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Hey Ladies!!! First of all I would like to begin...

Hey Ladies!!!
First of all I would like to begin by stating how impress I am with Dr. Campos quick email response with my quote. I emailed him yesterday late afternoon around 6 ish. Well Ladies He emailed me back at 1:24 pm. WOW!!! Was that fast or what?!?!? I was not expecting his quote for a week or so. He was the first one to give me a quote. I am still waiting for Dr. Cardena's as well as Dr. Pantoja's quote.
I just recently received my quote from Dr. Campos. I was expecting it to be less. I have read a few recent quotes that he gave women that were getting or have gotten TT with BBL and a bunch of other things and it was around the same quoted price I received if not just a few hundred dollars more. I will be in the comfort of my home town as well as state. My familia would be available to support me as oppose to Mexico, which I would be traveling ALONE, to unfamiliar territory. I would be meeting the Surgeon and staff for the first time in person. I mean people can be nice over the phone and email, but when your face to face interacting with someone that is when you truly get the feel of how someone is. If they are willing to talk to you, give you their undivided attention. Ect.... Thats just a few of my concerns. Well here is my quoted price. Please let me know what you women thing any comments, suggestions, tips, or even experience with the hour glass Dr. Campos is welcomed.


I am pissed off at the fact that my Original post...

I am pissed off at the fact that my Original post has been edited. WTF is this all about. This is a blog web PG so "real patients" can put their plastic surgery journeys and share information. Which will include the GOOD the BAD and UGLY. This post better not be edited. It makes me wonder if its real patients posting or fake profiles. Any ladies with similar cases with their post??? Anyhow I feel like Dr. Campos is overcharging me. below is his quote (THAT WAS TAKEN OUT FROM MY ORIGINAL POST)

This is the estimate:
Liposuction in the abdomen, waist and lower back 2800
Fat grafting in to buttocks 600
Discount - 500
Surgical Facility 1100
Anesthesia Fee 400 (Epidural, Sedation)
Girdle 120
Post op Medication 125
Because of the opening of Skin Med we are giving you 5 courtesy massages.
Total 4645 usd

This is Dr. Cardenas quote
Quote Lipo FG $3900
This will include one night stay at her clinic, Lipo whole abdominal area, upper and lower back, flanks, and waist are. Grafting into the butt and hips. WILL NOT INCLUDE - meds comprehensions garments.Nor massages

Dr. Pantoja
Quote $3,500
What is included in this cost?

- 1 night-stay in the clinic with 24 hour nurse care/aid
- Your own recovery room equipped with Patient's bed, armchair/lazy-boy, Wi-Fi, T.V., phone, bathroom utilities (shower and lavatory).
**Please note the following: A friend or family member is more than welcome to accompany you and stay in the clinic all day long and even stay in your room while you're in surgery. However, space is limited with the intention of giving the patient the needed attention. Therefore, at night-time the one accompanying you may stay at a hotel, just to have somewhere to sleep at (we don't have beds for family members). And in the morning he/she is welcome to stay at the clinic until your check-out, which is almost always at 10:00am the day after your surgery once you've had your breakfast, Dr. Pantoja has revised you and prescribed your medications. There are several nice hotels near by. 3 are within walking distance from our clinic.

- Patient's meals are provided (Fruit, Chicken Soup/Broth, etc).
- Dr. Pantoja's, Anesthesiologist's, Hospital, Nurses and Operating Room fees included
- An evaluation and electrocardiogram (EKG) is done before the surgery by the cardiologist
- Lab work required prior to surgery and post op
- 1 Compression Girdle/Garment
- Unlimited post-operative visits

Dr. Pantoja's email was much more detailed. He did not leave anything out as far as information goes. I used Dr. Pantojas's email, and added my own questions to what ever both Dr. Cardenas email left out as well as Dr. Cardenas.
By the way I decided to rule out Dr. Cardena- I am now debating between Dr. Campos or Dr. Pantoja any suggestions?

Disregard the rating for now( This setting SUCKS the rate the Doctor how the hell can I rate him when I have not even made my decision?!?!?!))

Hello Dolls!!!! Over the weened I wrote to Dr....

