30yo, 2 Kids, 5'1, 124lbs -TT, BL W/ Implants & small BBL

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So far I have only had my consult with Dr. R, but...

So far I have only had my consult with Dr. R, but everything is going great so far. I'll be posting in detail as things move along :)
Hoping this helps anyone still doing research, & those that are experienced can give me advice as well :)
I'm 30 yo, 5'1, 124lbs, 2 kids & am getting a TT, BL & lipo.

A little about me.

I'm 30 years old, 5'1, about 124lbs-ish. I have 2 kids.. 5yo girl and 2yo boy. My son will turn 3 before I have my surgery and my daughter will turn 6 just after. I breastfed them both, and breastfed consistently for over 5 years straight. I went from nursing my daughter all the way up until I had my son, then nursed them tandem until literally this last May. So my daughter nursed until 5 years old, and my son almost 2.5. I'm super proud of myself for having done that as long as I did, and in fact I would have gone longer had it not been for a trip my husband and I were taking sans kids. So they got cut off cold turkey (poor kids.. my daughter still asks for "nursies" till this day, haha). I know it's not the cultural norm.. not American culture anyways.. but I'm happy about it. BUT you can imagine it took a toll on my boobies, and now they're as flat as pancakes haha. I went from having double D's, and even bigger when nursing, to sad deflated C's.. and that's me stuffing excess skin to fill a C. I would joke that I could babywear my son on my back and just flip a boob over my shoulder to nurse him. Ha! I imagine, though, I'd be about a full B with a lift alone, taking off the excess skin.
So with my pregnancies, my first, I gained a good 50 pounds. I didn't feel like I did.. it was mostly all belly, but I did get some stretch marks on the back of my thighs, on top of how shredded my stomach looks. I had a c-section with my first. She was nearly 9lbs with too big of a head to fit through my tiny cavity, haha. My c-section scar is practically nonexistent, so I'm told I scar well, and should have good results from the TT. My second pregnancy, I only gained 35lbs, but I had my son 4 weeks early. He was a healthy 6lbs 6oz. I can only imagine how big he would've gotten if I went that extra 4 weeks. I had a vaginal delivery with him.. a vbac. That was a much more pleasant experience.
Anywho.. so I'm done having kids (the husband is snipped), and I'm done breastfeeding, and I'm super pumped to get my mommy makeover on the road and finally feel my age again. I'm tired of not feeling comfortable in my own skin. The problem is mostly when I'm in bathing suits or naked. But also even figuring out the bra situation is getting really old. For a long time I lived in my nursing bras and was content never having to wear a wired bra again, haha. Now that I'm wearing wired bras again, it's just obnoxious that if I even bend over a little, loose skin just starts slipping out and then the whole boob just plops out with it! It's like stuffing a sausage into a casing. I talk about getting a mommy makeover a lot because I have no shame in wanting to get this done, but I'm starting to think I should just keep it to myself, even though I'm not ashamed. People constantly ask why and say I look fine. I'm getting really tired of having to explain myself. They have no idea what I look like naked, or how I feel in my own skin. I want to be able to wear a two piece again, and not look like I'm 5 months pregnant by the end of the day, and I don't want my boobs slapping against me when I'm doing the deed with my husband, lol.

3 consultations total, before deciding to go with Dr. R.

My first consult was with Dr. Umansky in San Diego. He was nice. His practice is a family practice. Him and his brother are plastic surgeons, and their father owned the practice before they took over. It's pretty much a one stop shop. They do their consults and their surgeries in house. They even have a spa across the hall where they offered me a complimentary facial (I definitely took them up on that offer and glad I did.. it was amazing). While I liked Dr. Umansky, the quote I received from them was rather high for what he wanted to do.. he seemed to want to only do the bare minimum. He said I didn't really need lipo (I beg to differ), and he does not do fat transfers and thus I would only be getting a breast lift by itself, since I am not interested in getting an implant. So my quote for tummy tuck and breast lift only, was $16k. I imagined my cost would be that high with extras such as lipo with fat transfer, or an implant.. but not for the bare minimum. Their coordinator was also fairly new and was having a hard time finding the right before & after photos to show me. I also dislike the idea of being sent home only like an hour or so after waking from surgery, unless you pay even more to stay a night or so.
My second consult was with UCSD Plastic Surgery Center. This is the place I would have gone to had I not found my doctor. Since it is associated with the University, their main resident doctor assists the "students" that are there to get certified. The doctor that I consulted with, is already a certified general surgeon, but he was in his last year with UCSD, to be certified in plastic surgery. So bec it is a school, they greatly reduce their fees. I really liked the doctor I consulted with (Dr Charlie Chen), and the main doctor Marek Dobke. For a tummy tuck, breast lift and some lipo, they quoted me $6,200. That's including anesthesia, operating room fees, and surgeons fees. The only thing they said that could be an added cost after the fact, would be if they removed any breast tissue and needed to dispose of it properly. But that probably wouldn't have applied to me bec I have very little breast tissue and only need excess skin removed. So yeah, considering their fees were 10 grand less than Dr. Umansky, that would be a no brainer. I really liked Dr. Chen's before and afters and I like that he showed me himself.
My last and final consult was with Dr. Rodriguez. I already had emailed my pictures in for a quote, so my in-person consult was just an added bonus to see more the specifics of what he would do. I drove down to TJ on a Monday morning with a friend that spoke Spanish. It probably would've been fine if I had gone alone, but I just wouldn't have been able to ask where to park very well, the way my friend was able to in Spanish lol. The office is pretty close to the border so we got there pretty quick. Dr. R went through some pictures first to explain some of the procedures, then we did my exam. He showed me all the places he would lipo to shape my body, which were areas I didn't even think to bring up as I didn't think they would be significant, but he did, so I thought that was great! And then he showed the areas he would do the fat transfer to.. my breasts, my hips where I have indents, and then the rest to my buttocks. I already have a little bit of a booty, and I don't want a big butt by any means.. but a little plumper would be nice, and I think that's his plan. I was really glad to have made it in for the in-person consult because that really solidified my choosing him. I was already attracted to the idea of going to a recovery home, but knowing how much this doctor cares about really shaping the body, is what makes the difference. So the plan is, is I get picked up the day before surgery on the US side, get taken to the recovery house, have surgery the next day, stay that night in the hospital, then taken to the recovery house for an additional 5 nights. Recovery house, meals, 5 lymphatic massages and one compression garment set are included in my quote. I'm so excited, I can't wait for April!

Forgot to add info on one other quote

So my last quote was from Dra Carmina Cardenas. I had thought for a very long time that I wanted to go to her. Then I started seeing some complaints about her on RS.. some complaints about prices starting to get too high (basically comparable to US pricing.. which I found to be true in my quote.. and I'll post screenshots of my emailed quote here), and other complaints of errors and poor bedside manner etc. That made me feel pretty uncomfortable, like maybe she was getting too popular and it started getting to her head and ego, but I still didn't have a specific doctor locked in so she was still pretty high on my list. It wasn't until someone from here suggested Dr. Rodriguez to me. They told me about the Facebook page dedicated to the recovery home that Dr. R uses and once I checked it out, I was hooked. All his patients post there.. their before & afters, pictures of the recovery home, but most importantly.. the Dr himself, his patient coordinator Paulina, and the recovery home Owner (Angel) all answer everyone's questions and are very transparent in regards to the practice. There's a huge support system within that Facebook page that I really like :)
So with my quote with Dra Cardenas, it was 10 grand just for the surgery, then it would've been an additional grand or so for the recovery home, plus the extra little costs of medication etc. So basically several thousand dollars more than what I'm paying with Dr. R. Obviously price isn't everything when choosing a doctor, but I also don't want to feel like I'm nickeled and dimed for every little thing.

