New Me - Mexico

I'm a wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt a friend...

I'm a wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt a friend to some amazing people. I always to do for others before I do for myself, because I love them all so much. This new journey is exciting, but it has many ups and downs. I'm trying to stay positive and convince myself that I am not selfish or vain and doing this will make me feel better which will in turn make me a stronger more confinement woman.

Day 7 Post Op

I got up early from the recovery house. Found out the day before when I met Dr. Campos for my follow up (day 6). That I needed to keep 2 stiches in my belly button and my drain! Noooo... I was so wanting to leave Mexico with my drain out let alone stiches.. Grrrrr.... I mentioned to him that during my days of recovery I fainted once, have had dizzy spells and so overly tired (I know it's expected) but I felt it was extreme. When I got up to eat or use the bathroom or just brushing my teeth I was exhausted as if I ran a mile. They sent someone in to take my blood. Found out my hemoglobin was low ( not quiet anemic but border line) and I needed more iron. He also said I needed to not wear my body faja for 2 days. My belly button it too squished and the compression may be too tight. My body needed to adjust to the traumatic removal of fat and skin.

Pre op Pics

Sharing my height (5'3") weight (168) and pictures of how I looked before my surgery. Sorry I am a terrible selfie picture person.... Never know how to angle the camera :/

Day 8 Post Op

So now that I am home, I can't just sit and lay still. Although my husband tried his best to keep up with the house and kids for a week it still looked like a little wreck. I have learned I have some OCD So I spent most of the day picking up, cleaning, washing clothes. I took a shower by myself for the first time and let me tell you that felt soooo good to wash my hair like I like to wash it. Cleaned my incisions, my gross gooey belly, rubbed arnica on my lipo areas, gauze on my drain, and put my full body faja on after 2 days of it off (recommend by campos). It felt good to have that compression against my body again. I felt a little exhausted after that maintenance on myself. Took advantage of no kids home and napped for an hour. Going to drive later on to take them to their sports activities. Wish me luck. I'm am draining over 100cc in day. This concerns me because from what Dr. Campos said it needs to be less than 50cc in a day. From other RS stories I see Dr.s tell them less than 25cc in a day. Wth!!! Doesn't my body know I'm trying to recover here.

Day 9 Post Op

I tried to take it easy today. I took a 2 hour nap (yea!) while the husband and kids were not home. After taking a shower I cleaned my belly button with a q-tip too hard.. Ouch... I made it bleed and it is has a slow drip to it :( I couldn't really feel how hard I pushed in there to clean it, so had to gauze it back up.

I had an appointment with a new primary care doctor who said all my incisions looked great, bruised areas are clearing well, he wants me to follow up with another appointment in 2 weeks. He then request a total blood test again to make sure all my level are good.

He referred me to 6 different surgeon to get the drain removed and my 2 belly button sutures. I called them all and only 1 of the 6 was willing to take me.... In August! As soon as I told them I had surgery in Mexico they said "No Way... Go to the ER and have the drain removed". I am in total shock that Dr.s here are so opposed to removing my drain. I guess I kind of understand issues with liabilities and lawsuits but geez they acted like I had the plagued! I'm going to keep calling the one Dr. that would take me to see if any cancellations come up so I can be seen sooner.

I'm still draining over 100cc a day :(

Day 10 Post Op

Husband asked to look at my body today. I just got out the shower and I could tell he was nervous...geez so was I. What was he going to think or say about this bruised up swollen body I front of him. After I did a total 360* turn he said "that's one big ass incision...your brushing isn't as bad as I thought it would be" he inspected everything closer and said "you look good". He said he hated to see me walk around in so much pain. He thought Id be more able by now and not still waking around slowly and in pain. I could tell it kind of upset him. He helped me dry off, clean my incisions, and helped put my faja on. Also gave me a massage in my lipo arms, and my lower back. He said he was sorry for not asking sooner to see me but he was not ready. We hugged and went to sleep. My drain is still going... Over 100cc. I'm going to try not to do to much housework and try to relax. I've read that when you have a lot of activity your drain produces more. My 2 week post op day is approaching and I want to be sure im on target to get my drain removed and my stiches in my belly button removed. Thank you to all the ladies that have replied, sent me messages and comforted me during this difficult time. It means a lot to have your support (hugs to you all).