Hello Dolls!!!!
Over the weened I wrote to Dr. Pantoja's staff (Nadia) replied. I must say that I LOVEEEEEE the detailed response. She answered my questions with specificity even added more information. My situation is as follows. I have a wide back. It is wider then my hips. I asked how was Dr. P able to achieve the curvy figure, and also sent her two wish pics. She was completely honest with me, and told me that my second wish pic was not so realistic since the women on the pic had different bone structure, but the first picture was more attainable. Then she went into detail explaining how the Dr. would be able to achieve my desired look. Dr. Pantoja's quote is about $1000 less then Campos quote and not to mention I Love the communication with the emails. I emailed Dr. Campos staff the same concerns, I only received the answer to ONE QUESTION. WHAT THE HELL!!!!! I was soo pissed. The question that ANGIE choose to answer was that each additional area that I choose to lipo was $600. That to me showed that they or SHE was more interested in the money aspect. Rather then with my concerns of how he would sculpt my body to give me as close as possible to my ideal shape. I did call and spoke to one of the other office staff her name started with an H. I told her that I was extremely disappointed with the lack of concern that is shown via email, and if this is via email what would I expect to get with the overall service. Dr. Campos staff needs to get it together!!!!! He is good, BUT GUESS WHAT their will be better boo!!! Trough one patient there is the possibility to be made HUNDRED OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. Not only I am getting surgery, but after I am done with my journey, I have friends, cousins, aunts, their friends and their families that will be recommended to the Dr. I choose depending on my outcome and experience they will be recommended.

Dr. Pantoja's staff Nadia just emaild me "I'll be...

Dr. Pantoja's staff Nadia just emaild me "I'll be at your service in case of any future questions." WHY CANT DR. CAMPOS STAFF BE LIKE THAT??!!! :-/

This Is the email I was sent by Nadia From Dr....

