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I went in the Operating Room for upper back and...

I went in the Operating Room for upper back and arm lipo, basically where the fat is connected to the back of the arm on Aug 24 with Raul Gongora located in Av. Sonora 4411-6 Fracc. Chapultepech Tijuana, B.C. Mexico... thinking I would look better. Everything felt rushed, I remember just telling him I want my arms this side ok and the part of this on my back. I kept pinching the fat when I was giving him my back, I didnt feel his markings thats y I kept telling him over and over and he said "oh yes oh yes ofcourse" "claro que si". When I got out of surgery I felt like I was dying, I was in so much pain for 4 days finally when I was able to see myself since my mom was showering me I saw incisions that didn't make sense, well a wk ago (Sept 4 2013) I finally saw this "Dr" and he admitted that he was trying to contour my waist and lipoed my flanks and abs to make me more beautiful I cried for so long and asked him why if I was fine the way I was and he replied with "oh you were ok with being fat well I can add more fat in you that's a fast procedure its easy" wow this "Dr" has some nerve all the nurses came in and said omg u look so beautiful now, look at u you have a tiny waist look how u were before compared to now, nobody understands that thats not the point, I feel violated, I don't feel like myself I'm in this body that I don't recognize anymore all I asked was for my back and arms not an entire contouring of my body, I also honestly think he added fat on my hips because they look fuller but he denies this, I compare pictures from now and before n I don't look the same, I'm so devastated that this happened to me, I ask why me, why me. Right now I feel disfigured and I'm starting to have complications that I didnt ask for. If he hadnt touched any of my parts I would have been able to go back to work, but unfortunately thats not the case. I am tender and numb, I have discoloration, I have internal burns on my flanks, I have so much scar tissue on the side of my waist and flanks, that my entire body parts come along with it. Almost like a string effect, i stretch on one side and my leg skin comes along with it, I dont really know how else to explain it. I have internal tunnel marks from the cannula. I had beautiful silky skin, I have always loved my skin, now its dry and burned by this. My sacrum was also lipoed which is such a sensitive spot which Dr. Chong told me that doesnt make sense why he would do that, that part is completely dead. Im fearful that it might be necrosis, any suggestions? I have dents on the side of my hips from too much fat being taken out. He performed very aggressive lipo on me. I feel like I made the biggest mistake of my life by stepping into his office. This surgeon doesnt understand that he ruined my life. I have to live looking like this not being able to ever wear a bikini, why would I want a contoured body if its all scarred and unable to move. Its like im paralyzed. Now I have to recover for 3-6mths and this was not planned. After going through all of this I'm not sure if I can trust him and him having the audacity to call me fat (which I clearly wasnt I had lost 40lbs prior to getting lipo, weighing 135 I am 5'4, I finally felt confident and he took that away from me) and not say sorry and admit it was his fault is not good at all, he even told his nurse to give me inflammation pills so I can see the real results sooner and to see what a good job he did, well he said to take 2 pills for 7 days they were in a lil baggie with no real instructions and the first 2 pills I took 2 days ago I felt like I was on a drug, I had cat eyes, pupils dilated, I kept clenching my jaw, my room was spinning and distorted I don't know if he is trying to kill me bcoz he knows what he did, I never asked for him to lipo the areas he did, this "Dr" Raul Gongora is in Tijuana, Mexico and I live in ca, you can tell me what you think. I'm so devastated by all of this but thankfully I have my bf that cheers me up and he always tells me that I need to remain positive, the mind is a powerful thing, which I agree. I just cant get past it, every single day is a struggle. Every morning when I wake up I have panic attacks and I wake up in the middle of the night because of the excruciating pain. My therapist confirmed im in deep depression, and suggested I take my anxiety medication which serves both purpose, depression and anxiety. I just want to save someone from going to this "DR." Raul Gongora. He really ruined my body image, my mobility and mentally traumatized me.

I will post pictures soon. Come back later.


I sit here and think about of all the years it took me to get better mentally and physically, and all those years were pretty much wasted, now I have to start all over again but for an issue i should have never had to experience. I have been violated of my body and every time I think of my old self and see pictures I cry and wish so badly to have never made the choice to change ANYTHING about me.

It saddens me that there are many of us with the same stories, look for them, they are here. I wouldve never thought this happened so frequently. From women who had surgery with board certified surgeons to surgeons who only have a cosmetic license. I have been reading other womens stories and have seen that the ones with successful stories blame us for not taking care of us. Truth is that its all on the surgeon, not the machine, not the patient, but clearly the surgeon. Even questions that arise from women confused if they should wear a garment for 3 mths through here realself and clearly board certified surgeons answer with "it doesnt really matter if you keep the garment on or not, your results should be the way your surgeon sculpted you, garments are only for swelling, nothing more" Clearly these are board certified who know what theyre talking about.

Its sad that some women here also think that they should change their entire body and look like someone else. Ladies please embrace your own body, this is why this society is messed up and our priorities are messed up. We dont think about our health and we obsess over stupid things like how we can change something about our bodies and become perfect in our eyes. Their is no perfect! Its up to us to walk with confidence with what we have. Have you noticed the most chubby girl wearing leggings and society saying thats not the right outfit. Heck if she feels confident enough to do so why not?! What I learned from this experience is that health matters most. HEALTH MATTERS MOST!

