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I am 52 and have pretty young skin for my age but...

I am 52 and have pretty young skin for my age but could see minor changes and wanted to slow or reverse some of them. I had a few friends that had Thermage and had good results, so I decided I would go for it after a consult with a doctor who did tell me that not everyone gets a great result.

I am day 5 post procedure..I had the eyelids, lower face and neck done and considering I have a pretty high threshold of pain and the doctor told me the higher the intensity the better the outcome, I put up with the discomfort...about 10% of the pulses over bonier areas were like bee stings but the rest were just warm to hot.

Today I noticed the tiny crepey lines around my eyes are gone and little sagging on jawline is already much improved. I had dinner with someone tonight who wanted to know where the groove from nose to outer edge of my mouth went. And this is just day 5!!!

I'm sorry for those who posted with bad experiences but appreciate their warnings. My doctor was very sensitive to any pain I might have that might reflect some adverse effect from the procedure and was ready to drop the intensity if I needed. As it was I got through it all at a level of 4 and he said most do 2 to 2.5

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