Told my work and getting excited!

I had anxiety over how I would tell my boss and my coworkers that I needed to take 2-3 weeks off work. I had just started a new job at a small nonprofit and so not only was I afraid of telling them I needed so much time off work after only barely joining them, but the fact that they're a non profit who only work off private donations and are scrambling each month to gain funds to help the families we help.. I was afraid of telling them what I was doing and having them frown upon the money I was wasting. Luckily I have super cool and understanding coworkers who acted like it was no big deal, and told me to only tell our boss what I felt comfortable with. So all I said to my boss was that I was getting surgery and would be off for 3 weeks and that I already put it on the calendar. And she just said "ok" and went about her work. That was a victory in my book! Haha. She said it in a nice way like I was telling her about any other random afternoon I needed off. It's such a relief to have gotten that over with. Now all I have to worry about is getting my labs done and sending those in to Dr Rodriguez :) Which reminds me that that was another thing that went smoothly... requesting my labs to be ordered from Kaiser. So I think this is a common request when going to Mexico, but they require you to get labs done (CBC, pregnancy test etc) and a chest X-ray & ekg. Dr R's patient coordinator, Paulina, sent me a list of the things I needed to request from my PCP. So all I did was logged onto my account on kp.org, and emailed my doctor with the list. The next day I got a response saying they ordered the tests for me! I honestly thought there was going to be a lot of push back on why I wanted the tests, so I requested them rather early, but there was no push back, so now Im just left waiting. Paulina said it's best to get the tests done no earlier than 30 days before surgery. So I should get these done right in the beginning of march. It's all a waiting game. And I'm feeling really really impatient haha. I just want to get this show on the road! :)
So I'm going to upload a few pictures so I can get them off my phone haha. One of them is just of my chest where I'm pushing one boob up to make it look like I have a fuller breast.. which is what I want, haha. I don't want big boobs at all.. I just want them fuller on top ????

Wanted to add a couple more pics

Only 53 more days!

It's felt like I've been waiting forever, and time seemed to go especially slow once I actually put down a deposit and set a date.. but it's finally coming up fast! I can't believe I'm less than 2 months away. I'm so ready and excited ????

One month to go!!

I'm getting sooooo close I can feel it. I keep having weird dreams where I've just had my procedure but there's weird stuff going on, so I hope that doesn't mean anything. I need to pack soon as we will be going to my in-laws for a whole week literally right before I leave for surgery. It's my daughter's spring break so we planned this trip right before surgery so we can enjoy ourselves doing adventurous activities and then I can just sit back and relax afterwards at home. Ahhhh I seriously can't wait. But when the packing begins.. I know it'll feel right around the corner :)
I don't know if anyone is reading my blog since I don't seem to get any comments.. but I'll keep updating anyway. Wish me luck! ????

Changed my Doctor

So I changed doctors to Dr Galvez, also in TJ Mexico.
The recovery house I am staying at worked with Dr Rodriguez, my original doctor, for the past two years. But recently Dr R wanted to work independently from the recovery home. While I think that he would have still done a fine job, it made me uncomfortable using a doctor who wasn't working as a team with the recovery home. I felt more at ease using one of the other two doctors that works specifically with Casa Del Angel recovery home :) I was able to keep the same date with Dr Galvez, and my pricing should all be the same, so that's good. So now I just have to get the specific instructions Dr G has, and find out what exact day and time I am to arrive at the border for them to pick me up :) Just a little less than 3 weeks left now! Super excited :)

Bag is packed!

My bag is all packed for the most part. There's still a few items I need to pack that I'll be using still in the days before I leave. I have 13 days to go until surgery, but right before, we will be visiting my in-laws for almost a full week, just to get a small vaca out of the way before I'm confined to my home haha. It'll be my daughter's spring break from school next week so we'll be traveling to Northern California to stay at my in-laws ranch :) I'm excited because they just got a mule and I really want to ride it.. something I wouldn't be able to do if I got surgery beforehand (not for a while anyways). So as far as my bag goes.. I'm packing pretty light. I'm not staying for as long as other patients are that are coming from further away, so I packed pretty minimally. I packed a couple front closure wireless support bras, some underwear (even tho most people said they didn't bother wearing any the entire time haha), one pair of compression socks, a robe, slippers, loose sweatpants, a couple loose tops, about 4 or 5 white tanks to wear under the compression garment, some toiletries (tooth brush etc), my she-wee pee funnel haha, an extension cord and my charger, and my various meds and such. My pcp ordered me some hydrocodone that I plan to take with me, and then I bought some stool softener, bromelain, arnica tabs, & arnica gel. I might bring my laptop but I'm almost thinking it would be pointless to bring, since I'll only be staying 5 nights post op. I think I'll be too busy in those 5 days to even need the laptop. I'm scheduling at least 3 sessions in the hyperbaric chamber, to aid in healing, I'll have 4 lymphatic massages to help with drainage, I'm sure follow-up visits with Dr Galvez, and all in between needing to rest, sleep, eat, wash up, etc. I guess I just convinced myself to leave all extras at home, haha. So I'm practically ready now.. I scheduled a house cleaner to come the day before I get back home following surgery, and my mom should be coming the day I arrive home, to stay with me for a week, to help when my husband is gone at work. Mostly to help with the kiddos, not necessarily myself... that reminds me.. I need to make sure to have the cash for her. And that also reminds me that I need to take out the cash I need to bring with me to Mexico. There are quite a few things that need to be paid for separately.. the compression garment, pain pump, the hyperbaric chamber sessions and rides to and from the chamber, and then the tips/cash I'll more than likely be giving to the nurses on staff. It's good I'm even writing this all out again because it's a good reminder of what I still need to do. I'll have to check back to this post again right before I go, for any last minute errands :) Thanks for listening!

6 days to go!

I wanted to upload some more before pictures and get them off of my phone. I think I need a new phone, my husband needs to take my phone into the Apple Store, because my mic isn't working, so I don't want them looking for a video to play to test out sound, and discover my nudies haha.

I head to Mexico today!

Today I get picked up around noon, on the US side near the border, by one of the drivers from CDA (the recovery home). I'll update later tonight on how that all goes. For now, here's a few more before pics in my favorite pants. I can't wait to get rid of this extra skin that hangs out on top!

Getting picked up..