Before going through with this surgery, I never put much thought into what could could happen if things go wrong, all I thought was well if i die, it was meant to happen, I leave it in Gods hands to protect me. And look what happened, do I blame God? I cant, this was my choice. And I have tried to warn other people about the dangers of lipo and nobody listens to me. I guess their looks matter more than their health. I just want to save at least 1 person so my tragic story wont be in vain.

There have been many women who I message and some take my advice and some tell me to screw myself. There are 2 ladies here who still decided to keep their surgery dates and guess what? Sadly they are struggling with their health, their lasts posts is "I wish I never did this" scary right? If you dont believe me its here all over just search for lipo nightmares.

Their beginning posts are "I cant wait, Im so excited, I just got out of surgery cant wait to see the progress" to their last post "Im dying im in the ICU, wish I never did this to my family" Family matters sooooo much, so to the ladies who say "my family is not supportive but who cares its my body and im going to do whatever makes me happy" guess what if your surgery goes wrong, who will be the one next to you? your family! not real self women who in their/your words "support you." I hate the ladies who say "who cares about your family do it girl, if it makes you happy, just go for it"

Really? there should be more posts of embrace your body! Work with what you have, health is everything!

Please correct me if im wrong

There is more to lipo than you think, its a barbaric procedure. Your internal tissues are damaged, your nerves are damaged, your organs can get punctured, even the best of the best can make this mistake, and so MANY other things can happen during lipo. Ive seen it here, from board certified surgeons and some ladies think "well my friend had surgery with him, everything will be alright she came out perfect" truth is every body is different. I cant emphasize this enough! Every body is different!

Why do you think you will have numbness, pain, swelling, internal scar tissue, weird sensations like pins and needles because your body went through trauma and its trying to heal itself, its not a simple, fast procedure so stop saying it is!

And please dont compare lipo to anything that has to be done, some woman compared it to going to the dentist to get a root canal, now first of all thats a necessity and yes clearly shes trying to point out their is danger with everything even child birth, but c'mon, ladies with clear intelligent minds know you cannot compare this to any procedure that you have to go through.

Any plastic surgery procedure is not a necessity if not it would have been paid for by medical insurance dont you think?

Well Im done typing away my emotions.


Here is the proof that lipo does nasty things to your body, as you can see I have posted pictures where you can clearly see the damage and clearly this does not depict the pain that I am in, internally. Also, know that surgeons have good cameras and have good lighting they trick you into believing that their work is perfect, I can show you that with filters and flash I can look normal and even more appealing to the eye with the correct underwear/clothing.

VIDEO copy and paste the youtube link

I will be posting a video soon on youtube so you can see all the imperfections. I will wear different outfits so you can see many people are in silence of a lipo job. You can hide all the imperfections and make people believe you had good results with the correct clothing. Even though we present ourselves in the real world clothed who wants to have a nice shape if you cant feel sexy naked or with a bikini because of all the nasty incisions/discoloration/internal scarring. This happens with lipo, with whomever you go to. You cant escape this. Think twice of getting this procedure.

Meanwhile, heres a youtube video of a girl that had the same experience like me. Please read her description and understand how much pain this caused me or anyone who has gone through the same thing.

Proof I was not fat!

This goes to the person that told me to appreciate what the surgeon did and that everyone else would be ecstatic to have received lipo on parts they didnt pay for, that maybe I should take the surgeons advice that I was fat, well here are some pictures to show I was clearly not fat, I have hundreds of pictures of all the progress I made throughout many months.

First of all, even if i was fat no surgeon has the right to operate on any part you didnt agree on, this is violation, you will never understand how violated i feel of my body. Just the thought of me laying in a bed and having a surgeon scrape my fat off is barbaric, i have nightmares of his face everyday!!!

I would have given it a try and remained more positive of something that cannot be changed anymore, that is my body, but i cant be positive and give it a chance if he truly F***** my body.

You can clearly see how tight my body was, very nice, smooth skin.
Now its F**** full of hard lumps, dents, discoloration, lose skin, internal extreme scar tissue, numbness, burning, pulling sensations, s*** i didnt ask for!!!

Ladies, who want to do lipo, think twice, look what i achieved with exercise, 40lbs of weight loss, its funny how my mom always thought i was gaining weight and told me i should do lipo, I told her that i will prove her wrong, and I did. Sadly, i still got lipoed on the areas i loved the most. I also never considered lipo on my body because I saw Tara Reid, Kathy Griffin, Courtney love etc the list goes on of famous people with money who had botched lipo jobs. You can tell even the best can get bad results. When I googled arm and back lipo, it said it was very minimal discomfort and that since the skin on the upper back is very thick you can have a nice result. I can say that that was the only area that was correct, my upper back turned out fine as for the skin but the surgeon left a huge pocket of fat behind making me not wear tank tops anymore since its not a pretty look.

I hated my arms with a passion and my huge upper back, now i look back at my old pics and who cares, that was the way my fat stored. I shouldve embraced it, I wish I could go back in time.

I cant take this ANYMORE!

I cant take this pain anymore, in 2 weeks it will be 3 months since I had lipo on areas I did not consent. And everyone has suggested 3 mths for healing. I wonder when is this ever going to get better or if he really suctioned out much needed tissues, I was unable to get an MRI with my doctor but I will find a way. Sometimes I ask myself if I wouldn't have experienced any of these horrible complications, would it be easier to accept it and move on. I have no idea, only time will tell, whenever these horrible sensations decide to go away. I just want to feel normal again, be able to exercise like I used to, be able to enjoy my day without worrying to put a compression garment on because of the pain, be able to laugh without worry, be able to go to school, be able to go to work, be able to depend on myself, gosh the list can go on and on. I cant physically do a lot of things and it hurts me mentally. Just imagine having to put your life on hold for something you didnt ask for, exactly for something you didnt ask for.

