Neck Lift, Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift W/out Implants

I will be having a neck lift, tummy tuck, and...

I will be having a neck lift, tummy tuck, and breast lift without implants by dr carmina cardenas in Mexico. I was referred to her by a friend on bariatric pal and by real self.

So far she and her staff have been wonderful and very responsive and I am looking forward to meeting them very much! I am both excited and nervous about my surgery.

Excited and nervous for surgery

I'm am very excited about my surgery. I have researched dr cardenas extensively and all I can say is she seems like the nicest, most educated, talented and compassionate surgeon. I learned a bit ago that she also underwent plastic surgery and had weight loss of her own- that really makes me feel awesome because I know she will relate to my journey. I feel she is extremely talented at waists and can't wait to see how I will look. I'm quite thin now after my 120lb weight loss and all that remains is to remove my tummy area. I've never liked my stomach or breasts. My neck has loose skin from weight loss that I feel ages me. I feel after this I will be exactly how I want to be! Even if there are significant scars, I'm okay with that. My only real worry if recovering in time to return to work. I've added some various pictures of me so you can see my before photos.

Wish pictures

Here are some of my wish pictures. I hope I can achieve this aesthetic with the small high breasts and very small waist.

What to bring to wear?

What do people usually wear after a tummy tuck?

Getting so close

It's just a few more days now and yes I'm nervous. My biggest concern is that Dr Cardenas won't be able to complete all three of my desired surgeries and I'll have to return for one. She told me she could but that if I had any safety issues during surgery she would have to stop... scary. The neck lift is a pretty minor procedure. The two I want the most are my tummy and neck, but I really do want my breasts as well. And I doubt i could get up the nerve to do this a second time. I was at first considering a bbl but I'm really glad I decided against that. I've been putting a lot of time in at the gym working on my butt shape and it's improving with exercise. One of my other thoughts is how much weight this will take off me. I have a very significant fat roll on my belly, a lot of fat there. I know I can't get liposuction at the same time as a TT and I'm a little worried I'll still have too much fat there for my belly to be flat. I just have to trust that dr cardenas knows her stuff!! Today I am going to hobby some comfy pjs and stuff to wear back onto the plane... get my house in order and try not to fret about anything!!

A bit about me

I lost 120 lbs through having bariatric surgery. It was a rough rough road and I definitely had a hard time but it was worth it!! I got all the way down to 115lbs at 5'6 but then gained back up to 130. I'm holding steady there. I hope to lose five pounds through surgery any be at 125... I'm happy anywhere between 120-130. At 115 pounds I looked to thin I think. Here are some photos of my journey.

Dress for after surgery

I bought a dress today I am so excited to wear after surgery. Finally I'll be able to wear tight dressed and backless styles!!

Hate my neck so much

No one agrees with me I need my neck done. Seriously I can't stand the way it looks. So notice me and ruins every photo of me. I'm so happy with my face but my neck just ruins it.

After surgery clothes goals

So yeah. I'm obsessed with fashion, especially the 1970s era styles. One of the most awful parts of being overweight for me was not being able to shop in boutiques or find stylish clothes in my size. It may have been the absolute worst part, to be honest. Clothes are an actual hobby for me. Since I lost weight I have been able to wear most anything, except really tight dresses and high waisted jeans. In fact I always feel I need to cover my lower belly in jeans so I always wear a long top, I never wear short tops. I also love chokers and plunging necklines and because of my neck and saggy breasts I can't wear these. It's going to be awesome to be able to wear these styles now which I so love!! I've gathered some photos of the clothing I am so excited to wear soon!! I've definitely got some shopping planned!! Goodbye granny panties and hello thongs!!!

Deposit confirmed

So I was a little nervous about making my deposit to a bank as a walk in... but today the doctors team confirmed they received it and I feel relieved. I'm such a worrier. But I didn't want to carry so much cash with me either.. so I opted to do the deposit. Anyway it's all done and they confirmed. I love that I can call them and they answer the phone and are there to answer my questions! They have been so professional.

Trying to relax

I've been so stressed during this whole process. From getting the money together to finding my doctor to finding time to do it, getting the testing done and deciding which procedures... man. What a ride. I can't believe I am about 4 days away now. I'll be so happy to be on the other side of this!! I decided to take the next couple days of work and just focus on getting my house in order to be resting for a month and to take some me time. I want to hit the gym and maybe get a hair cut. I'm going to do some grocery shopping and make sure I'm stocked up with food so I won't have to worry about anything. It's going to be nice to take a month for me.