This Is the email I was sent by Nadia From Dr. Pantoja's office. In refrence to the areas he wanted to sculpt in order to get my desired shape which would be an hourglass curvy figure.

~~~~ thank you for sending your pictures. You are a great candidate for liposculpture. The areas we can include on the procedure of liposuction are the arms, upper/lower back, waist, abdomen and inner thighs, all the fat obtained will be used to inject your buttocks and create a brazilian butt lift, the goal will be a rounder and fuller buttocks. Since your back is wider than your hips, we will remove all the possible fat from your upper back and arms in order to inject the fat into the buttocks and the hips so your figure can look more proportionate.

The quote we can provide to you is $3,500dlls. Once you make a surgery appointment, we will require a $300dlls. deposit to secure your surgery date. Drains and stitches will be removed 3-4 days after surgery. Recovery time 2 weeks to resume regular activities.~~~~~

Hello ladies!!! So I was extremely upset, and...

Hello ladies!!!
So I was extremely upset, and frustrated. This is the story. I got on the phone to call Dr. Campos office to see if he can be reached. He was not available since he was in the middle of surgery. understandable, I am speaking to Angie in reference to a waiting list. She told me that a position for surgery was not available until June. Fine I asked her to make my appointment for then. I want to get my surgery ASAP. We were in the middle of a conversation when the phone call dropped. I call back right away. Hannia answered I asked to speak to Angie, and she said that she was on the other line. REALLY!!!??? I was on the phone with her less then 30 seconds ago. At this point I am ready to explode. I told her that was extremely unprofessional from her behalf. If someone is on the phone with you, and the call drops the logical not to mention UNPROFESSIONAL thing would be to call that person back. After I told her that I also stated that I wanted to speak to the Dr. Campos. Hannia took my information, and told me that she would give him the message, she said she would also be telling Angie to call me back as soon as she got off the phone. I was ready to tear her a new A WHOLE on this site.When my phone started ringing, and long behold the witch was calling me back. She apologized, said " it's a good think I picked up the other line honey, I know have a closer date" I was happy about the date upset more b/c of all the bull that has been accumulating from the lack of customer service as well as diligence with their work. I feel in love with Dr. Campos work, I knew he was going to be my surgeon. The thing that has thrown me off that road is his staff as I have expressed. I have called a several recovery homes, and have asked them questions spoke to nurses , and all the signs have been pointed to Dr. Campos. Everyone rants and raves about his body. One of the nurses told me that one of her patients she was taking care at the recovery home she was working at came out amazing with Dr. Campos. She said " I feel in love with her body." I also expressed to her my dissatisfaction with the staff. She said that unfortunately the MAJORITY of women that stay at the recovery home that she works in leave feeling really down due to the Staff of Dr. Campos. He is really good, but that is his down fall. I called another RH, and spoke to a patient that got her surgery with Dr.Campos. She said that she loved her results. She had communication issues with the staff via phone, so she maintained communication via email. She said that via email she did not have issues with the staff, they responded to her emails and questions. I then asked her about her quote, she basically told me that she felt that she was over charged and she got felt gypped off. She said that one of the girls that she meet at the recovery got quotes $ 3,800. $3,800 $3,800 FOR LIPO sculpting and a BBL. I told her my quote and what I was getting done which was $4,645 (she got done the same thing as I am getting as well as the same thing that her recovery home sister got done for $3,800) So here is my plan. I have scheduled a call back appointment with Dr. Campos he is suppose to be calling me soon. Hopefully tomorrow morning. I am going to actually be giving him a call. If I call him in the morning a few hours before surgery I am almost certain that I will be able to speak to him and snag a few minutes of his time. I am going to ask him how is he planning on molding me in order for me to achieve a curvy figure. Also what should my realistic expectations should be as far as out come. Then I am going to try my best to negotiate the quote with him. What do you women think? should I negotiate with him? or with his staff? Thank you dolls!!! I have my surgery date for the end of the month by the way. I will be purchasing my flight ticket tomorrow if all goes well with my Convo with Dr. Campos. I am certain that it will go smoothly. Then I will be on my merry way with my journey to obtaining my dream body and nice round projected, jlo looking ,head turning butt. :-)

Supper Nervous ladies!!!! I booked my flight...

Supper Nervous ladies!!!! I booked my flight already. I am going to MEXCO!!!! So many what if's are running through my mind. Club med or beauty care recovery home? Or Club med? Ronnie seems so nice over the phone as well as Marvin. The thing that I do not like is that today I have been calling Beauty care, and no one answers. Marvin has a phone jack that the calls are forwarded to his cell phone if no one answers. I can't have that though. I need the phone to be picked up at all times. I will be traveling alone and my family will be calling me. Imagine I will be hundreds of miles away IN MEXICO getting surgery, staying at a recovery home, and when my family calls no answer. OMG they would die. If they do not answer I will be going to Club Med. On another note. Ladies we need to stick together. I missed Dr. Campos phone call today. Hopefully he will call me back tomorrow. I am going to be asking several questions about my concerns. I also will be letting him know about the lack of care with his staff. If everyone that has had a problem says something, then it will change. No more bad customer service, no more attitudes, no more I cant find your deposit. We are putting money in his pocket. Its a service that we are paying for!!!!
What should I bring on my trip? My surgery is in 13 days!!!!! I have been researching this since I was 15. Its about time, but very nervous. I'll keep you ladies posted. Please feel free to write any tips, advice, what ever you thing will be needed for the trip. Thanks ladies!!! Xoxo

Got my second massage today with Maripaz. She is...

Got my second massage today with Maripaz. She is AWESOME!!!! The lady that works in Dr. Campos
Office is nice but she has nothing on Maripaz. Highly recommended. I have five free massages with. Dr. Campos, but I am not going to continue with them. I rather pay Maripaz.

UUGGHHHH!!! so upset I had a detailed review and...

UUGGHHHH!!! so upset I had a detailed review and it got deleted. I have been typing for half an our now.

Let me try this again. Tijuana is super safe no...