I still have the numbing, burning, pulling sensation, I have a lot of hard lumps, the internal scar tissue is not softening up it adheres to the side of my waist all the way up to my rib, below my breast crease, and I also have internal scar tissue from my belly button all the way up to my sternum as pictured, it adheres as well. The discoloration is not going away either, I know the dents will always be there. All in all I just need to feel better to be able to move on with my life and be able to keep busy with my everyday life, so I wont dwell on what already has happened. I know I will battle with this all my life, as I need to shower and feel on my body, look at myself in the mirror, it will only remind me specially all the scars that i have now, I have 10 incisions, they are all 1cm except one, but if I can feel better I know I can be able to keep busy and for a moment forget about my body. I still cant believe this happened, it seems to rain the most on the people who deserve the sun.

I just want to be free, away from this pain. I want to dedicate all my time to school, my dog, my family, my bf, my job, not pain!

Update on Dr. review

When I first wrote my 1 star review about this Dr. Raul I was under the impression that since he only is a licensed cosmetic surgeon and not licensed plastic surgeon he did this to me because of his lack of knowledge of the procedure, but im writing now to let you all know that its not about going to a surgeon that has the "right" credentials, its simply that these procedures are not safe, they don't know the after effects, every human body is different and they usually guess on all the cosmetic procedures that are being performed. At first these american board certified surgeons made it seem that it is the patients fault for going to a cosmetic surgeon but after seeing many reviews clearly people have been left deformed by AMERICAN BOARD CERTIFIED SURGEONS, this is just insane, so even they make mistakes, I take my review back, simply love your own body instead of going to ANY surgeon. Sorry to say this but chances are this CAN happen to you, you are rolling the dice, playing with fire, playing with russian roulette, don't know how else to put it, but simply when you step into an operating room you have no guarantees.

Consultation with Julio Saldana and plastic surgery consequences

I have tried to get answers from my physician, and other surgeons here in California where I live but they all seem to have reservations as to what really is going on with me, since I am almost 4 mths post op and still in pain. On November 8, I had an appt with my own Dr who has been seeing me for almost a year now, she didnt even want to touch me, it seemed she was afraid to find out something wrong because then its her responsibility to tell me. She straight out told me that she wasnt going to order an MRI even if i was in pain because I had plastic surgery done and she doesnt want to get involved, basically telling me she didnt want to see me regarding the pain that I am feeling because of liposuction since she doesnt want to be involved if I pursue legal action. She just prescribed some ointment to rub on me, like if that is really going to help! She just said wait at least 1 year and a half before you make assumptions because I was concerned with my muscles and nerves if he injured them. Clearly, any doctors or other surgeons dont want to treat you if something is wrong they always give you the cold shoulder and send you off because they are afraid. So how are we suppose to get answers when we cant trust our original surgeon or if something is really wrong and the original surgeon does not want to treat it.

I have seen this too often happen to ladies who got an infection after the fact or who dont feel well and traveled to get surgery but have to go their local ER and they also get treated like it was their fault and tell them to go back to their surgeon. Many get judged because they traveled to get surgery and blame them for all their pain and suffering, like if they knew better. But in reality, complications can happen anywhere in the world. To the ones that were told recovery would be a breeze, I can defend them because they were lied to but to the ones that actually know and have been warned by others well its kind of true, they told you so.

Ladies like RNV88, MRS.EVE, mbones, the list goes on but these are ladies who were turned away from their original surgeon, HOW SAD! and they had to rely on hospitals but hospitals dont give you the answers you need and youre left helpess and hopeless. This is really depressing, they went with board certified surgeons and yet they didnt get their after care like they promised them, i feel for them. So these are the consequences for getting plastic surgery, no one else will really give you after care if you have a complication and you are going to get judged if you traveled for surgery.


My consultation with Julio Saldana, hes a board certified surgeon to those who want to judge about if they are board certified or not, as we can see it doesnt really matter, certified or not they make mistakes. Anyway, I told him my concerns and finally he didnt question any of the pain and sensations I am feeling. He touched me all around and said basically what happened is that since I was stripped from all of my fat, over-suctioned, I have a skin to muscle deformity, BINGO finally someone validated what I am feeling, that is why I have stiffness and it feels like im stuck, and i have a pulling/burning feeling when I get up from bed so its hard for me to have mobility or to even stretch because my skin has attached to my muscle making it painful. And this is very weird but I cannot flex my left arm because when I try to MY BACK FLEXES, it is so disgusting. He said he also oversuctioned my left arm and I have an ugly dent coming all along my armpit to my elbow. Im age 28 and disfigured, WOW!. The scar tissue as well can only soften but it will never go away and to massage 20mins 2x a day, I have always kept up with my massages but I dont see any difference. I have also done castor oils no difference, cupping, no difference. Now the burning sensation, is because Raul my original surgeon caused so much damage internally that my nerves were severely damaged and he admitted that we all need fat in our bodies because that helps the skin have blood circulation and since I was stripped away from all my fat, my nerves are going crazy inside and only with time it may or may not get fixed. Im very tired of that "it may or may not" answer, I wish there was certainty and that I knew if for sure I am going to heal, oh well, only in a perfect world.

