Threadlift Experience Unravels Before my Eyes

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I’ve done a lot to get rid of lines in my face....

I’ve done a lot to get rid of lines in my face. I’ve tried Restylane, mostly to get rid of marionette lines. That only lasted a few months so I went for a consultation for something more permanent. The consultant recommended a threadlift because of my age (I was 35 at the time). She didn’t think I was ready for a face-lift and should wait ten years until my lines are more drastic. The threadlift was good news to me. It would fix a few fine lines and pull up my facial skin, which was the reason for the lines in the first place. Convinced, I set an appointment for two weeks from that day. The procedure went fine. I hardly hurt coming out of it but I had a strong prescription for Vicodin to take home just in case. I healed up in the next few weeks. The trouble started just when I was starting to enjoy my new look. First I started being able to feel bumps under my skin near my temples. Then one of the lower ones got bigger and was soon a little round ball under my skin. You couldn’t see anything unless I told you to look but that was hardly the point. I felt like I was unraveling. Literally. I called the doctor’s office and he brought me in for a consultation. The nurse said that the first set of bumps were normal but that one of my threads was probably broken and causing the bigger lump. He recommended surgery (again!) to fix the problem but as I could barely afford the first procedure I haven’t been able to do anything to date.
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