So I was told I was being picked up near the border on the US side around 1pm. But I guess there was so much traffic that the driver was waiting for over 4 hours to cross the border.. yikes! So I didn't get picked up until just after 5pm. The driver's name was Nick, an American, and super nice and chatty. It was a quick 30 minute drive in to Mexico to the recovery house. I was greeted by the nurse Angelica, who gave me a tour, showed me to my room while bringing my things for me (my duffle bag and a case of water haha-most people drink the filtered water here, but I figured why not bring a case of Arrowhead since I live close and can). She brought me a pineapple smoothie and I sat in my room chatting with my roommate, who had already been there for 8 days. It was so helpful to hear first hand how it all went and little tips and tricks. I had dinner with all the girls that were already at CDA (4 patients and one friend of a patient). Later in the evening, Dr Galvez showed up to my surprise, so he could go over the surgical plan and mark me up. I felt bad bec I was sweating to death and he had to wipe me off in order to mark me up haha! I was like, see this is why we need those breast lifts.. bec we swear profusely under the fold! So he told me my options as far as the tummy tuck goes and how my breasts would look with just a lift and fat transfer. He is fine with doing whatever I choose, but he said I probably won't achieve the look I'm thinking of with just a lift. He suggested I get a small implant (150cc or smaller), instead of a fat transfer of up to 200cc per breast. Apparently my nipples aren't much lower than where they're supposed to be, although they don't look it at all. He said he wouldn't be able to do that big of a lift bec of where the nipple is and would be placed. They'd probably end up facing up towards the ceiling if the lift was too high haha. So with that, I guess I'm for the first time considering implants. I still have to meet up with him once more before my surgery time (surgery is at 2pm), so we can discuss the implant thing more, so we shall see. So after he left, Angel was at the house to finalize the payment with me, and then it was off to bed. I had unpacked my stuff earlier, so I was all settled in. I put my extension cord in behind my bed, plugged in my charger, put all my meds/vitamins on the shelf next to me and all my toiletries in the bathroom. I brought my "she-wee" pee funnel with me to the hospital haha, then I'll bring it back to continue to use at CDA. I slept fine.. the bed was a little noisy. I set my alarm for 6:45a to take a shower bec Angel was picking me up at 7:30/7:45a. I showered like normal, no lotions or anything after, but I did blow dry my hair, which was provided in our bathroom. Btw.. Im glad I brought wipes bec every time I went to pee after I had been marked up, I got sharpie on the toilet seat.. so I wiped it down so my roommate didn't have to. So I put on my loose sweats and a loose shirt and wore my sandals. I brought a small bag with me, with my zip up sweater, a spaghetti strap tank for under my compression garment, my wallet for my ID, my phone and charger, and my pain meds my pcp at Kaiser prescribed me. We got to the hospital (Oasis of Hope), I filled out paperwork. They brought me to my room, Angel said her goodbyes and I changed into my hospital gown. A nurse came in to take my blood pressure and measure my height and weight. Then a little while later two nurses came in to put in my IV and my compression socks. Then the anesthesiologist came in to introduce herself and asked some questions and left. Now I just play the waiting game until 2pm!

Pictures when I arrived at CDA

Changed my review to say Worth It

Even though I'm super uncomfortable right now, I just have to say how much I love that I went with Dr. Galvez. He is so sweet and has the best bedside manner. He's so smart and well spoken and just a really kind soul. He's made this whole process more bearable and really took care of all my needs as far as the surgery went, and so far with after care! :)

Ok so surgery..

Bare with me.. this will be a long post. So I waited in my room the entire time until they were ready for me. At some point while waiting they had put my compression socks on, and the IV in, which imo is always painful and uncomfortable lol. I had it in for several hours before surgery. Then Dr G came in to give me paperwork to sign and initial.. 3 big packets explaining each of the major things I was getting done (TT, lipo and breast lift). We discussed the implants again and I felt ready to say yes to implants. I told him I didn't want to be bigger than a C cup, so he said he'd have an order of 100cc's, 120 and 150cc's ready to try on me. A couple nurses finally came to get me right before 3pm. They put me on a bed and rolled me to the OR where Dr Galvez and his team were waiting. I told Dr Galvez about the weird dream I had about him the night before and had everyone laughing then I was out cold. I don't remember a thing. When I came to, I asked Dr G what size implants he put in (150cc) and then asked him to take photos of me (which I guess I had already asked several times while in and out of consciousness haha). He took more photos of me then they took me back to my room (I was in room 206 at Oasis of Hope Hospital). I think the surgery only took 4-5 hours, but I don't recall waking up until around 10:45/11pm or so. I texted my husband at 11:22pm saying I was done and back in my room. I was super hungry since I hadn't eaten anything since 7pm the night before, but they told me I could only have ice chips if I was thirsty. I just tried to go to sleep instead. By midnight I had thrown up the first time. I had thrown up into one of those little bean shaped bowls. I called the nurse to empty it and she did and then came back with nausea medicine to put in my IV. Then I threw up about 4 more times over the course of the night :-/ So painful, but not totally unbearable. I had been afraid of throwing up leading up to this moment and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. The nauseous feeling was worse than actually throwing up. Though by the 5th time it was more painful bec I was dry heaving at that point. I slept in between vomiting, but woke up for a longer period around 3am, fell asleep then woke again just before 6am. I've been up ever since with very small spurts of sleep here and there.. I'm talking like 5 minute increments. Every time I'd fall asleep, something or someone would wake me up, and I have a hard time falling asleep once woken up. Around 730ish I felt nauseous again and actually cried. Though I think the crying was more just emotions that needed to come out. But I cried while the nurse was there and told her I was nauseous and felt like I couldn't breath (these damn boobs are suffocating me lol). So the nurse came back with more nausea medicine and that seemed to work much better than the first round (was also put in my IV). Breakfast finally came around 830a and it was mostly all liquid. Two juices, a water and jello. The jello didn't take good so I sipped my juices slowly so I wouldn't get sick again. There was a tv in my room so I was able to watch shows and movies on Netflix for several hours. I still had the catheter in, along with my one drain, so I didn't have to get up at all. Lunch came at 1:15p, which was soup, salad, fruit (cantaloupe), jello and tea. I could only eat the soup and fruit. I'll update in the next thread what happened next when Dr Galvez came to see me. I'm too exhausted to keep typing lol. Need a nap lol. ????

Continued from last post..

So right around when I got my lunch, Dr Galvez came in to put my compression garment on. He got me a size small and it was very tight getting it on. He had a nurse first take my catheter out, then he stood me up, and boy was that painful. It felt like my incision was on fire. Dr said it was normal though. So he started to put the garment on and had to have me lay back down to finish doing the clasps. It was hard on me getting in and out of the bed so much. The garment is sooooo tight! But it's on and I can pee with it on, so it's fine lol. Tomorrow I'll have to take it off so I can shower and the nurse can wash it (there's blood on it now). So the Dr said that when he went to grab the implants, the 150cc ones, he said they were so small he was like, there's no way we can go smaller haha. He said it looked like the size of a donut hole! But then he tried one anyways to see how it looked and he said it looked great! He said he was so pleased. As far as the tummy tuck goes, he said he was able to pull the skin far enough down without having to do a vertical incision where my old belly button was (whoosh thank goodness!). So he told me he was able to lipo all the areas he marked me on.. my flanks, back, saddle bags, inside of my thighs, back of my arms (which were not originally marked.. I asked him to do it when we got in the OR lol), and that little bit of fat in between my armpits and breasts. He put about 350cc's of fat in each butt cheek and put a little bit into my hips to fill the indent I had. So after he put me in my compression garment, Angel came to pick me up and take me back to CDA. I got pushed in a wheelchair to her car that was waiting literally right outside the hospital doors. The ride was a little bumpy and uncomfortable, but I was soon back in my bed to rest. I had brought my own narcotics prescribed to me by my pcp at Kaiser, but the doctor thought I might get nauseous again on those, so he ordered me pain meds along with the antibiotics I'll be taking. So those got delivered to me and I paid about $170 for that. After I took my pain meds, I got a little nap in and then they brought me my dinner which was a delicious chicken soup. I'm glad the portions are small right now because I really can't eat a whole lot, and I appreciate that they're liquid :) Some things I wanted to mention that I've noticed or been struggling with.. I have gas but I literally cannot fart, lol. I just can't push it out, it's too difficult and it hurts me to try. So I'm suffering slightly from that haha. Peeing is weird as I have the urge but it only trickles out. I've peed several times at this point and I just have to sit there and let what little will come out, wait and pee a little again, and so on. I have not pooped but that's fine bec I pooped yesterday right before surgery haha. Ive been taking stool softeners though so I might have to go tomorrow. Though I might be ok with waiting one more day too as I'd want to take the compression garment off for that. Coughing hurts so bad, so I recommend not having a cough and having little candies to suck on close to your bed side. I feel super tight and uncomfortable but that's to be expected. So, I started feeling like I needed more pain meds around 10pm, so I called the nurse in to give me more. She said I wasn't due until midnight but she gave them to me anyways. Then she had to use a syringe to draw out the blood and liquid from my drain bec it seemed to be stuck. Right after she did that, I got this massive pain in my left side followed by burning. It hurt so badly that I started to cry, but not just cry, I was moaning in pain and basically hyperventilating. I think I scared the poor nurse. She had to call Dr G and he told her to give me stronger meds. She then took my blood pressure again, which was normal. She had to undo my garment bec of the pain, and let me breath. So I'll sleep with it unlatched tonight. I finally calmed down, went to the bathroom, and am now laying in bed about to go to sleep. Just finishing up this post ;) I'll post some pics I took. The one I took of my stomach.. the crease above and below my belly button is from the compression garment pushing the skin together and creating a fold. That should smooth out as I swell less. (Oh I can only post 10 pictures at a time, so I'll post som more on the next thread).