Julio suggested I wait 8 more months to see if that gets better but in the meantime I could take nerve medication to numb the pain. I kind of dont want to because I want to know when all my complications go away and not be fooled by these pills. But then again it might make me feel better, so Im still confused as to what to do. The skin discoloration is because the skin was injured with the cannula going back and forth aggressively, specially because its evident he used a large one, (only with big patients this is acceptable since there is so much fat, I didn't have that much fat) and i lost pigmentation since there is no fat to provide circulation, its kind of like the skin is dead and lost its color. He said Im purplish/black and have dark and light spots on my skin. This can improve over time but its hard to say it would ever be normal. Geesh well now I feel so ugly, never was i so self conscious about my stomach and flanks and now I am because of this -----. I cant say it since RS checks everything and might take down my story again. But yes, he explained a lot but I cant really write all of it here since it'll only bore you. But in short that's what he told me and I totally forgot to ask him about my right leg numbing and getting swollen, I wish I could have asked this since this also keeps me up most of the nights. Oh and as to the numbing he said of course again may or may not resolve, ugh. I hate all of this, I wouldn't have to be worried about any of this if this surgeon wouldnt have touched me in the wrong places, who does that!!!! Because of him I am stuck at my house unable to enjoy life like a normal young adult would.

I am going to try and get my money back because this is quite absurd I shouldnt have to live with these consequences and this surgeon keeping my money. Clearly, I had to quit work and I don't have any income, so this would help me a lot to catch up on my bills. So there you have it, nothing with my surgery went right, just know that not only because I went to a cosmetic surgeon i have them because other girls have the same complications and went to board certified and are actually worse but the procedure itself is very damaging. Even Julio Saldana admitted that yes indeed board certified can make mistakes too and he has made them and hopefully in the future he will never make them again and that we need fat in our bodies, I often read reviews of ladies who say, I want every ounce of fat taken out of me, geesh if you only knew how bad it feels.

I mean since when is it ok to suck out an organ (fat) yes fat is an organ, out of the body and think your body will not be in trauma, this is harsh surgery and often surgeons mislead us into thinking its a minimal procedure, ITS NOT. Yes, the point of lipo is because you want the fat out but you can burn that fat other ways and if you clearly cant then accept your body because certainly this has been an awakening to me. I can no longer do any of the things I once loved, I cant even work for goodness sake. I rather be fat than have no life because Im in pain.

Julio Saldana told me to wait my complete full year and then we can talk revision, he said in time he will know if fat grafting will be good to cover the dents I have on the side of my hips and the dent i have on my left arm. He can only guarantee 70% on the revision work. I asked if there would be irregularities like Stuart Linder had said and he said that fat grafting is used to correct irregularities so thats not true but that the fat may not survive. So yeah I dont think I want to take my chances. I dont want to take the risk of trading one good thing for another deformity. I just cant.

A few PS that have bad reputation if you google search the right way

I am posting this to help a few understand many known board certified ps or known as "the best" are not being honest, I think the links and reviews speak for themselves, also remember that their are many other women who do not come forward in fear of harassment or embarrassment or legal matters etc. Negative reviews also get taken down and worth it experiences can be paid for by Online Reputation Management companies. So many other things are wrong with not knowing the truth about a surgeon but that's another topic, that I hope to write later. Also, if you are too lazy to read or research then you should really ask yourself if plastic surgery is even the answer.

Dominican Republic:
Dr. Edgar Contreras
Yily De Los Santos
(Jayteede123)(Lmp22)(Lisaandra34)(Mia Bootay)(Dianagoodies2018)(EmervilleMom)(LaMags)(Star2020)(Ensure Addict)(Rnv88)CIPLA experience (Dorenel)
Dont get fooled by worth it ratings some forget to change it, and read their whole review since pictures can be deceiving and if you read carefully they are all happy to be alive and had complications with infections, comas, uneven results, blood transfusions, no after care, unprofessional, refused revisions, overbooked, procedures start without Yily, etc.
Agustina Hilario Duran
(Haz_love) and 2 others that I cant remember their usernames, please tell me if you find the bad reviews, so I can add

Dr. Moises Salama
(150mmlover)(QTQT2012)(sexyafta30)(bellasully)(erTHIS is A Nightmare)(bigbootyempress)(Bbl4me)--she never updated her results but if you read on bellasuly profile she exchanges messages with her that she was also burned and if you look at her recent 5 comments youll see how unhappy she is
Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso
Dr. Constantino Mendieta

Raul Gongora
Im the main example
Dr. Pantoja
(mbones) if you read on her comments there are others but with no reviews
Dr. Jaime Campos Leon
Laura Carmina Cardenas

M. Vincent Makhlouf

The list goes on but these are only a few that have so much hype and people pay $$$$ thousands of dollars to get deformed, without even knowing it, including me.

This explains my situation with internet bullying



We cannot post links!

REALSELF MEMBERS we cannot post links, so if anything that I state on anyone's comments seems like it should be backed up by references, well now you know that is not following community guidelines. If you would like to send me links or if you would like a link you can always private message me, I think, I am still unsure of all the guidelines for emails.