Let me try this again. Tijuana is super safe no need to worry ladies. The day of my surgery. I arrived @ Dr. Campos office 7:30 am. I was taken into a room Angie brought me some garmets to put on and gave me a storage box to place my personal belongings. She also gave me a blanket which came in handy bc it was cold in the room. Then a nurse came in she gave me 3 pills.. I know one was to help relax, I cant remember what the other 2 were for. Then shortly after the Anesthesiologist walked in the room.( HE is super cool, a sweetheart.) We asked me a few questions, then we joked around for a bit had a few laughs then he exited the room. Then Dr. C comes in. He reviews my file goes over the areas that he was going to lipo. I told him that I had concerns with my upper back he said no worries ill lipo that area ( no additional cost) I showed him the wish pics. He said he would probably just be able to do 70% of it. I think he did it just perfectly love it. I also told him that my arms were a concern. He said it would be additional $600. I asked for a discount he gave it to me for $500 :-) I had to buy the garmett for the arms though and the bobby pillow which turned out to be $600 anyways. Then he exited the room. The nurse walked in told me to follow her. She guided me to another room. She said to lay down on a bed. That they were going to wheel me over to the operating room. I started talking to her about my butt and how I wanted it to look, Then the anesthesiologist walks in he joins in on the convo. I told them to make sure Dr. Campos gives me a big butt. BUt not a Nikki minaj butt lol. We all started laughing. THey walked out the room and i Fell asleep. When I wake up I am in the operating room. I woke up during the operation twice. (Did not feel a thing) The first time I just saw the blue lights or curtain. The second time some one told me that they were going to turn me over I said ok. I dont wake up till 7:30 pm when its time for me to go back to the recovery home. The first 3 days were the worst. I felt light headed and faint everytime I got up. It came to a point that I did not want to get out o bed. My mom had to feed me in bed. After the meds and the Iron pills I felt much better. Two days after I go back to Dr. C office for my first massage. She was really nice. I felt that she was genuine unlike some of the other staff members. She needs more training though to take a course or something. The next day I get a massage with Marypaz. OMG she was amazing!!!! I told carmen the beautly care house cordintor to cancel all my other massage oppointments I was not going back for another massage. I rather paid additional massages with marrypaz. And left the 5 free massages to go to waist. The day to remove my drain came. I was super scared I did not want anymore pain. Carmelita (the nurse at beauty care) reassured me that It would not hurt. (SHes awesome LOVE HER) I get to Dr. C's Office. I start talking to Angie about the lightheadedness I had during the first few days of surgery. She said that I looked pail. Then I ask her for an iron exam, my iron level was a bit low before surgery. The lab men comes and withdraws blood. He says it will be 20 min. Then they tell me I have a massage. I said no I dont want one.. They said yes you have to in order to remove the drain ok fine I agreed. Dr. C comes into the room he tells me that my iron level was a 7.3 out of 13. He told me i could get a blood transfusion or iron shots for 6 days. I choose the iron shots. HE leaves the room. Then the office cordinator walks me to ask me if I was ever given a letter wihich basically stated that if I get a massage outside Dr.C office they are not responsible for the consequences. I told her ok I understand its my decision. She was trying to imply the Some recovery homes are trying to get mariypaz business. I told her again that it was my decision she is really good at what she does. Thatts why patients look for her, and then asked her if she use to work for Dr. C for so long why was she so concerned that people were going to get hurt I was perfectly fine she did a great job with me. Then I took that time to let her know the lack of care that the staff shows. THe email issues,phone call issues, communication issues, money issues. The whole nine. She seemed tentative to my every word. She thank me for the feed back then walked out. I was then waiting for Dr. C to remove my drain, or so I thought he was going to come back to remove it. WROONGG!! He did not a nurse came in to remove it. the same one that gave me the pills the day of surgery. I asked her where was Dr. C that I thought he was going to come back and remove it. SHe said no that she is the one that does it. I told her that I was uppset I wanted to speak with him. She said that he was getting ready for surgery that she would make sure to let him know. She removes the drain ( It did not hurt at all Thank god) SHe leaves the massage therapist. comes in Shes a sweet heart but does not know what shes doing. Behind her comes in the Anesthesiologist. He comes in with his surgery garmets on, ready to operate.He comes in to tell me that it was a pleasure in meeting me. THat I was beautiful person inside and out. I blushed asked him how many women does he say to that I day,he says ur the first I said yeah the first today lol. We started laughing. Then he said he had to go into the operating room. The massage lady was thats a first I have not seen him do that. At least in the time ive been here. It was a nice compliment I must admit. She gives me my massage. Then I get ready to leave and tell angie that I want to speak to Dr. C she tells me In an hour u can when he comes out the opperating room. I tell her I cant wait that long I dont feel good. I ask her to tell him to call me at the recovery home. She says she would let him know. I then walk down stairs with my mom to meet Carmen who was going to take us back to the RH. The Office manager walks out with me and starts talking to me again about my fucking massages with marypaz. I told her again its my choice I am the patient its my money and body I can do what ever the fuck I please. ( I did not curse wanted to just was assertive) When carmen get there She starts telling carmen about marypaz and the massages. She said that Dr. C does not like that and aske her why are they promoting marypaz that Dr. C likes to check on the patients while they get their massages thats why its importat for patients to get them at the Dr's office, I interupted this time with an attitude I told her again it was my decision they did not take part in anything I told her that I have spoken to marypaz way b4 I got to RH to ask her about her massages, and that Dr. campos did not come in to check on me during my massage he did not even look at me to check to see if i had any fluids or anything he only spoke to me for aobut 3 min and it was about my iron level,I told her to not even use that as the reason why. We leave after that incident.An hout later Dr. C calls me I tell him how I felt he said thanks for the feed back I will be working on my down falls. I know very long IF anyone has any questions feel free to message me. Xoxo

3 months post op

Hi lady's! Today marks my 3 month period since my surgery. I recuperated well, for the most part. two issues one my skin is quite loose now around my stomach. Is that normal? Has anyone.else had this issue after Lipo? I got all mutt indicated messages. Seventeen in total. used my garment as well. the skin in the arm area is perfectly fine. Does anyone know what this is due to? The second thing is I did see a big decrease in my volume of my butt. I will post a pic of what it looks like now. Thinking about getting it bigger, but do not want to go through that process again.

3 months post op pics

bikini pic

Does anyone know of any other method for butt augmentation?

I want to get a couple of hundred more ccs but dont want to go through that whole.process.
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