More photos

Here's some photos Dr Galvez took during surgery, and some i took.

Feeling better today

Sorry I changed my profile name because I don't recall even choosing that first one to begin with, haha. It was from part of my email which was my maiden name. Anywho.. So today I'm 2 days post, but technically I'm a full two days post later in the evening. They wake you at 6am to give you breakfast, which is really early for me, but it doesn't bother me. After I ate, the nurse helped me take off my compression garment so I could shower. I used the shower handle sprayer so I could only wash around the incisions. I carefully washed my privates and my arms and legs and what little I could reach of my back haha. It felt good to get clean. I still have the sharpie on me.. that will take a while to fully come off. My back is super sore and swollen from the lipo. So it hurt a little to wash it. I was so hunched over in the shower but I was able to wash and finish up fine. I didn't wash my hair as I washed it Monday. I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week. So after that, the nurse took my compression garment to wash it, so I only put a robe on (I brought one but they gave me one of theirs to put on). Then I was given my pain meds and a shot in my arm for antibiotics. Another nurse, Martha, came around 9am to give me my lymphatic massage. She had me sit up in the bed so she could do my back and arms. She was super gentle and it felt nice. But towards the end of it, I started to feel nauseous and needed to lay back down. Luckily she was done with my back and asked me to lay down to do my stomach, but I was so sick I crawled into bed so fast and was moaning from feeling sick. Martha had to put a wet towel around my neck and fan me down. It took a couple minutes for me to feel ok. Then she continued the massage and it felt good. I've been pretty bed ridden, but they told me they wanted me to start walking around a bit more tomorrow. That sounds perfect bec I think I'll feel much better tomorrow for that. Martha then gave me a snack of sliced apples and peanut butter. I'm feeling much more hungry today. Angel, the owner of CDA, just came to visit me so that was nice. Now I'm in my bed just watching tv and relaxing. The tv actually has all the normal channels but some are in Spanish and some shows in English. I've been binging on the E! Channel and watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians, haha, which is in English. TMI, but I'm finally able to pass gas without much effort, so yay for that. I'm still just naked in the bed, waiting for my compression garment to be done in the wash. That's all for now! :)

Feeling sooo much better today

First I'd like to say how much I love my doctor. I can write him through Facebook messenger and he responds so quick. And is super helpful and sweet. I just can't say enough about how amazing he is. So, it's obvious with each passing day that it gets easier. I'm only 3 days po now and feel great. The garment is easier to wear today so that makes me feel sooo much better. Last night it was still pretty unbearable so I had to open it up in order to sleep. I slept good, and it was probably because I didn't get a nap all day and had been up since 6am. Today I was woken up a little later than usual so that was nice.. closer to 7am this time. I had breakfast and took a shower and actually washed my hair today so I feel great. I've been getting up out of bed on my own since the second day. I kind of roll out so I don't use my stomach muscles lol. After my shower, I had my second lymphatic massage, this time in the spa room. And just like the first time, I felt nauseous but not as bad. It's such a weird feeling. The massages help with the swelling and to release the toxins, so I'm all for them. And I feel perfectly normal again right after they're done. So after my massage I laid down to rest and had a snack of apples and peanut butter. Then I got ready to go to my hyperbaric chamber appointment. Then I had lunch. I'm on my way to my appt now so I'll update later how that goes. The driver CDA uses is a white male, so that's nice haha, because I'm able to chat with him. And he's really easy to talk to. I'll add some photos of what the bruising looks like today. I've been taking arnica tabs, but I just started today rubbing on my arnica gel. So hopefully these bruises will be gone by the time I go home on Monday.

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber

So I thought I'd update on how that went. I forgot to take pictures so I'll have to do that tomorrow when I go back. I googled hyperbaric chamber so I could copy and paste a short explanation to help anyone who's never heard of it. **Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a medical treatment which enhances the body's natural healing process by inhalation of 100% oxygen in a total body chamber, where atmospheric pressure is increased and controlled. It is used for a wide variety of treatments usually as a part of an overall medical care plan.** So I got there and the guy spoke great English and explained the whole process to me. I was in the chamber for an hour. The first ten minute he just increased the pressure and told me I would probably feel like my ears were clogged and need popping, and showed me ways to pop them if I didn't know how, and told me chewing gum would help with it and gave me piece from a pack he keeps inside the chamber. There's a long bench that I could either sit on or lay down on, and I actually alternated doing that. I started out sitting then laid down for a large portion, then sat up again for the last 15 mins or so. There were two other chairs inside and a table that had a tissue box and a stack of magazines to read. So after the initial 10 mins it took to increase the pressure, he had me put on an oxygen mask that he explained before leaving the chamber. He told me to put it on and breath in through my nose and out through my mouth. I laid down at this point bec I was tired of sitting and kept my eyes closed through the process. I actually dozed off for a quick moment but woke up bec my legs swayed haha. I thought that I might not be able to lay down flat like I did, because of the fact that I can't even stand up straight, but I was able to do it during my morning massage just fine, with my legs bent and feet flat of course. So I did the same thing in the chamber. It was honestly the longest hour of my life, haha. I was soooo bored and the time seemed to go by so slowly. I wish I had brought my phone in with me to occupy me better. I tried looking through a magazine but it was in Spanish, so I only looked at the pictures. It was pretty rough keeping an oxygen mask on for that long too. I would say if you're claustrophobic, this is not for you lol. I'm not, so I was able to handle it. But I know from other girls that did it and they said they didn't like it. One person also said they didn't feel like it did anything. I figure it can't hurt so I'm willing to try anything that'll aid in healing. It was $120 for the session, and I had to pay $35 to the driver, Nick, who took me. So I will continue to do the next two sessions I was already scheduled for. I scheduled them with Angel's assistant Natalie before I even got to Mexico. Ride home was fine, but then as soon as I got back, I was feeling so swollen from all that activity, that I was super uncomfortable in my garment. I had to unlatch it, and even unlatch a few notches off the surgical bra to be able to breath. My ribs felt like they were being crushed. And now as I'm laying down, my stomach is gurgling and making all kinds of strange noises. It seems as if I'm super gassy, and maybe that's all it is, but it's not coming out and it's just hurting me. So I feel pain and discomfort right now. I hope this subsides soon bec it's seriously awful :( I'm glad my appointments for the next two are earlier than today's was.. hoping that'll help with the swelling that already happens as the day goes on. Ugh my stomach discomfort is making me feel so sick right now :(

Indigestion holy cow!

