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Since having four beautiful children I am left...

Since having four beautiful children I am left with the famous national geographic boobs. I'm still in the process of getting my tattooes removed as well. Although I exercise I still can't get rid of some axcess skin around my abdomen. I will be getting a breast lift, breast implants,tummy tuck, Lipo around the flanks and back area. I will also be having a BBL as well. So after reviewing this site carefully and contacting several doctors in Mexico, I've decided to go with Victor Guiterrez in Tijuana!! I've been to Mexico before so I feel comfortable getting my procedure done as well. Plus we plan on moving their next year. Elsa is the patient coordinator for Dr. G and she responds to your questions prompty. I also have talked to several woman who've had work done with Dr. G and have confirmed that he is an artist and cares for your well being. Some people may have some negative comments about a plastic surgeon, but it doesn't mean that the doctor is not good, everyone body is different, so I have to be realistic when walking into this big decision. I'm very nervous in every way. Is having a mommy makeover that painful? I hope not. I'm also deciding on what size implants to go with. I want a full C, but the smallest D. Thank you for your support ladies.

2 weeks away from the big day!!

As the day approaches for my mommy makeover doubts start to come up in my mind. Am I doing the right thing? Will I heal properly? Will I be okay with my hemoglobin? So scared of being put to sleep and being cut up, hey I'm just being real ladies. Help !!! Mommy!! Lol. Unjust wanna have my tummy back so that I can fit into some old jeans.

I've arrived in Tijuana

Hello women of the world!! Just arrived in Tijuana and I'm so tired of driving. My husband and two children just drove from Las Vegas to Mexico and we are tired, but I'm looking forward to meeting the Doctor tomorrow and doing the blood work and EKG. It's scary being in another country getting plastic surgery, but after much research I feel this Doctor is pretty good, especially with all his rave reviews. I'm going into this surgery with a realistic view. I don't think I'm gonna come out looking like a Barbie doll, but at least I will get some of my curves back and that damn skin that has never gone away from having 4 pretty babies. Good night y'all

Home sweet Home from Mexico!!' 8 days post op

Well ladies it's been a long 10 days. Drove back from Mexico last night and got in around 3 am. Unfortunately I had to go home with the drains, which at this point is slowing Down a lot, but one of the sutures from the left drain came off so I have to keep taping it down(talk about a pain in the ass)!! I'm so looking forward to showing you the whole package, but have to wait a couple of days, maybe my drains will be out and then it will be easier to show you guys. How do you like the girls so far? You can't see because of all the tape, but this is what I can do for now. Dr G said that I was only a candidate for only 295cc because of my measurements due to having a breast life. I really wanted 400cc, but I listened to Dr G, who I do really miss!! I'll keep you posted my angles

12 days post op

Drains are out, was able to take my garment off just to wash it and then I'll put it right back on as soon as it's done. Didn't take any pain meds today and was able to shave my legs, put some lotion on and I decided to put on a cotton T shirt underneath my garment to stop the itching. What do you guys think of the before and after photos. I love the breasts, but I would have loved to have gotten 350 at least, but my cavity wall was to small. I love the white T shirt and that's without a bra, wow what a difference a breast lift makes with implants.

Sneak peak

I'm waiting for the okay to take off all this tape, but it's coming off by itself and I thought I would show you angles the pencil thin scar from my TT. Dr Gutierrez is amazing. So glad I decided to choose him and go to Tijuana. Awe the hidden treasures of Mexico. It's all about research

Healing little by little.

I'm 1 min he post op and still healing. Having a mommy makeover is not a joke. You need time to heal and let all the swelling go down little by lilttle. I can't wait to get back to the gym and do my cardio. I'm not going to lift heavy like I was. Just get more in shape. Here's a picture of me almost naked(scary)!! Lol!! My boobs look different because I had to hold my arm up to take the picture

It's been 2 months and each day gets better my angles

Yes, your gonna have a scar, but now just think of those sexy jeans you can be wearing after you get your tummy tuck. Patience is a virtue and clean eating and diet is key, plus wine doesn't count lol
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