Thermage Was Much More Painful Than I Could Have Imagined

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I lost a lot of weight over the past five years...

I lost a lot of weight over the past five years from hard work and dieting and I used liposuction to remove some of the excess fat from trouble areas like my face. My doctor recommended combining the lipo with Thermage to tighten the skin after the fat was removed and I went for it because he recommended it.
I had the lipo done on my chin and leg areas, got more of my finances together and went back for Thermage in May. Between the two procedures I had read a lot of bad stories on the Internet about Thermage gone wrong, too much fat loss, etc. but I went in anyway.

Long story short, I didn't finish the procedure. The doctor scheduled my thighs first and the pain was horrible, especially as he passed over a tender area four or five times. Yes, I expected some burning but this was excruciating and it didn't get better. He had prepared me for some things (pain, the time it took, etc.) but I didn’t have any idea it would be that bad. I took Advil beforehand but it didn't help at all, and in the middle of the procedure it was too late to do anything else. No way I was going to do this for hours and then do it on my face too! So I backed out.

I've been trying for this dream body for years after a lifetime of obesity and now is no time to quit on that dream. But Thermage isn’t for me. I’m going to go back and have a longer conversation with my doctor (maybe a few doctors) and see what they can do.

Thermage was worth a try but it looks like it’ll be “Try, try again!” for me.
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