Thermage Eyeshields Caused Severe Pain

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I had Thermage done on my eyes only one week ago...

I had Thermage done on my eyes only one week ago.  Everything went fine until my esthetician put in my eyeshields. They hurt for a minute, but the pain subsided. The treatment went fine, little pain but not too bad.

I went home and within 2hours I could not see and the pain to my corneas was unbearable. My vision became very foggy, cloudy, and I could not keep my eyes open.  The eyeshields gave me a corneal abrasion, and or irritation. I called the clinic 3 times and was told not to take any anti-inflammatories and to just use over the counter eyewash. That did nothing, so I called a 4th time and was prescribed steroid eyedrops.

Around 11 hours after the procedure I couldn't take the  pain anymore and took aspirin. For the next 9 hours I took a total of  6pills.  I should've taken Tylenol  but  I was in so much  pain that I wasn't thinking straight. I could not see clearly again for 48 hours.

I would not have any procedure done if it required eyeshields. The Thermage treatment itself was fine but the eyeshields should only be put in by a physician. I will see in 6 months if I ruined any chances of having a good outcome by having taken the aspirin.  My eyelids are a little swollen but it's too early to tell if there will be any benefit. 

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