I will be posting my 6 month post op update shortly. I am still in horrific pain mostly because of the skin-on-muscle adherence. And I finally took updated photos as well, so you can see all the issues that I am dealing with. When I first posted photos I was still very swollen so finally you can see what the body looks like after all the fluid has been drained.

Again! We are not allowed to post links, we are violating community guidelines if we do, so please be aware of this, as I did not know this.

Q&A of painful skin adherence, aggressive lipo, FDA regulations and minimization

After being on this site for many months, I have come to understand that many women do not know the risks of having aggressive liposuction, and instead go to certain places because aggressive lipo is acceptable there. After living through hell and still doing so, I had to do my own research and ask doctors/surgeons myself, why I felt so much pain after so many months, pain that I never knew existed, torturous pain that has left me bedridden, essentially disabled, without a job, unable to take care of myself. I asked why am I living in hell on earth, from this aggressive un-consented lipo, they say that mostly when the body is suctioned out from all its fat, the body will create scar tissue underneath making it scar and adhere to your muscle, causing extreme pain. (As you can see from the Q&A) Be very careful with surgeons advertising aggressive liposuction or those who even perform it. It is alarming that many surgeons are not open to disclosing the long-term effects on liposuction; uncontrollable weight gain, spider veins, visceral fat, diseases, adherence, permanent nerve damage, destroys the structure underneath your skin, and so much more all proven in scientific studies, they often say it is RARE, very untrue, look it up, more common than you might think. Have you ever seen a picture of the skin layers? We have our epidermis, dermis, hypodermis, etc. there are blood and lymph vessels, veins, arteries, nerve fibers, subcutaneous fat and muscle. These are all things that the cannula scrapes and damages when it goes back and forth at an aggressive speed suctioning fat out with a vacuum at levels that these surgeons may not be aware of whats safe on you because EVERYONE is different. They take guesses when suctioning you out with a vacuum. Now I think the whole thing is barbaric, since I have seen the illustrations of how much real damage they cause to the underlying tissues. Why do you think your skin feels numb and feels like you have a horrible sunburn, why do you think they suggest to wait for a year to see results? Because the statute of limitation to sue is a year, it is their safe route. If you know how to research to find the best doctor, I suggest you research about these studies as well, so you can make an informative decision. Remember, you can't prepare yourself for something you have no knowledge of. I wish I was very educated about this procedure before deciding to go through with it, but I also thought I was only getting a little bit of liposuction on my arms/upper back, something minimal as how they advertise, never thought I would be in this predicament and in pain from exceeded consent from my unethical surgeon, who committed a crime. I think it is outrageous that many surgeons are also willing to suction out more than 5 liters, and some women on RS have taken out 9 liters of fat! Remember that every fat cell that you suction out will come back in other areas and might give you a worse body shape than what you initially thought you hated. (There are two exceptions: the body might produce more fat cells if an adult gains a significant amount of weight or has liposuction performed.) According to medical professionals, liposuction is supposedly safe if it's performed a certain way. But aggressive liposuction - removing large volumes of fat at once - can cause a rapid re-growth of fat. And aggressive liposuction can also cause long-lasting tissue and nerve damage as well. You can type in your search engine, liposuction exposed: the fat comes back but in different places, so you can read more about it. And I can also message you links if you want to know the truth about liposuction.

Here are the questions I asked on Realself and I only received one answer, very sad. I also searched through others RS member questions and came across a few that brought me to tears because after so many years they still feel torturous pain and want to fix it. Their is only one question that I am providing.

How do I alleviate the pain from a skin to muscle deformity after liposuction?
California, CA
2 months ago
I got liposuction 5 months ago and I am still in pain. I have seen other "board certified surgeons" and they all have told me I was overresected. I have seen another plastic surgeon, he said I have a skin to muscle deformity and that is the reason why I have a burning, painful pulling sensation. I had non consented lipo on many areas. The areas where the skin has adhered mostly is the flanks, the sides of the waist, and the left side of my dorsi muscle. Now, how can I fix this without surgery?
Doctor Answers (1)
Poor liposuction result
February 3rd, 2014
If liposuction removes too much fat, skin scars to muscle. This can be painful.
there is no correction without further surgery.
needle release of the scar and fat transplants under the skin in the painful areas is your best hope.

How to Remove Hardened Scar Tissue 3 Years After Power-Assisted Liposuction?
3 years ago
I had liposuction 3 years ago. The doc used PAL, results were pretty poor. Overuse of garment caused scar tissue and underlying fat caused more uneveness. I followed this up with slimlipo,unevenes has reduced but scar tissue is still there. Can this scar tissue be decimated using PAL? broken up and removed. Some of it seems like fat got hardened, around existing tissue. The tissue is numb and feels like leg gone to sleep. How can this scar tissue be removed?
scar tissue
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Scarring after liposuction
February 3rd, 2011
The single greatest cause for severe scarring after liposuction is aggressive liposuction.  This causes a skin-on-muscle deformity and prevents mobility of the tissues.  This can definitely to be avoided by not performing the procedure too aggressively.  It is sometimes possible to release scar tissue but this of course does not correct the underlying irregularities in fat thickness.
Excessively superficial liposuction, or burns with the laser technique also cause irregularities.  In both cases, these irregularities are very difficult to treat. In such cases, revisional microliposuction can help, but lifts are often necessary, with direct removal of scar tissue.  However, further removal of fat often just compounds the problem. Experience is a must in revisional cases.
**Skin-on-muscle deformity/adherence prevents mobility of tissues, therefore I feel a painful burning/tearing/ripping sensation. Surgery may lead to more problems**