11 days Post Op Pics

I've mentioned before I am a horrible selfie taking person. I have no idea how to pose, where do angle the camera, higher....lower, lighting is crappy, it takes alot of coordination, that I have no clue about. So I gave it my best and tried to take some pics of me now at 11 days post op. I feel and look like a fat little sausage. My side profile is hideous, you can definitely see how swollen I am. He did lipo on my lower back, waist and arms. Hoping to see a better side view of me one day.

14 days Post Op

I called Angie and she said I need to get my stitches removed and the drain removed today. She said my belly button still looks dark and not healing fast because the stitches could be causing it not to circulate properly. I do not have any pain on or near my belly button. Also she said even though I am draining at 70cc a day I need to get my drain removed because keeping it in longer can cause an infection. From reading other women's stories I feel this may be too early I so freak out I will develop Sermoa?! This is a lot of mental stress, I wish I was closer to Campos to have his office take care of me. I'm afraid when I go into an ER here in Chicago they gonna take care of me. Please pray for me all goes well.

ER Visit

Went to ER today they looked at me crazy when I told them I wanted to get my drain and stitches in my belly removed. They said that's a routine surgeon visit not am emergency, your insurance might not cover you....( I was thinking great...this might be a bad idea coming here). They said do you have any pain in your abdomen? I told told her I felt soreness and swelling. She checked my vitals they were all good. Then she asked me to go pee in a cup. Not much came out so she said we now have to draw your blood to make sure you have no signs of infections. Gave me a hospital gown to dress in and left me an room with a hospital bed. Lab people came in Drew my blood took a few vials then the next thing I start feeling faint and dizzy. Doctor come in asking me why did I leave my PS ? why didn't I stay in "California" for follow up? He said there are perfectly good plastic surgeon doctors in Chicago. Who am I going to go to for follow up here in Chicago?. He was drilling me asking lots and lots of questions. I couldn't think straight with my lightheadedness kicking in. They put me on an IV, had a group of people rush in, one took my EKG, the others took An XRay of my stomach area. Registration people asking for all my insurance information, I was signing papers. I was in a whirlwind of people examining me. Nurse said I looked really pale. Doctor came back he said they have no ER surgeon to help me and I need to be seen by a surgeon asap. He gave me a doctor to go to locally. He also said my blood shows signs I am borderline anemic. Then they discharged me all this happened in a matter of 3 hours. I called the general surgeons office the ER Doctor referenced. I saw here a couple hours later. She looked at my TT incision she said it is healing well, a little hard on the bottom area but nothing alarming. She then cut the stitch holding my drain, then pulled out my drain and it was not as bad as I thought it would feel. She said to keep that drain incision area clean with antibiotic ointment and gauze and it should heal in about 3-5 days. She then took out the 2 stitches in my belly button. She said I have a tear inside and on the outside skin area. I need to treat it with the antibiotic ointment and gauze for at least 2 weeks. Otherwise I could get an infection cause it's an open wound. She also said to watch out for any changes in discharge. It's okay if it's a little clear and yellowish, If it changes to green or gets thick like mucus or starts to smell those are signs for an infection. Need to follow up with my primary care doctor if I have any bad changes to my health. She said see him sooner rather than later to make sure your healing properly. My day has been crazy... Still managed to clean some of the house, made dinner for the family and now taking the kids to each of there sports. Even though it's been hetic, I would never change the fact that I am capable and able to be there for my Husband and children. Watching them eat dinner and laughing with each other and now watching them all at their sports activities brings a smile to face.... I love them all so much. I feel blessed <3

16 days Post Op Pics

Moving slowing, getting better each day. Just got drain removed yesterday. Belly button has a tear inside and lower outside. Local doc suggested Bacitracin (antibiotic ointment) and gauze for 2 weeks. Praying it heals well.