So I mentioned in my last update that I was feeling uncomfortable and had the rumbling and whatnot, but it got much worse as the night went on :( I was cursing to myself a lot last night, haha. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't lay down.. I either had to sit upright or walk around. I tried going to the bathroom, took another stool softener, tried to make myself burp. I was in agony. The nurse came to my room randomly at midnight to check on me, and offered me medicine for my gas. It didn't work right away and almost an hour passed and I finally decided to just lay down and deal with it until I fell asleep. The pain got better not too long after laying down and I finally fell asleep. But I woke up at 5am this morning ???? I couldn't go back to sleep. So today is going to be a loooong day. I hope I can nap after my appointment. So since I was awake, I decided to take my shower early and just get ready for the day since my appt is much earlier than yesterday. I took off my garment by myself, which wasn't hard to do, since I've been unhooking it myself since day 2, to relieve the pressure and pain. So I got all showered but didn't wash my hair since I did it yesterday. I asked the nurse to wash my garment and some of my clothes, since my tanks I've been wearing under my garment have been getting fluids on them. After my shower, the nurse had breakfast waiting for me. It was delicious! But it did start to give me indigestion again, dang-it. Not bad though.. I could just hear the noises more than I had pain. So hopefully that's the end of it today. I ate, took my pain meds and my some of my other vitamins and whatnot. While I waited for the driver, Nick, to get here, which wouldn't be long.. he needed to pick me up by 8:45a, I asked one of the nurses for tweezers bec my eyebrows were getting out of control haha. Nick showed up on time and we were on our way. Again, great conversations both there and back. He's really a funny guy. He had me laughing so hard on the way back, and it's pretty difficult to even laugh after a tummy tuck :) He's very complimentary too.. said how much he's enjoyed our rides and that I'm a pleasure to talk to and that I'm very intelligent. It's honestly really nice to hear those things, especially from someone you met only 5 days ago. For them to say things about you, that you probably don't consider or have thought about in a while, feels really really good. Like, we were all individuals before we met our spouses, and before we had kids, and then for a lot of us, those things that happened (getting married and having kids) basically defined us. But truly, we are much more than just that. We are brave, strong, funny, beautiful, sarcastic, hilarious, sensitive, intelligent women with a lot to say. And I truly felt my voice heard and appreciated, just by these conversations I've had with Nick. It's such a cool, unique feeling really. To be reminded of our specialties outside of being a mom or a wife and a house cleaner and a driver and a cook, etc etc. I hope I'm making sense and this is heard by someone here haha. It's a pretty darn good realization. And it totally feels like full circle when you get this makeover.. you just feel like you're getting a part of you back that you lost so long ago. A big part you like feeling confident and sexy, and happy really. Any who, haha, back to my day. So the chamber this time was much easier to get through. I truly feel like I'm doing amazing only 4 days out. I hope it's because of this chamber now, since it was pricy, haha. I was able to sit upright the entire time, which is progress, and the time flew by much quicker bec I brought my phone in with me that time and was able to update all my friends and family on how I'm doing. The place is super clean too. The guy goes in after me to wipe everything down and you have to wear those foot covers over your shoes before going in. The bathroom was clean and in the lobby, I watched a guy wipe down everything, including the couches! Haha. After that, we drove back and now I'm here, having lunch :) By the way, just as an FYI, I have been sitting on my butt for long periods of time, I have not bothered to sit on special pillows or boppys or neck pillows under my thighs, at all. I figure if the fat transfer doesn't stick, then it just doesn't. I'm focusing more on how I'm actually feeling more than anything. And I'm feeling great today. I have not felt like I've needed to take off the compression garment yet since I've put it back on this morning, so that's good. I think it did help much more that I was out and about earlier. But as soon as I'm back, I strip my clothes off and just walk around in my garment, vag hanging out and all :) haha kidding. If I'm in my room, yeah I'll just wear the garment. The nurses have seen me naked so much now lol. But if I'm actually going to bother going downstairs, I'll wear my robe. I have pictures to share :) Hope you enjoyed this post!

Feeling discouraged

I'm having so many issues with the meds and antibiotics :( It's causing me indigestion, acid reflux and so much pain. Just extreme pain in my stomach. I cried for the 2nd time since I've been here. I'm shocked I didn't read about this in the hundreds of other blogs I read here on RealSelf. I would have come better prepared. I thought I had brought my probiotics too but I guess I forgot them. And the nurses ran out of the medicine they gave me the first night I had the indigestion bad (omeprazol), so I just cried and cried and felt very sorry for myself. Even now as I'm typing this, I'm tearing up. I think it's an emotional day for me. All I could do last night was take my pain meds and try to fall asleep. I finally did but then woke up around 4:45am with more indigestion pain. So two nights in a row now I've gotten very little sleep with no day naps. I for sure thought I'd get to sleep a ton while I was here, being that I'm kid-free and had nothing to do but rest. But I'm actually getting less sleep than I do at home and I'm a terrible sleeper in general. So this totally blows. I'll try to focus on other things like this blog. So yesterday I took a walk in the neighborhood and it was beautiful. The ocean view and the trees and flowers and canyon.. I couldn't be in a better location to recover. On the way back, I checked out the house next door, because Angel recently bought it to expand her recovery homes. That house looked a little more modern inside and had an amazing pool and jacuzzi in the backyard. Much more preferable to the house everyone is staying in now, though it's still lovely here :) So I had dinner and just relaxed until close to bedtime. When I tried to fall asleep, before the pain started coming back strong, my mouth started filling with fluid, like foamy saliva. It was filling so fast I had to jump out of bed to spit it out before I choked on it. I had to spit 3 times. I've never experienced this before in my life. I've had an acidic taste in my mouth for the last 3 days. I'm afraid to eat. I don't want to make it worse. And I definitely don't want to eat any more acidic foods. Then that's when the pain started coming. I was cursing so much to myself lol. After I got annoyingly woken up this morning by more indigestion pain, I got up to use the bathroom and was able to poop. I hadn't yesterday. You'd think with all this pooping, the amount that's coming out of me, in such a short period of time (I've always had bathroom issues so I've never pooped this often or this much), that it would've helped with the indigestion and pain. But no, still have it, even now while I'm getting my massage from Martha, my stomach is constantly gurgling and all kinds of internal organs are reorganizing themselves in there. I tried to go back to sleep after using the bathroom, but Lupita came in at 5:45 to wake me up for breakfast. The f*ck. She was the nurse who saw me crying just last night in pain and you're going to wake me up THAT early to eat?? Not to take my blood pressure or to check my drains.. no she wanted me to eat knowing I'm having stomach issues. Smh. I love all the nurses here, and Lupita is so sweet, but she crazy. I just sat up and dealt with more pain, before eating a very tiny amount. Then I showered and waited for Martha to be ready for me. Getting my massage now and after will be my last hyperbaric chamber appt. I'm going to ask Nick to take me somewhere to get probiotics and aloe water. I'm only here for 2 more nights but I'm tired of suffering. Oh but the doctor has been great. Responding to my every message and just told me now he would order me medication for acid reflux and gastritis. So that sounds promising. I'll add some photos I took of the neighborhood and in a separate post, I'll post some more updated pictures of me. I still have tape on, so there's nothing to see.

The mood is low and the weather is perfectly overcast to fit my mood

Here's some more pictures.

Drain is out!

