Surgery Date is on the Books

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So it's official I will be getting my procedure...

So it's official I will be getting my procedure done (bbl) next month..currently taking b12 and iron pills daily! The countdown begins!!! Yay... Just getting myself mentally prepared for the soreness. I'm glad my husband is supporting me with this and will be taking some time off to take care of me.. Feeling loved

Iron pills

So I have been taking the iron pills for 5 days now and im feeling sick with a bad headache. Has anyone had this same problem with iron pills

Wow I'm so nervous

In a couple hours I will be getting my bbl I'm so nervous! I'm not allowed to eat or drink anything after 12am hopefully I don't get thirsty...trying to drink as much water right now before cut off time

After surgery

Hey guys so finally it's over I had my bbl yesterday and today I woke up with the side of my face swollen to the max!!! I slept on my stomach all night and I guess I was on one side more than the other


I might be going home with 1 drain. I was not expecting it! But if it the best to get the results so be it!

Not feeling well

I'm feeling sick, dizzy and very weak. the pain Med did not help and I'm sure it's the antibiotic that's making me feel sick. As soon as I take it it makes me want to throw up

Bbl update

I honestly did not like the results it's been 2 weeks since I had my surgery and I feel like the surgeon did not do a good job
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