Thermage Went Well, but Recovery Took Too Long - San Francisco, CA

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What i did not like about Thermage is that it took...

What i did not like about Thermage is that it took me too long to recover. At first i thought i got some allergy with the therma device and that maybe my skin had got burnt. But when i went back to the doctor, he just told me that there was nothing wrong with me and that my skin was sensitive so it would take me longer than usual to get my skin back to its color. It was a little too red for normal. As  result, i had to extend my leave and stay home for another two weeks, which makes i took a month off from work. I didn't feel many changes at the time the treatment was taking place. It did burn a little due to the heat radiated by the device and i saw some redness immidiately after. My skin just continued to get a darker and darker shade of red within the  next five days after which i went back to the clinic. I had no burning then, just redness and it felt itchy in some places, specially the corners around the lips. They also felt a little dry and chapped. A second examination revealed that this was indeed normal and that my skin would resule its texture and color after two weeks, as it was slightly more sensitive than others.

After i recovered completely, i saw a great change in my face. The wrinkles had been ironed out ! Just like a hot iron smoothes out a linen shirt. The skin felt comparitively smoother than before too, so i don't have any complaints about the treatment as such. It was just that it took me way too long to recover and i had to stay at home for  a month. Other than that i am completely satisfied.

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