How do you remove scar tissue following liposuction?
February 15th, 2011
it sounds like your situation of scar tissue 3 years after liposuction is an unusual one. It may be scar or possibly even fat necrosis that has become hard. I would try to address this nonsurgically if at all possible. Beginning with ultrasound treatments and aggressive massage. More surgery could give you even more irregularities.
**I would like to say it is not unusual! I have come in contact with many women who experience the same complications as me and there are many! - I guess at least he admitted that more surgery will do more damage**

Fibrosis after liposuction is difficult to treat.
February 10th, 2011
Fibrosis after liposuction is difficult to treat.  Fibrosis is usually hardened areas of tissue which can be caused by fat necrosis, over-resection of tissue, excess tissue trauma, or unrecognized seromas (fluid collections).
The best methods for treating the fibrosis is 1)prevention and 2)early detection and treatment with massage, external ultrasound, possible fat grafting, and (infrequently) steroid injections.
**Hardened areas of tissue can be caused by fat necrosis, something that no doctor seems to understand. Weren't they in medical school for so many years? Don't they know the human body from all those anatomy, biology, physiology, science classes they took and residency training they had? Hmm I dont know. I think I have learned more with my sisters anatomy class that she is taking. I wish more doctors would be interested in their patients health. - Notice how he suggests more surgery; fat grafting. That could mean that you may potentially end up with another bad area because they need to lipo another part of your body to do fat grafting. I do not understand what part of liposuction is safe and simple. I looked up simple on and it said not complicated, easy to deal with, now how can liposuction be simple if it carries so many risks and complications and on top of it, you have to get additional surgery to correct problems that may also carry more risks, how is that easy to deal with? Safe in means secure from liability to harm, injury, danger, or risk, now how is liposuction secure from liability? Shoot, wish I looked this up when all these flashy advertisements kept saying its the most safe procedure out there, since it has been revolutionized. Untrue, once again, they are still experimenting on us different techniques with liposuction, they even hold meetings to give each other advice on how to use these “FDA approved machines”, which they are not so FDA approved after finding this statement from the website itself on liposuction machines; “Once a device is approved, other similar devices may be cleared by the FDA for use. This requires less information since an equivalent device has already been shown to be safe and effective. In some cases, devices that were on the market before FDA started regulating medical devices may be cleared.” WOW, we are in dire need for better regulations, how is it possible that only because there are similar machines they require less information, how is it possible that old liposuction devices are cleared without testing them? Please someone make me understand. For this report you can enter “Fda gov surgery and life support liposuction” in your search engine. DO YOUR RESEARCH**

At this point I really want my records, I want to know exactly what was done to my body, how many liters he took out, what machine was used, at what speed, what anesthetics, how much lidocaine, how long was I under, the hours, minutes and seconds, what medicine was pumped in my system after I was out of the operating room, EVERYTHING. I think every women should be entitled to know this beforehand, to understand if you are at risk for any complications or may be allergic to any medication/anesthetics that can cause your death. After reading so many reviews of women that are very excited about their upcoming surgery, they need to know that this surgery is that serious and surgeons need to be transparent when asked these questions. Do not feel intimated by them, do not fall for those words “I am the professional, I know what I am doing” because one thing is knowledge and another thing is experience, we know our bodies more than they ever will, we have lived in them for so many years, example; that is why we understand when we are catching the flu. I hate when surgeons use the word “normal” there is no normal. Some women have reported green fluid through their drainage tube after surgery and surgeons say its normal, that is alarming! If they minimize your complications after your surgery you need to run and run far away from them. If you feel certain meds, anesthesia, surgery, can cause more damage than help then you need to voice that and tell your doctor/surgeon to return your money. You may be penalized with 10% from your surgery but at least you will have your life. And if they do not want to return any of your money and you payed with a credit card, you are entitled to file a dispute. Again, educate yourself before going through with this harmful procedure.

Sorry to anyone that wanted the links and information on my review. It's gone!

When joining RS I thought I was able to be as transparent as possible. I felt compelled to tell my entire truth because I was never sworn to any secrecy like others have. It took me many months to get my story up and I was desperate for answers. I wish they had approved my review since the beginning, so all of you would understand exactly what is going on. Most of my post-op visits for massages where in September and my review posted on Oct 21, 2013. I wish RS gave me the opportunity to have written an in-depth experience when I needed it the most. Most of the women that bullied me would probably understand me better but then again, never-mind, I highly doubt it.

