Thermage Isn't All That Bad.

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I have read a lot of reviews about thermage and i...

I have read a lot of reviews about thermage and i would like to say is that it is not all that bad. I am sorry for all those who have had terrible experiences with the procedure.I feel bad that you had to undergo so much emotional stress and trauma. It is also possible that not all skin types react to thermage similarly. For me, thermage worked very well. My face reacted and responded well to the treatment and i look 10 years younger. You all know how it is done, so i need not stress much on the process. Let me stress more on the results here. My skin felt tighter and smoother within a week after thermage and slowly, as time passed , my face only bacame more tight and more smooth. The true results begin to show only a month or two after the treatment, though mild tightening and freshness was visible immidiately after the treatment. It takes very little time and just one sitting unlike other treatments where you have to go in again and again. There is no surgery involved which is good. It is like getting a facelift without the knife. The ususl side effects, like swelling , redness and bumps did not last more than 2 weeks for me. I met my doctor just 3 days after thermage for a follow up and he told me this was normal. I stayed patient and in 2 weeks, all the swelling and redness was gone. I did not need any medication. It is a deep heating sensation, like sitting in a very hot sauna. As time passed, new collagen was produced by my face and my skin became tighter and smoother.  I look very young now and it has worked great for me. I think thermage varies from skin to skin and it kind of agreed with my skin type. It has been better than a face lift for me or even chemical peel.

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