30something Mom of 3 - Tijuana Mexico

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I have always wanted a rhinoplasty for as far as I...

I have always wanted a rhinoplasty for as far as I cld remember. I have reluctant to speak abt previous b/c there's so much stigma attached 2 African Americans & plastic surgery. I originally wanted 2 get my tt, lipo, which will be done by Dr. Robles 1st;However things don't always go according 2 plans so looks like the rhinoplasty is up first.

GOD IS GOOD! Morning my RS beauties; ) I wanted 2 apologize 4 my previous post typos, update U Gals, post some pics all while st

Unfortunately Beauties, I had 2 postpone my rhinoplasty due to some unforseen events. I was prescribed a medication after a dental procedure that gave me a delayed, but SEVERE! Allergic reaction, & had 2 hospitalised! I'm still not 100% I have to take meds including steriods 2 help relieve the symptoms. Now some may say that this is a coincidence; I mean Talk abt timing! My GOD. But I really don't believe in coincidences. My surgery had 2 be delayed 4 whatever reason*Only GOD truly knows* I trust it's all 4 the best. The original plan was 2 go 2 DR 1st then Mexico, which 2 me wld be wiser. As of right now I need 2 get well FAST! Go back 2 work 4 a couple of pay periods, then go from there. Oh I also stopped talking all my pre-surgery vitamins b/c of the prescribed meds & just 2be safe furthermore frm anything that may irritate or delay the meds 2 do there job so I can feel better UHG!:'( this flat out sucks. If this is this rough, GOD PLS help me 4 Surgery recovery. Staying positive, & cheery anything else cld compromise immune health. That's a fun fact LOL. Chat with U later Dolls ;)
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Manuel speaks English fluently, he responded right away I liked the consultation b/c he asked me what I wanted, rather than telling me what he was going to do. The staff so far are a true delight, & really responds in a brief amount of time. If any1 will be traveling my way pls pm me so we can be travel buddies.

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