24 Year Old, 130 Lbs BBL with Suarez - Tijuana, Mexico

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I contacted the office of Dr. Suarez along with...

I contacted the office of Dr. Suarez along with other surgeons requesting quotes for a surgery I've been looking to doing for some time. My main concerns were my upper back near my shoulder blades, abdomen, and waist. I also wanted to slim down my arms. I did my research and chose Dr. Suarez.

Everything has been fine but I recently started getting nervous. It's not like I can nitpick once I'm inside so my main apprehension is that the Doctor will forget an area and I won't look as good and I hope to. I was really skinny before and miss my tiny waist and arms. Here are before pictures. I gained weight in order to do this procedure because another doctor said implants were the only way.

Today is the day!

First and foremost, I AM STARVING. It's 4am and I'm on my way to the doctors. My mom and dad have always been really supportive so it was awesome when they said they would drive me. I'm going to ask Dr. Suarez to take a picture while I'm on his surgery table right after the procedure so you guys can see. Anyways, I hate hate hate pain. I think I'm most nervous for the aftermath. So here are more wish pics that have kept me motivated and excited.

2 days post opp

So I had my surgery on Friday morning. The only nerve wracking thing was waiting to go under. We left at 4am and got there around 6:30. I did my lab work and then proceeded to be in the recovery room around 7:30. My surgery was scheduled for 8am so we were ahead of schedule. The nurse weighed me and I remember it being 59.1kg. I'm not entirely sure how much that is in pounds. Btw, the entire time I was starving. My body got used to eating a lot so having to not eat was very uncomfortable. Meanwhile I waited I fell asleep. Sleeping calms my nerves. The nurse woke me up to tell me the doctor had arrived and would mark me. Originally I wanted my arms to be liposuction but I decided to not because I wanted to use them to hold me up, balance, ect. BEST DECISION EVER.

When I woke up fully out of Anestesia I was sitting on my butt. Didn't feel uncomfortable at all. They gave me juice and I got dressed and headed home. This was around 5:30pm. I sleep a lot lol. On the way home I kid on my stomach in the back seat of my mom's suburban. My dad set it up like a bed so it was really comfy. When we got home my mom wanted me to eat but I was a little dizzy and didn't want to throw up. The next morning I woke up starving and my mom gave me Papaya seeds, papaya, yogurt and apples. Something light to help with the medication.

Now I have to say I didn't have any pain so I said no to the pain meds. I really don't understand other reviews. I was able to get off my bed by myself, use the toilet sitting down, and I was able to adjust my sleep position at night from face front, side, to other side. My mom and dad were really surprised but I think since I had somewhat of a butt already, the doctor put the fat towards the top and not where I sit.

I took a shower yesterday and holy crap, MY ASS IS HUGE! my waist is so tiny. The only complaint this fat is that my stomach is a little dimply. I think this is normal though because it's swollen. I didn't take any pics but I have to shower again today and will.


Here are some pics of 2 days post opp and 6 days post opp! I love my results.

Tips and tricks!

So I only used the pain meds the night I got home from surgery. I seriously have no had any pain at all. I went back to work today and my parents are surprised at how little the procedure affected me. I was able to bend and sit and everything from day one. I think it helped that I was squatting a lot before surgery. The fat was injected higher than when my sitter is. Also I ate a lot of papaya and papaya seeds to help the inflammation and scarring process. I've been on a clean diet too to keep my results and wearing a copies or at all times. I want to post a picture without the compressors so you can see the hourglass figure. Maybe tomorrow.

Comparing before and post op

I haven't met him yet but his assistants are very helpful via email.

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