28 yrs married with 2 kids, Tummy Tuck with Muscle Rpr.

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I have wanted to get a Tummy tuck for more than 5...

I have wanted to get a Tummy tuck for more than 5 years. I am so happy it is finally happening. Just got here in Tijuana, and surgery is tomorrow. I miss my Kids and hubby already but I know it is for the best. Club medical is beautiful I love the staff here already. I will post more as I go.
I took 2 weeks off work and I hope it would be enough for recovery.

4 days Post Op

My recovery has been a lil tough so far, but the staff at Our Friend's House Recovery Center has been very helpful with my recovery.
The past 3 days have been slow for me. I have had lots of head aches, body aches and sleepless nights. I am still glad I did this procedure because I look as flat as ever. This was one of the best decision I have made. I do not know what else to tell but I can answer any questions and will be here on realself because I still have other procedures I will be doing with another surgeon in the future. I have included pictures as well

5 days Post Op

I am soooo ready to go home to my hubby and kids. My husband has handled the kids (6 yr old boy and 4 yr old girl) awesomely well, never even called once to ask any questions on how things are done. I am so happy I married him and feel so blessed for these past 7 years with him.
I am still hunched forward and not standing straight yet, but I am sure that will happen with time. Painwise, its not been bad. I cannot feel any pain on the stitches at all just on back maybe because I've been sleeping too much on it. Everything was so worth it. Now, I'm already thinking of my bbl and breast lift with implants.

Final Day In Tijuana

I had a post op consultation today with Dr. Pantoja. He was the sweetest. He said my incision site was beautiful and my recovery process is going on great. He advised to take out the drain and stitches at 2 weeks post op. He thinks I can do it myself but I am not sure about that. Well, lets see how it goes. I may just go to an Urgent Care or something, not sure. Anyways, I spoke to the best dad of the year "my husband" and the kids are so happy I'm coming home. I should be crossing the boarder her in a few hours to catch my flight back to Colorado, yeeeepy. One question I forgot to ask Dr. Pantoja is 'when can I have sex again' I am sure my husband will not want to touch me now anyways, and I am not yet horny, but I am just curious to know... anyone???

Our Friend's House (Club Medical)

I have to write a review on this recovery house. It is the awesomest recovery house. If you are going to Tijuana for any type of surgery, please go here. They have the best staff, they will help with in times of depression, in pain and in emotional support. I guarantee you! Questions..., please ask!

Belly button and incision pic

More pics

Exactly 1 week today

I am feeling a lot better but still hunched over a little like a 95 year old woman. My hubby does not even want to kiss or hug me i guess he is very scared he might hurt me. Any ways my kids are giving me back rubs and feeding me juice and water. They are soooo sweet. The hubby is doing the laundry and all the cooking all I have to do is eat, sleep and rest.

My Stats

Before the TT
Weight 162
Height 5.6
Waist 31

In 3 months I will do an update. For now I'm still home and drain and sutures are still in.

2 Weeks Update

I went back to work today. It was a bit stressful and I was able to nap for about an hour during work. I own the business I am running so it made it easier. And all I do mostly is just sit at my desk. Not sure if I'll be going tomorrow, I may just work from home for a few hours since everything is running smoothly and my staff is on point.
My tummy area is very swollen and I still cannot feel some part which I am fine with. My drain and stitches have not come off yet, I will take out my drain by this weekend. I am soooo happy I did this TT, "operation flat tummy.". I have included pictures for my 2 weeks. Also I am still hunched over a little, i think I straighten up more and more each especially after I shower, not sure why.

1 month Update

1 month old tummy tuck and muscle repair today. I am sooo happy. I am 90% back to my normal self and standing taller everyday. My muscle repair is so tight that I can sometimes feel it when I stretch myself out. I still get tired towards to end of the day but it gets better everyday. And the selling has also gone down a little.

Drain and stitches

Drain and stitches came out at exactly 3 weeks.

2 months

Here is my 2 month pic

3 months

I have been doing great. The swelling has gone down a lot. I think I am still at 95% back to my normal self. I dont think I can without binder yet. I still feel like I am falling apart without it. My surgeon said to wear it for 3 months. Maybe at 4 months I might be ready to take it off. My hubby wasn't all that supportive when I told him I would have this procedure, but now he loves the new me. I feel like he is more in love with my tummy than I am. Some of my pants are falling off, and I am very satisfied with my results.

7 months

It's been a while, so i thought to update my pictures. I don't have full sensations in my lower half, but I am flat as ever. I still get swollen every once in a while.

Breast Lift/Implants 1 month today

I had my breast lift and implants done a month ago. I also have a review on it here on realself.

He is an amazing doctor and one of the best I've seen. I am so happy I went with him. He laughs, jokes, and is a very honest surgeon.

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