Going Back Again to Get the Nose I Should Have Been Born With!! - Mexico, MX

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I would like a more feminine face and my nose is...

I would like a more feminine face and my nose is so masculine and has become so bulbas at the tip.I had grand mother and grand daughter photos taken . All of a sudden I saw how bad it was! It was drooping and I almost looked like a bull , all I was missing was the nose hoop!! The bridge has several bumps( small ) yet it makes the bridge look Roman . I have no swoop only straight looks like a beak !! I want the typical girl nose. Petite swooping ridge and smaller tip. I hope I get what I want!

I did it!!! I'm sooo pleased!

Hi friends , I am 24 hours post op!! I feel great! Was tired after surgery but was able to rest longer in the clinic here! They are so loving and professional !! Their facility and the rooms are so clean!! I wish my house was as sterile! It doesn't smell like pine sol or anything just clean!!! I have been in US. Doctors offices and hospitals that are clean. Perhaps not as clean and fresh as this!!! I am not a paid sponsor , just a 53 year old who wants to look beautiful cuz it not gonna get better without DR. Salas!!!
So you need to know where to go??? I am going to recommend him. I had a mini lift last year with him and I had no scars at all!! I pass easily 42!!!

3 days post op!

Well, back home swollen ,no pain , just very stuffy nose. Not allowed to blow nose! No problems just my own impatience !!

Not sure... One month after surgery?

What do you think? Any difference ?
I cannot really see it ?
I was so happy at first. Now I think it looks pretty much the same .
Dr.jose salas Martinez

He performed My mini lift and i Love it next time it will be full face! I also had eyelid surgery! He is kind and very artistic. 25 years ++ experience. He even thought I was pretty before without makeup and the surgery! I think he was imagining what his work may produce after the procedures had healed!!!

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