Liposuction (Arms, Back, Upper/lower Abs, Inner/outer Thighs, Waist)

I am 34 years old and have had two children via...

I am 34 years old and have had two children via c-section. Initially, I just wanted to have my c-section pouch minimized but later opted to have liposucion in my arms, back, upper/lower abs, inner/outer thighs, and waist since there was minimal difference in price. I also had some fat transfer to my butt to correct some dimpling. Prior to having my procedure done I read every post on this site. I was very nervous but decided to take the plunge.

I went to Mexico to a doctor recommended by other family members. On 3/31/10, I flew from San Francisco to San Diego and had the procedure on the same day. I was picked-up by doctor's staff in San Diego and taken to the clinic (they called it hospital-its private) in Tijuana. That morning, I had blood work done and was checked by a cardiologist. By 2:15 pm I went into the operating room and by 5:30 I was out (I was told - don't remember since I was asleep most of the procedure- do remember waking up when doctor was doing my arm and then went back to sleep). Was told that 1600 cc were removed.

I spent the night at the clinic/hospital and was supervised by a nurse throughout the night. I was accompanied by my brother who spent the night at a hotel next to the clinic. That night I had some discomfort and felt sore but no pain.

The following day, bandages were removed. When I looked at my butt - it was huge- I thought I had made a huge mistake but was told that it was swelling. I was put into the compression garment...have no idea how I fit in. Before being discharged, I was given antibiotics, pain medication, and iron to take over the next week (s). Then, doctor's staff drove us back to San Diego to fly back to San Francisco. Some discomfort but no pain, on our way back.

The second and third day...OMG...pain kicked in from moderate to severe, swelled up like a balloon and had a butt bigger then Kim Kardashian's....that was scary. Took my pain medication for the firs few days- no help, so I took vicodin, which I had from my previous c-sections. That helped but stopped taking it after day 5 due to side effects, hate vicodin - felt nauseated and drugged. After day 6, swelling began to subside. At 10 days, I felt back to normal, just sore. At two and a half weeks, feeling good and went back to work.

I am now at three weeks. Most of my bruises are gone as well as the swelling. Swelling on my flanks and lower back appear to persist (that I can tell, doctor says it will take me about 2-3 moths for swelling to completely subside). I also notice that my right side is more swollen than my left side. My abs are looking better...not flat...but that's okay, considering I have two c-sections and that the doctor clearly told me that I was a better candidate for a tummy tuck. However, at this point I am not willing to exchange a flat tummy for a scar bigger than what I have right now. I am not looking for a model's body.

Thus far, I am happy with my results....I love not having my saddle bags because my pants fit better even though I am still a little overweight. I can also pull-off a flat tummy with clothes on. I do look slimmer than before. I notice lumps in my flanks but as the swelling is going down so are the lumps. I am also gently massaging them every night after I shower. Arnica gel has been amazing for bruising and swelling.

So, it has been almost a year since my lipo and...

So, it has been almost a year since my lipo and although I am happy with my results, I have decided to go for the tummy tuck in the near future, to get a flat tummy which I did not get with the lipo.

Dr. Hebert Schramm Urrutia

My after care follow-up was over the phone, per my choice due to being out of the country.

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