Thermage Was Worth It-- My Wife Loved It

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Ok, normally I do not post on message boards such...

Ok, normally I do not post on message boards such as these, but a few things have rubbed me the wrong way. First, as I am looking at these customer review percentages, I see 'Chemical Peel' as having almost TWICE the approval rating as Thermage, I had to step in! I mean COME ON, CHEMICAL PEEL?! Look, I am sure chemical peel can be very appealing to some and may in fact work, but to see Thermage trailing so badly is a great injustice to the procedure. Furthermore, I looked over some reviews about Thermage and I saw one post, in particular, stating that they expected to see PERMANENT results! Wow. No offense to the original poster, but either you (original poster) are lying, your doctor was lying, or your doctor is beyond ignorant and should be sued for malpractice. My wife expressed to me that she wanted to undergo a treatment that would treat her wrinkles and give her a more youthful look. Also, she works a lot and could hardly afford to miss too much time due to recovery. After weeks of research, we found that Thermage may be the best option for us; however, one concern we did have was that pain is often associated with this procedure. The doctor explained that Thermage has come out with a newer model of their machine that addressed the pain that was associated with the older model. Needless to say, my wife had the treatment and experienced VERY little pain. After a couple of months, I noticed a subtle/gradual yet definite change in her appearance. We are only in month 4 right now, so the effects should continue to improve, but right now, we are both extremely satisfied.
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