I'm 7 days post op and I just got my drain out. I hadn't been draining anything though since 3-4 days post op. They kept telling me it could come out soon but I guess the timing didn't work out on who was going to pull it, but I'm just happy to have it out before going home :) I took a video of it coming out, to share, haha. The doctor came soon after, but hasn't checked out my incisions, we just talked. He has to come back to the recovery house to do his consult and markings for another patient, so he said he'll check on me then. I'm feeling so good today. No drain and no pain. I still have indigestion but it's being controlled by medication. I slept good last night, probably the best sleep I've gotten so far. I shower every morning, avoiding my incisions, and that always makes me feel better :)

Going home today!

I was supposed to go home on Sunday but didn't feel ready yet. I knew too, that the medical passes they use to take patients back, in the quick medical lane, doesn't work on Sunday's.. and I'm not trying to sit in the long ass line for hours to get home. So I changed my stay to Monday. Then I still wasn't feeling like Monday was long enough so I talked to hubby and he said I could stay until Tuesday. Woo hoo! Luckily his normal days off of work are Monday and Tuesday, so it worked out so perfectly. I'm so glad bec even last night, I was super hunched over and uncomfortable. But I woke up today feeling amazing. I'm standing much straighter and have zero pain. I know I'll get more hunched over as the day goes on.. so I'll just make sure to rest more as that happens. I'm being picked up any minute, 11am, by Nick, and we'll swing by the medical office to get the medical pass, and be on our way. Nick said that it usually only takes 30-40 mins at most when using the medical lane. I hope that's true and I'll update to say how long it actually took. I hope it's not longer bec I need to be at the lot my husband needs to pick me up at (which is just after we enter the US, close to the San Ysidro Outlets) at 1pm, so we can swing by my aunts to pick up my mom, who's in town to help me with the kids, and grab my daughter from school at 2pm. I hope that's plenty of time. I'm so glad my mom came down and that my aunt will stay over too. I won't have to lift a finger, at least until Sunday, lol. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ok, so I wrote what was above, while I was waiting for the driver, and then he came, and I forgot to hit post, lol. So now I have an update on how it went. So I took down step by step directions on how to get from when you enter Mexico, to where I would see the doctor at his medical office, so I can go by myself next time for my follow-up appointments. He wants to see me next week sometime. I'm hoping he's free Tuesday the 18th because that's when I'm free. So we went to the medical office to grab the medical pass so we could go through the special lane, and not have to wait in the long line with everyone else. Typically the regular lines can take anywhere from 2-5 hours to get back into the US :-/ Amazingly, it only took us 20 mins to get through the line!! I was so happy, because as it turned out, we pulled into the lot right as my husband did too! Such perfect timing!! Nick did an amazing job the entire time, so I tipped him $10, and tipped all the nurses $20 each. There were 6 of them on rotation.. Angelica, Stephanie, Martha, Alejandra, Lupita, and Esperanza. All of them so sweet and helpful. I feel so lucky to live so close that I'm able to not only see the doctor for follow ups, but that I'm able to come back to the house to visit everyone, including the new patients that are coming in that I've gotten to know through Dr Galvez's Facebook page. I love the support we all receive from each other, on that page. So yesterday, one of the girls from the fb page I had been talking to, was coming in from Washington for her turn at her mommy makeover. I was so glad to have stayed and got that day and night to chat with her. We had a blast laughing and found that we had a ton in common. I even sat in on her consult with the doctor, her naked and all, haha! We were joking around with the doctor and all cracking up. It's so refreshing to have a younger doctor that you feel so comfortable around like you've all been friends forever. Anyways, so I'm home now and relaxing. I'll update as things change :)

Weak in the shower :(

Had a shower this morning and for the first time I almost thought I wasn't going to make it through it. I felt so weak and nauseous. I tried just sitting but that wasn't enough, so I had to full blown lay down on my side on the shower floor :( After a few minutes I was able to sit up on my knees and continue washing myself. I wasn't even concerned about not trying to get my incisions wet at that point, but just trying to finish up and get out. In other news.. I think having patience for results is almost just as hard as the recovery itself. I'll look at myself and start nitpicking at some of the smaller details. I know it's too early to see results, so I shouldn't.. and it's not consuming me so it's ok.. but yeah, I notice. I notice how my incision comes to a point in the middle.. but I'm guessing that was so my doctor could avoid that vertical incision where my old bb was. But what I'm really wondering, is if anyone has thought their bb looked off center, and then in the end it turned out ok. I'm wondering if it's bec of swelling that my bb doesn't look perfectly center, or if this is the way it'll look, and that I might need a revision..? I'm not too concerned about having to have a revision.. but I just like to know these things ahead of time lol. Hopefully someone here can chime in. So I've been home for about 3 days now and I think I've gotten more sleep here than I had the entire time I was away, haha. I would've thought it would be the opposite, but I've been sleeping more than 8 hours at night, yesterday I took a nap and the day before I took two naps! So yeah, definitely getting plenty of rest. Yesterday I also took my mom and son to the grocery store down the street.. first time driving, and that was just ok. I don't think I'd feel comfortable driving any further than I did, for now. That leaves me with today, and the weekend to get more comfortable with it, because I have to take my kids to swim class Monday evening which is about 26 miles roundtrip. And Tuesday I plan to drive myself back into TJ for a follow up with my doctor, and to visit my new friend that's still at the recovery house. My navigation sucks while I'm there, so I'll have to make sure to do a refresher on my notes I took lol.

Moved in a row on compression garment!

This morning I thought that I might be ready to move in a row on my garment but I figured I would try it after my shower. I threw my garment in the wash while I showered. Then as soon as it was done drying I tried to put it back on, but I could barely put it on the first hooks haha. I'm guessing I just need to stretch it out a bit bec I just moved them over one and it doesn't feel too tight! I might even be able to do the last row but I'll wait a couple more days to do that. I don't want to suffocate myself like I felt suffocated the first few days in this thing, lol.

Feeling great!

So after my last post when I said I moved down a row on my garment... like an hour later I just moved all the hooks to the last row and the garment still felt great! Not terribly tight like when I put it on for the very first time. I'm now wearing it that tight from now on, until I need to move to a smaller size. This garment is a size small. I might though, just alter the garment myself to make it smaller, because I can sew, and because I'm cheap, haha. I figure there's no sense in spending more money to buy another one when I can just alter it myself. In other news, yesterday my lil fam went to my aunts house for Easter activities. Friday was also the last day my mom and my aunt were staying with me. So Saturday, we had food, an egg hunt for the kids and other silly games my cousin put on. I found myself running around finding eggs for my kids (my family goes crazy for egg hunts and puts money in plastic eggs haha), and my sister-in-law made a comment that she was surprised at how well I was moving around, like nothing had happened to me. Even now as I'm laying in bed typing this, I feel incredible.. no pain, no discomfort, nothing. That makes me soooo happy! I haven't needed pain meds for the past few days or so either, which is great because I was getting tired of how jacked up it was making my stomach feel. I'm actually shocked myself at how well I'm feeling, considering how crappy I felt that first week, especially with all the indigestion pain and just tight/full feeling. I do feel swollen, especially my breasts, but I'm not uncomfortable from it anymore. I still wear my garment 24/7, except for when I shower. I wash it while I'm in the shower as well. Tuesday (4/18/17) I'll go into TJ to see my doc, who said he'd remove my outter stitches :)