When I first wrote on my blog, I had no idea what was going on with my body, (it has taken me months to find out and even now I am still struggling) but I was determined to tell the whole world my experience and I though by doing so, it would help me find peace and support. I thought I would feel liberated but on the contrary, this site has been detrimental to myself. I have been bullied many times and I have been told to not share my complete story because the way I choose to tell my experience violates community guidelines. We cannot post links and provide real helpful information because I guess this is a plastic surgery website after all, and they bow down to those who had a great experience? In my opinion, that is what it seems. Every time I state facts on the website, they take my comments down, and they are completely worded by me. I do not really understand why. The website values are to build trust and confidence, how can I do so, if every time I think I am helping someone else they practically tell me to not expose the truth because others are becoming scared. Their is so much more I want to say but I am not allowed to, I cannot be open because I am not "accentuating the positive." But how can I, if everything about my surgery went wrong? The notion that liposuction is not a threat to women's health is false, misleading, and deadly. I am not telling anyone to jump on my bandwagon because I had a negative experience, I am only trying to educate those who really want the information. I am doing things that I would have appreciated from others before going through with my surgery. If someone told me, you are going to get new fat cells, cellulite, and spider veins in other parts of your body I would have immediately said no to lipo, I certainly did not want all my hard work to go to waste. Now, if someone told me that there are scientific studies proven that lipo is linked to diseases, I would have probably not believed it and I would have came up with a rebuttal such as, eating meat causes cancer, but everyone still eats meat, a plethora of things cause cancer cells but I still have to live my life. So I understand any of you that question how harmful liposuction really is, but that is why I ask that you do your research on public scientific studies that have been performed with rats and women. Be wary of those that did not track their patients after the year. It is only after a few years that you see all the negative effects. I was not anti-plastic surgery either, how do you think I got here in the first place, I did not think it was such a big deal because I did not see the big picture of how serious this really is. I was lured like any others have been and told lies. And of course, I was gullible and didn't think of questioning Drs because I looked up to them and thought very highly of them. Not after this nightmare, that is for sure. It has opened up my eyes to the medical and legal system. I always knew that justice was not blind but I honestly thought that in the medical world, if an error occurred, it would be easy to file a malpractice lawsuit or a complaint to the medical board, very untrue. Litigation can take years, and its so hard to prove malpractice nowadays, since the consent forms protect surgeons not patients, you would think it is the other way around. But its not. ::sigh::

I had a lot of great information on this blog but I was told that it had to be taken down. I cannot post information from other links anymore (plenty do so though, when exchanging information on pre-op care, hmm), only as long as it is in my own words, so I find it difficult to get my message across, since many people look up for references, otherwise it can be labeled as false information. Believe me though, everything that I state are facts. From now on, I guess I can tell you what keywords to enter on your search engine.

My comment box was also blocked because many have left un-supportive comments, when RS recognized I only need support at this time. But I think they failed to recognize that I was receiving support from quite a few women on here, so I am being forced to not interact with those few that would have left comments on here. (They should have blocked those other bullies instead, discrediting my review, posting dull-witted comments such as, "this happened to you because you don't speak spanish, what are you doing in Mexico" hahahaha oh no, sorry I had to laugh at that comment, pendeja se hablar mas espanol que tu, imbecil buena para nada - I know more spanish than you, it is my first language, imbeciles these days - sorry not sorry, just like she said ;)) Some women, who I truly appreciate, have reached out to me through private messages, but have wished that their comments would have been left on here so others can see the insufferable pain that others go through. I recently received a message from a woman who was also harmed by my surgeon and she asked me questions, but since I have not been on here since the constant bullying, I did not reply in a timely manner and have not heard from her since. She is suffering from torso damage, I can only imagine how helpless she feels. I am so sorry to those that have been harmed, I know no amount of victory or money can make our deformities go away and all the pain that we endure on a daily basis. I sympathize with them in their affliction. And it irks me when people try to blame us, the patients, for having unrelenting pain, as if we knew this type of pain existed, even worse, as if we knew our surgeons were going to exceed consent and cause severe problem areas. Anyone that accuses us, the patients, they are part of the problem, this is why its so easy for surgeons to wipe their hands clean and have no malpractice or complaints on their records. Don't forget they are the ones that should know how to operate on a patient, they are the doctors, right, and if we weren't "perfect candidates" they should have turned us down in the first place. But no, they see $$$$ signs on our foreheads and quickly say we will love our results and minimize complications. I wish people would say and realize that surgeons should be more realistic, not us.

If you have nothing to hide, there is no reason not to be transparent.

100% TRUE

This meme probably was made with the intent of getting a few laughs, but unfortunately this happens quite often, and this is not something to laugh about. Majority of plastic/cosmetic surgeons take advantage of their credentials/experience and they blame the patient for everything that went wrong during surgery because, well, they can! And they can get away with it! It's of the norm for surgeons to use their "certifications" from "prestige medical schools" as a shield for protection. Beware of those surgeons who have harmed previous patients, chances are you may end up with the wrong body part lipo'd. If you have read my blog, you already know that my surgeon exceeded consent, I never agreed that my surgeon would change my waist line, suction out my entire fat from my flanks, and lipo my stomach. I went in for lipo on my arms and upper back with breast augmentation. Nothing, and absolutely nothing more. So, as you can see this meme is directed towards me, I go in to look better and I get out with horrifying results. And it doesn't stop there, since my surgeon literally sucked me dry I have adherence's all over these non-consented areas limiting my mobility and I still suffer from burning and pulling of my tissues. I have been essentially disabled, since the day of my surgery. It has been 8 months now and every day is a struggle to get through the day with torturous pain. There is not one day that I get relief from this insufferable pain. At first, I thought I was the only one living this nightmare, but after meeting many women on this site and others, I now know that this sadly happens more often than you can ever imagine.


::huge sigh::

Here we go...

