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Extremely painful procedure. I had thermage over...

Extremely painful procedure. I had thermage over two years ago.I am experiencing many side effects. Latest, after loosing most fat from my face, the skin is still painfully tightening. It does not lift, thermage cannot "lift" skin, it can draw it closer to your bone structure. My eyes now are much deeper set and very painful through the "pushing" of tightening lids over the eyes.There are too many frightening side effects to mention! I am in the process of suing thermage but that is not going to re verse or even stop the process from continually affecting my face. I will personally visit the headquarters of thermage in Hayward, California. With my efforts to allert the media I will try to inform the public to possibility of irreversible side effects which have affected many hundreds of people. Even if initially you might feel that some thightening is improving your looks, you will experience further fat loss, in some cases even one or two years after procedure. To say that thermage has changed my life is an understatement. From being a very happy,sucsesful Managing Director of a company that has helped to bring to life the program "Dancing With the Stars", I am now living in constant pain, dreading waking up in the morning, only to observe new damage to my skin in the form of dents,uneven skin texture,massively enlarged pores, difforming of parts of my face like my nose, or top lip or eyes. There are internet sites which inform why the thermage technology will never be predictable or safe, how the company is getting away with "murder" is beyond my comprehension. If anyone is still planning to go ahaed with the treatment, please read other internet sites, just key in "thermage fat loss", thermage disasters, thermage complaints, thermage damage and many more. Even from this site you can learn that even if you are lucky enough not to suffer immediate damage, the likelihood of incurring it later are extremely likely.

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