2 week follow-up appointment

Today I drove in to Tijuana by myself to see my doctor for a follow-up. I didn't sleep very well last night in anticipation of the drive I knew I had to do. I was worried I'd get lost more than anything, but it went great! I planned to go back to the recovery home, in Real Del Mar along the coast, to visit a friend who's there now, so Dr Galvez suggested we just meet there so he could check out the two girls that are in the house, along with me. He had to be in surgery at 10a, so I said I'd be there at 8am. I left my house around 6:50a.. got gas, and got to the recovery home by 7:45 :) My map tried to take me further down the highway than I was supposed to go, but luckily I recognized my turn off, so I just went the way I knew and made it perfectly. Heading back was another story as I got a little turned around within the gated community and then again trying to get to the proper turn out for going north on the highway. Somehow I ended up facing the wrong way on incoming traffic!! But I was on the side of the road and thankfully not very many cars were coming by, so I was able to turn myself around safely and be on my way. Phew! Luckily my upcoming appointments will just be in the medical office that's in TJ, which I already know where it is, so i shouldn't have any issues like that anymore haha. So I got to the house and went right to my friends room to hang out and chat until the doctor came. Dr Galvez showed up and we got to ask him a bunch of questions before he checked my progress and removed some outer stitches. I love how casual it feels like we're all old friends talking, but he's so intelligent that you just feel so secure in what he's telling you :) So he removed almost all but 4 stitches in my belly button, but wanted to keep the last 4 because my bb was still so swollen. Then he removed the stitches from the lipo spots on the back of one arm and on my back upper thighs. He mentioned that once my swelling was all gone, if I had any extra skin leftover on my stomach, that he could easily do a revision to lower my scar as much as the extra skin would allow. I'm almost hoping I have extra skin so he can do that, haha. Not a major deal if he cant, but here's hoping anyway! He said boobs were coming along nice and to continue keeping them supported by the surgical bra to help the incisions settle in their place. After he was done, he had to leave for surgery and said I should come back next week to remove the remaining stitches in my bb. Esperanza then served lunch and very sweetly included me, so I got to eat lunch in my friends room with her :) I left around 2 pm and didn't get a chance to say goodbye because I didn't know where any of the nurses were, so that was kind of a bummer because later, Stephanie had brought up a snack to me thinking I was still there :( So after the mixup in direction, I was on my way and made it perfectly to the border line without getting lost. I decided to try the Ready Lane, instead of the regular lanes to get back into the US, as the wait is usually reduced by half the regular time. It's a really wonky way to get there, but I followed the instructions I found on a website very well, and the wait to get through was only an hour long. You have to have a radio frequency identification (RFID) to use the Ready Lane, which one of the approved cards is the Passport Card (versus the passport booklet). Luckily I already had one so I was all set to go. I managed to not buy anything being sold at the border while I waited, haha, but I did have to pee very badly lol. I made it through though in an hour, which is not too bad at all! When I went for my consult last year with Dr R, I believe it took me a little over 2 hours in the regular lines. I was actually really proud of myself for having driven myself, and so soon after surgery! :) Anywho, I made it back home safe and sound and now I'm resting. Feeling a little tired from all the activity, but I feel great since I have no pain nor discomfort :)

16 days po

Just a couple pics of my belly button and a little preview of scar. I still have tape on the rest of my incisions since they need to fall off by themselves. I still have 4 stitches in my bb too, which will get removed next week when I see my doctor again. I also still have that crease above and below my bb, but I'm not worried about it. My scar is looking pretty good. One of my bigger fears going in to this, was having my incisions open up, but so far so good. I know it's still a possibility, as I've seen it happen many times with others having spitting internal stitches.. but I'm just crossing my fingers it either doesn't happen, or it doesn't amount to a large opening. I slept great again last night, but I just can't wait to be able to sleep without this garment on. I get pretty hot at night so it'll be so freeing when I'm finally done with it!

Started my period.. 19 days po

I don't know if it's because of my period, or just the natural wave of up and down emotions after surgery, or a combo of both.. but today is a down day. It's also hard when you're feeling fine and you expect your results to match how you're feeling. I have no pain, I'm moving around great.. still not standing all the way straight, but feeling amazing otherwise. Then I look at myself and I'm like ugh. Because I don't need to focus on recovering from pain, I have the time to nitpick the aesthetics of the surgery. It's sooooo hard not to. I took off my surgical tape (only on the TT) so that I could give myself a good cleaning, then put back on my own paper tape. Incision looks fine.. but in general I feel like I look terrible. It's funny because I look down at myself and am just not feeling it. I feel huge and warped and ugly. And then i take photos of myself, look at them, and think I look fine. It's such a mind trip. The TT blues are very real. You can be feeling so great and positive one day, not worried aesthetically at all.. then the next day you feel horrible about yourself. When I'm wearing my garment, I'm fine.. out of sight out of mind. As soon as I take off my garment to shower, all over again I'm like ugh. So anyways, just for the sake of continuing my vent, lol, I'll point out the things I'm nitpicking haha. I know these are things that will resolve over time, or things that I can get revised if they don't, but yeah, today these are the things I'm focusing on. I have these two large swollen and hard areas that stick out right at the ends of my TT incisions. They're hard and numb and hurt. It basically pronounces that hip indent I've loathed so much over the years.. the one I wanted filled with the fat transfer, to make my hips smoother and more contoured. I know Dr R and I had made that plan to fill out the hip indent, but I must've forgotten to tell Dr G about it once I made the switch. So that may be something I need to go back and fix after I'm all healed up. My breasts look ok.. they especially look good in a bra. But my left implant is much higher and hanging out closer to my armpit. And it feels very hard, compared to how my right feels almost totally healed. I'm still bothered by the uneven-ness of my incision, so I'm still hoping that I'll have the extra skin to get that fixed, and it would appear that I do, with how pronounced my ledge is above the incision.. but who knows what that'll look like after all the swelling is down. Speaking of, the ledge on top of the incision is also driving me crazy lol. I know it's the swelling and I have to be patient, but it's there and it bugs lol. See how odd these feelings are?? I'm bothered by the ledge but I'm hoping that it's extra skin, haha. So confusing! I feel very lumpy and frumpy all over.. my legs, my butt, and I'm not sure if this is just the way I look now, and if it'll get better, or if this is what I'm stuck with. Either way.. I can't wait to start working out again and tone up this mess. I'm also noticing how much cellulite I have and am bothered that I'm bothered with it. What am I going to think of myself when I'm even 10 years older? Again, this is the sad truth of the TT blues talking. I'm sure I'll be fine even by tomorrow. But today, I'm going to wallow in my misery haha. I'll post some pictures here, then post some more on the next post.

Few more pictures

Morning swelling pics.