Getting ready

Wow who would have thought taking a month of work and leaving home for ten days would be so much preparation! Today I am cleaning my house, doing laundry, packing, and shopping for my convalescence. I'm very excited but also stressed and nervous. I've been having trouble sleeping and just thinking way too much about everything. My greatest fear is that dr cardenas won't be able to complete all three of my surgeries at one time and I will have to wait to do one of them. I'm hoping and praying this won't be the case. I want to have this done and behind me. Of course not at the cost of my safety though... but I just hope my body cooperates with me. I know dr cardenas play it safe and that is a good thing and I trust her but I also believe she has the skill to do all at one time. All I can do is try and relax. So that's what I'm doing!! I bought slippers, rove, pjs, eye mask and ear plugs, flip flops, heating pad, books to read, and a few other things. Almost packed.

Let's get this show on the road already!!

I'm so excited. I went through a slight freak out when I read this crazy review about my doctor on here. I read the whole thing and the patient sounded like a complete nutjob. Anyway it still scared me! After all I am trust dr cardenas with my looks and my life. But then I went on to read SO many wonderful reviews and now I feel much much better. It's clear she does amazing surgery and is also a very caring and invested doctor. So. Now I'm just so exited and getting the rest of what I need to get done finished so I can take a month off of work!!! I cannot wait to say goodbye to my belly apron. Ugh. Just that work APRON makes me shudder!!!!! What a horrible way to describe it. Can't wait for it to be GONE FOREVER!!

Wow cannot really be so soon

I'm so excited. I'm dreading the time healing though. I hope it goes quickly and I don't have to keep my drains in very long!! Yuck! I took some last before pictures today so I will have those for my memories of how far I have come!! Also I want to say now I don't expect perfection out of this. I will be very happy to have my belly roll gone, my breasts higher and my neck tighter. If I have a few scars or lumps... so be it!!! I've come so far and I am just grateful to have this done.

Current stats

As if this morning my weight was 130.1 and my height is 5'6. I wear a size small top, 34b bra, size 2-4 pants, size 2-4 dress.

Counting down

Well I'm on the final leg of this. I'm all packed and ready to go. I have to work today until late and then I am driving to my moms house and won't get there until midnight. Then up early tomorrow to board the plane to Mexico. I'm very excited and yes, also nervous. It's been a difficult week for sure with the stress of waiting for this to happen. I'm so glad it's almost time now. I'm starting to have a bit more concern about pain management but at the same time, I know the pain will be worth it.

Time is flying by

Boarding a plane tomorrow morning for dan

Waiting for my plane

Well, here I am at the airport waiting for my plane. This came fast!! Oh the amount of stress I have been through to make this happen! But that's past now and I am on my way. I'm super tired from my work yesterday and late drive to get here. I tried to eat breakfast but I can never really manage to eat this early. I'm trying to rehydrate myself since I probably got dehydrated at work yesterday. I'm a little worried that after surgery I will put on weight having to be so inactive for three weeks. I hate being sedentary and it's not going to be easy but of course I can always lose the weight right as soon as I get back on my feet. But I'm going to stay positive and just eat nutritious food and hope I don't gain anything. Anyway. I'm a little nervous about getting picked up at the airport by a stranger and taken into Tijuana. Going over the border is never fun. I just need to relax. Soon I'll be there!!

Neck photo

Almost everyone I tell I'm doing a neck lift to days I don't need it. I don't understand how they can say that. It's so obvious to me I need it and it screams I LOST WEIGHT. It bothers me so much and it's all I see when I see myself. Can't wait to have it fixed.


At the recovery house

I have arrived here at the recovery house in Tijuana. I was picked up the moment my feet touched the ground at the airport by Ronnie, who runs the recovery house and is Dr Cardenas very sweet husband. We had a nice talk going over the border which took about 40 minutes. I was relaxed and felt safe and welcome.

The recovery house is in a quiet residential neighborhood with a secure gated entrance and the door stays locked. All the staff and other patients have been very welcoming. It's nice to hear the other patients tell me their great experiences. Everyone is very happy with their results. One of my roommates is on her second round and she showed me her healed incision - it is practically invisible. I've never seen such a light scar. They are all so friendly and accommodating. The house is comfortable and cozy and seems like a great place to recover. They brought me yummy food to eat and everything is provided. They have wifi access, tv, the rooms are climate controlled and I feel very comfortable!

Dr Cardenas came by a little while ago. She is a beautiful, I just wanted to give her a hug! I am so glad she is my surgeon and I feel completely comfortable that I am in excellent hands with a surgeon i can trust.

I'm so excited about my surgery I can hardly sit still!!! This is so awesome I am just over the
Moon about this. One more night. Almost there!!

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