My heart feels very heavy today. Around this time, I was getting ready for the “new” “positive” change, well, I was very WRONG! (I wish I could write up everything that has been on my mind, but I choose not to spend so much time on this damn website.) I thought going in for minor lipo on my arms/upper back would actually make me feel so much more comfortable in my own skin, but unfortunately it did quite the opposite, and so much more. Plastic surgery completely altered my life in such a horrific way. I have been physically, mentally, and emotionally scarred. My mind and body have been negatively affected. I was violated of my body, (since I got more surgery than what I asked for) and was left with deformities, and searing pain (still present). I know women have said on my BA blog that they would actually be ecstatic, no no no, not when the procedure was done by the surgeon negligently, created deformities, and caused pain. It has now been ::sigh:: a year since my surgeon bu****red me. I still endure great pain and suffering, and continue to be unable to engage in, and attend to all daily activities, pursuits and pleasure associated with my line of work. I have not worked since surgery because I am not capable of functioning in the real world with physical pain. At home, I decide when I can sit down, or lay down. My body is the one that dictates my day. I can plan so many things in my head, but unfortunately if I am still in pain, I cannot do the simplest things, I have even missed doctor appointments due to the debilitating pain. Even though I have great support, and I have met so many wonderful women on this site, some whom I talk to daily (I think thats the only reason why I am still here, and to bring awareness) I still cannot get over the emotional, and mental distress this has caused. I mean, how can I, right? Everything that I was complaining about from my surgery date is still present, so how can I move on from something that still exists? This unfortunate event (I blame my surgeon) should never have happened. I was never the one to say I have regrets, but sadly, now my mindset has changed in all aspects of life. This has been my biggest REGRET OF MY LIFE! I really wish I knew then, what I know now. I wish I had a time machine, not only for me, but for all the women that have been harmed by any plastic surgery procedure. When I first opened my blog, I thought I was alone, I thought this only happened to me, but I was in for a rude awakening. If you really do your research not only on the good things, but on the bad things, you will be in for a surprise. There are so many surgeons that exceed consent with liposuction. One is never prepared to deal with such things.

Things I never asked for and still deal with

- searing pain (worst burning i have ever experienced! never knew this pain existed)
- tearing/pulling of the skin
- clothes hurts when it touches and rubs on my skin
- swelling
- tingling
- pins and needles
- stabbing
- stiffness/tense
- unnecessary scarring (painful!)
- loose skin due to excessive amount of fat suctioned
- lumpiness
- dents
- asymmetry (left side suctioned to the muscle/bone)
- dry skin
- cannula lines
- permanent skin discoloration
- numbness/loss feeling of tissue in some areas
- itching/painful to scratch/skin feels raw
- cannot stand a simple touch/or a meaningful hug :'(
- difficult to sleep on most damaged areas (sleep deprived)
- nauseous
- and so much more
*all irreversible damage*

- traumatized
- loss of confidence
- low self-esteem (b4 surgery i wanted to change minor things but never suffered with low self-esteem - specially after my 40 lb weight loss, i thought my surgeon would only improve things, not make them 100x worse)
- distressed
- trouble concentrating
- trust issues (due to my surgeons betrayal)
- and sooooooo much more, the list really goes on and never really ends

i am done typing, i can't be here for too long. only those who have suffered will understand, and thank you for the ones that acknowledge my pain, and suffering. i strongly believe i was at the hands of a surgeon who suffered a mental illness/psychological problems. he is a true narcissist. has never admitted he did anything wrong. i should have noted his behavior before going in the or and giving him the chance to b*****r me. but then again news station says mostly all plastic surgeons are sociopaths, so i doubt i would have been safe with anyone. the best thing to do is to stay away from liposuction (changing the biology of your healthy fat cells) the major risk and a huuuuge one is that all of this is irreversible damage, and you can suffer immeasurable pain like i am. don't do it. research, research, and do more research on scientific studies, and read blogs from those who have been harmed, they tell the truth, not your surgeon.

Is this normal? Is this a perfect liposuction job? Do I look good?

To answer the question, I have deformities, unnecessary scarring, discoloration, etc, and I am in physical pain after a year, so NO.


Can anyone that has been surgically injured tell me if they have this type of discoloration(black underneath skin) /dents/scar tissue etc. after years of lipo and how do you deal with the pain? Unfortunately I still haven't had much luck finding a doctor who isn't judgmental and helpful. They have prescribed me many nerve meds and pain meds, all which do not make me feel better. The side effects are dreadful, terrible nausea, weakness, dizziness, you name it. The searing pain is serious and it's debilitating. My skin looks horrendous, and on my right side it looks as if someone punched me and left a dent, although the reality of it is that my negligent surgeon suctioned out way too much fat and who knows what else because it looks even worse in person. My lower back looks awful and feels like I am being pulled and then it gets stiff and starts to burn. I have a million problems now because of this.
Raul Gongora

Raul Gongora also known as Dr. Raul Arturo Gongora Alejandre should not be performing any type of surgery he may be a licensed cosmetic surgeon with many years of experience but he does not know the anatomy of a person! He has oversuctioned my fat causing me to have a skin to muscle deformity, not to mention the mess he made out of my body and without consent! His brother Eduardo Gongora is a board certified plastic surgeon who only trained him to be his assistant nothing more, Raul got greedy and thought he could earn all the money from surgeries by opening up his own clinic. Raul Gongora has damaged my body internally, he has ruined my life. He wont release my contract and failed to do a psychological test on me when I paid for it and they wont return my money. Save yourself from doing this harmful procedure with any surgeon, too many women on here have been botched by lipo even with BOARD CERTIFIED SURGEONS.

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