Grand Opening of Casa Del Cielo

So I'm here in Mexico now.. at the grand opening of Angel's new house, Casa Del Cielo. She's having a little cocktail party to kick off the opening of the house. I'll post a few pictures and then I'll update on how I'm doing :)

My 3 week update

So right at my 3 week mark, on April 24, I got a little cold, so I had no energy and desire to update my blog lol. My whole family had the cold first so I knew I was going to catch it. I started taking elderberry syrup right away and my cold was actually gone before everyone else's was, and they had had theirs several days before :) I also started working again on the 24th and my swelling was out of control! I had to start unhooking my garment again by the end of the night, a couple of times this week. Then yesterday, the 28th, Angel was having her grand opening of her second recovery home. I had no swelling somehow that day, and felt amazing. I wore my compression garment under my dress and was able to wear heels the entire night without my feet nor my back hurting :) I had taken off my paper tape that morning before my shower and discovered a few spitting stitches. I told dr Galvez about them at the party and he said he can clip them for me when I come back next, maybe on Monday or Tuesday coming up. We got to talk a lot about the revisions we would do after I'm healed a bit more, on lowering my scar, and making my belly button more centered and smaller if it's still big and off. And then when the implants officially drop, he talked about making any necessary adjustments to the breasts if they weren't even, as far as my lift goes. I'm so happy with my doctor.. the care and attention he gives is nothing like I've ever seen :) It was so nice just getting to hang out with him and chat like friends. Speaking of, I made new friends while at the party. They had used a driver from CDA to pick them up in a parking lot on the US side, where they left their car, and were scheduled to be taken back at 10pm, but the doctors had just arrived to the party, so they wanted to stay longer, so I offered to take them back, since I was going back anyways. If I had known, I would've had them come with me originally so they could've avoided paying so much.. but then again, it's nice to keep the people employed that work for the recovery house. I was happy though, because I didn't want to drive back myself in the dark. That was the only thing I was a little apprehensive about. I wasn't sure if I would get lost, or how long the border wait was going to be, or what kind of crazies were out in the night, lol. But it was all pretty smooth. I got to the border ok and it was only a 30 minute wait to get back :) So I dropped off my friends and was home by 1am. It was also really nice to see the nurses in that fun relaxed environment. They were drinking, dancing, loud and so fun. I hope there's more fun events in the future :) I also got to meet a former patient that had been back just for the party.. who's really active on Dr Galvez's fb page.. well active on all of Angel's fb pages actually.. and I'm so glad I got to meet her. So many friendships have been formed on there now and I feel so lucky to be apart of it. Her and the group of girls I met when I first got to the recovery home, are now all talking about doing a girls trip to Florida and they've invited me. It's so cool to be apart of this and go through it all together and get to discuss the details that only those who have had these surgeries can understand :) So anyways, not a whole lot else to report. I am actually getting some feeling back where I once was numb, where I've had lipo, and now it feels like bruising when touched, without the actual visible bruises haha. It's not bad at all. So other than that, I'm doing great. I've been sleeping horrible again the last few nights so I hope that doesn't mean the start of my old bad habits. I need to do something about that bad. Any who, here are some updated pictures. Enjoy :)

5 week update

Sorry it's been a bit since I posted! I've been busy and when not a lot has changed, I forget to post haha. But yesterday (5/8/17) marked 5 weeks post op for me :) And yesterday I also drove in to Tijuana again for a follow up appointment with Dr Galvez. Btw, if anyone would like information and a quote for Dr. Galvez, you can message me for more info :) That was my 3rd time driving in, and I'm getting more comfortable with the directions when trying to get back to the border lines. So at yesterday's appointment, Dr G removed the remaining outer stitches I had left. I had some leftover in my belly button, and some under each breast. My scarring is amazing btw! His incisions are super thin and beautiful! We also discussed doing a bit more of a lift with each breast to bring them a little higher where I would like them :) I love that he's seeing the same things I am, agreeing, and so willing to get it perfect for me. I'm just so happy I chose him as my doctor.. forever grateful to him! Well technically he kind of fell into my lap since there was a change with my previous doctor and the recovery house.. and at the time, it stressed me out a little. But it was totally a blessing in disguise, because now Dr Galvez is my doctor for life :) So we discussed trying to wait until the 3 month mark to see about the revision. But I may wait until more like 4 or 5 months, just because of my schedule. I'm feeling great right now. I'm still numb in a lot of places, which is to be expected. I still gradually start hunching as the day wears on, which is to be expected. But I have no pain. I'm still very swollen, and get more swollen as the day goes on, but it's manageable. I still wear my compression garment 23/7, even though Dr Galvez said I could start at 4 weeks only wearing it half the day. I just feel more secure with it on right now, and since it doesn't really bother me, I'm fine to keep using it. Oh, and I recently tried on all my old bras and was so happy at how they fit! I had a revelation that THIS was how a bra was supposed to fit! Haha. I was slightly busting out of a couple of them, but for the most part, they all fit wonderfully, which is a relief considering I definitely didn't want to be any bigger than I was before. But doc says I'm still a little swollen, so they should get a little smaller, and I'm really hoping they do. I like smaller breasts :) So currently i'm fitting all my old bras that are either 32D or 34C, but hopefully I go down to a 32C or 34B. I went shopping for the first time since surgery, just to my local Kohl's, and I didn't like any of the bras I tried on, but luckily when I tried on all my old bras, I liked almost every single one! I was so happy, not only bec I fit so nicely in them, but because I didn't have to spend any money buying new ones! Haha. I'll post pics here, then continue the pics in the next post, since I can't fit them all.

More pics

Name change.. again lol

Sorry to confuse anyone with my name change.. last time I promise lol. MMD are my initials, so it's just easier this way haha. But since I'm here.. I took a shower this morning and actually really started to like my belly button! Maybe I won't need it revised after all! We'll see though.. because if the doctor needs to remove a significant amount of skin, I would assume the bb would have to be moved too. I won't think about that until at least July/August though. Here's some pictures from this morning :)

Tried to remove most of my photos of CDA.

I just don't recommend that place anymore. My stay was fine, as you can read from my profile. I just don't agree with how the owner runs her business with the doctor. I'm hands down loyal to Dr Galvez, and still recommend him 100 percent. But I would book directly with him, if anyone is interested in using him. There's other recovery stay options, so just ask when looking to book. You can email him at info@galvez.com.

7.5 weeks post op

I haven't updated in a while... life's been pretty busy lately! So I'm 7.5 weeks post op now and feeling great. Swelling has been minimal except for at the end of the day. But my low back and flanks still have swelling.. it's just not noticeable, I can only feel it. It's still numb and hurts a little, but it's not bad. I stopped wearing my garment altogether right before I hit the 6 week mark. I thought it would be weird not to have it on all the time, but I got over it pretty quick. Every so often if I'm wearing a tight dress or something, I'll wear these tight spanx shorts that I'll show a picture of. I feel like my breasts are actually looking better and better as time passes. They looked saggier to me just a couple weeks ago, and now seem to not be as bad. I haven't started working out yet, but that's mostly because I've been super busy catching back up with work and the house. The husband and I have done the deed a few times now and it's gone well, haha. I've also gone back to wearing wired bras again with no issue. I think that sums it up!

12.5 week update

Not much to report on. Swelling has gone down significantly on my stomach. My low back and flanks are still tender from the lipo. I still need a revision, which includes another breast lift, TT scar lowered, and need to do lipo so i can get my hip indents filled. And I love how flat my stomach is. That pretty much sums it up!

Almost 5 months post op

Hi friends! Sorry I've been MIA for the last two months. I can see why I found so many reviews before that would just end after the first couple months or so. Once you start getting back into the full swing of life, you forget to update here lol. So I'm doing well! No swelling anymore, no pain. Just living it up! I finally wore a bikini at a resort for the first time since having surgery and it felt great! I've decided finally that I would do my little tweaks (more of a breast lift and my TT scar lowered) end of September, so I'll update again after that. I'm hoping to also get more lipo and fat graft (mostly to my hips but if I have enough for the butt, then that too haha).
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Dr Alejandro Galvez is literally a dream! He's board certified, has 14+ years of medical experience, confident in what he does, and so so skilled. He really cares about his patients. He has the best bedside manner, helpful and really hands-on. He's so honest, clear and concise about expectations and really follows you through to the end. Super supportive, actually loves to hear back from his patients post-op, and is just a decent human being with incredible integrity. I can't say enough about how happy I am that he's my doctor :)

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