Post Op Day 17

I'm still feeling stuff and sore getting out of bed. Once I'm up I can move around okay ( still a little hunched over). I always hope things don't drop on the floor I can't bend to anything pick up. I have to squat or use my toes to reach and grab things... Lol

3 weeks Post Op (tomorrow)

Had a couple invites for weekend celebrations, I planned to skip out and not go but my husband encourage me to get out of the house and be around adults. I'm glad I did! It's cool enough here in Chicago so I was able to cover my arm compression garment with a light jacket and I wore some stretch jeans. I was not able to zip up and close completely, so had my shirt over it. I only told my husband and a couple close friends about my surgery. I do not know anyone who has ever gone through this surgery and there are too many people who I could care less about so it's not for them to know. I chose not to tell my family, they live hours away from me and I know if I shared this with them they would all be too worried about me. So I thought it would be best not to share. I took a pain pill before I went out because I knew it was going to be a long day going to 3 different parties. I tried to stand up against a chair most of the time, sat down to only eat. I was afraid each time when someone approached to hug and say hello they may squeeze me a little too hard. I purposely tried to walk with my shoulders back so I wouldn't look so hunched. Thankfully no one noticed and no one asked me any questions. I was worried what kind of excuse I would say, I thought about telling them I hurt my back, I mean... it is really sore. In the end, the day went well and I'm happy I got out. I rested a lot on Sunday. Back to work tomorrow.... yikes! Hope I can play it off and make it through the day. Wish me luck ladies. I am so appreciative of your support and kindness. I really helps me get through this journey.

3 weeks Post Op (tomorrow)

My belly button is slowly healing it some how got torn during my first week of healing. Currently putting antibiotic cream everyday on the inner and outer skin. Stomach swollen ( as usual) and feels kind of hard near my incision line... Is that normal? One side of my tummy tuck scar is healing faster than the other, but I think the scar overall looks nice and thin. My backside doesn't look like a square pancake I have not been super careful with it since surgery. I only use the Bobby pillow when I'm in bed. My TT scar makes it a little hard to focus on my rear but if it even looks close to this in the final stage I'd be happy.

1st day back at work

I'm was really nervous about going back to work. I work in an office setting but it's a very high demand job. I am in various type of meetings all day long, presentations, phone calls, videos, training, it's not your ordinary sit at desk kind of job. I barely have time to eat lunch. I was worried my dress clothes wouldn't fit (but they did) or my hunched over shoulders would take over me or my swelling would make it tough to get through the day. I made every effort to let people walk in front of my slow moving self and I carried around my laptop (kinda hugged it) so people would not notice my arched shoulders. People tried to hug and welcome me back and I tried to make it short, quick high hug so they would not touch my lower back or stomach area. I guess I played if off well because no one questioned me. Only comment I did get was that I looked like I'd lost weight. I told them it was probably the type of shirt I was wearing ;) or stress. I tried to wear a loose fitting shirt that covered half my butt area and my waist. I feel like i have to ease people into this transition and I don't want to shock anyone with my new curves... Lol My 12 hour work day ended well ( I was swollen in my lipo areas - arms, back and waist and TT area) . I took shower, a pain med and feel asleep early. Mission accomplished! Survived my first day back at work... Yea!

Wound Care

Campos provided an antiseptic spray to apply to the tummy tuck inscision and the hole area where he performed lipo. I'm running low and can not find anywhere online to purchase more. Any suggestions on where I can purchase...or something equivalent?

2nd Stage Compression Garments

When do you switch to a second stage garment for TT, lipo on arms and BBL? Are there any recommendations on the brand or style? How long are you wearing compression garments after surgery?
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