Months PO

Ok. So, I will be going back to get my scar revised. I dont like the indentation left from the small area where I had complications. I am posting pictures of the clinic, as requested.
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