Thermage Was Everything I Wanted

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Last year was it: I’d heard one too many...

Last year was it: I’d heard one too many “old biddy” comments from my students and I started looking into cosmetic surgery. I was so careful and my research was exhaustive. Most of all - and this sounds bizarre - I wanted something that was healthy and natural: no injected poisons for me. I had a dream list, but Thermage ticked all the boxes!

The Thermage implement looks like a big pen, but a few seconds over an area and the treatment was done. I was worried because I have very thin skin but was reassured that this would improve my results. I had the procedure on my chin and also a tiny amount on my forehead, which was more of a proactive move since I was already there.

In total it lasted maybe 40 minutes plus some time for prep. The procedure itself felt more hot than cold, but I soon got used to the burning feeling. The heat was no worse than a day lying in the sun for the sake of vanity and the sunburn you have for a few days afterwards.

In a few weeks I thought I noticed a difference, and within a few months I was sure: the skin was definitely tighter and lifted a bit, especially in my chin (to be honest, I didn’t see much change in my forehead). My doctor told me this could last for years, which is plenty for me, but given the price it’s probably about time I started saving for the next one.

I’m so glad I found this natural alternative to all those trendy procedures. I’ll be back!
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